Friday, February 15, 2008

Where I've been

My goodness has it been a couple of hectic weeks or what?! Let me start at the beginning of the month which is the day after my last post. The first of February I babysat 2 different boys for a total of 12 hours! My friend Fran needed me to watch Cody that morning and when she picked him up at 12:45 my friend Marjorie dropped her little Ryan off 5 minutes later. Both of the boys are 4-6 months older than Kalli but about the exact same size. Kalli just gets so excited when other kids are around that are her size and just grabs onto them and won't let go. So most of my day was trying to keep Kal away from pulling the boys down and making them cry! It got to a point where if she'd even start walking to them they'd start whining! She's got a lot to learn on how to 'play hard to get'! She's just a little too aggressive. I put the port-a-crib up for the boys to sleep in, but nap time wasn't such a breeze. Cody cried and cried so I finally picked him up and then rocked him and it wasn't long before he was out! Ryan was the same way. He cried for a while and then I remembered that Marjorie said he has a binkie for nap time. Wow did that make a difference or what! I rocked him too but he was still so upset that I could hardly move my arm without him getting upset over it. But it didn't take long before he was fast asleep. It felt so weird rocking to other kids to sleep b/c that's something I've never really done with my own kids! But I did fell like I was on top of the world having all three kids (my two and Ryan) asleep at the same time! I was even able to cook dinner and Ryan ended up sleeping most of the evening until Joe finally woke him up it was after 6! The rest of the night was a breeze and Ryan seemed too careless when his mom got off of work and picked him up. He was finally having a good time!
The day before I had my daycare service I had an interview with Chili's for a waitressing job. Well I got the job and the following week was a pain getting all of my training done. My little sister Shannon works there and I've wanted a little something to get me out of the house and my mom suggested I work there too. It all went so fast. I filled out an application got called back for an interview went to orientation and then started training last Wednesday on the 6th. Training days were really long b/c I had to be there 2 hours before my trainer and then stay through their whole shift. I worked form 2-12 a couple of nights and then 8-4ish a few days. I was completely exhausted and really missed my kids. My sweet mom watched the kids all day for me and I know she was tired too! I can't thank her enough for how much she helps me out!

I'm so glad training is over and done with because I should only be working 1-2 lunch shifts a week which is about 3-4 hours and 1 night a week and 1Fri or Sat night. But during training I was working almost everyday of the week. Actually I think today was my only day off this whole week! I finished my training on Tuesday night and got asked if I would work Wednesday night. I decided to do it b/c I figured it wouldn’t be to terribly busy but I'd still make okay money. I messed up a few things here and there but overall I think it was a good night. I walked out with an extra $88 in my pocket and then added $50 more from lunch the next day. I think I'll really enjoy just getting out of the house for a little bit and mingling with other people. I also really like the people (or at least most of them!) that I work with. It's just so weird having cash on hand. Me and Joe never have cash but now I'm rolling! ;)
Another thing that has kept me busy is sick kids! Kalli had a yucky cough the Friday I kept both boys and then Kadien started coughing Sat night. Both kids sounded awful on Sunday so Joe didn't even risk bringing them to church (I was at orientation). That Monday I made a dr's apt and found out both kids had bronchitis! I had brought Kaiden in the previous Monday b/c of hives. Dr Flechas was glad I came back b/c Kaiden could of had some virus that might of turned into walking pneumonia since he had hives the week before and now bronchitis. Neither of the kids needed a nebulizer and were prescribed an antibiotic.
We went back today for Kalli's 1 year apt and they both look and sound great! Yes, can you believe it my little girl is a year old! We are having a little family get together on Sunday afternoon where she'll open her presents and eat cake and ice cream. She did get a Valentine's cupcake yesterday which she devoured! I'll have to get the pictures from my dad and post them later. She really enjoyed herself. So Happy Birthday to my Little Sweetheart!

Bringin' Home the Bacon!

Well Joe has finally stepped up and brought home the bacon...I only wish it was money that I'm talking about! Sunday evening my parents' invited a friend from church, Barbara Ott, to the house to watch a movie along with a close family friend, Bernie Wege. Sis Ott is an ol' country gal that lives in the middle of nowhere. One of her sons trapped a wild pig that had two babies. Sis Ott and her daughter decided to keep these baby pigs as pets. And since we were at the house she brought the pig with her for Kaiden to see. Kaiden was very excited to see the pig and wanted to hold it right away. Well this little piggy does not like to be held! That thing squealed so much it was unbelievable but the second you'd let go of him he'd shut right up! Sis Ott said the other baby pig loved being held and cuddled but not this one. I wish I had it on video the noise this thing would make. I was even a little nervous holding him while he was making that noise! And after that Kaiden wasn't quite sure what to think and Kalli was a little frightened...go figure! But her curiosity got the best of her and she went to investigate. She's fine as long as she's the one approaching the animal, but as soon as the pig (or any animal) turn and starts walking to her she gets scared. Kaiden thought that Inkie Dinkie (Sis Ott named him, how funny is that?) was hungry so we got his bottle and Kaiden did a great job feeding him. Kalli was glad he was being still long enough for her to check him out.
Kaiden right after he tried holding the pig

Don't worry he's not bitting, Inkie likes to push against your hand.

Time to eat!

"Wait a minute, I want that!"

Mom andKalli in their matching pink

Ms Bernie feeding Ms Piggy

Kaiden, Kaden, & Kalli

My Uncle Rocky came by a couple weeks ago to get some more firewood and brought little Kaden along too. The boys had so much fun together and Kaden kept saying I want my cousin to do such and such. My Kaiden just got a kick out of the fact that there were 2 Kaiden's. He pointed out that fact several times through out the day, saying "My name is Kaiden and his name is Kaiden too!" They were a big help to Uncle Rocky picking up the firewood and making sure all the stacks were nice and neat in the bed of the truck. Kalli even got in on the fun!
My dad, Kalli, Kaiden, Kaden, and Uncle Rocky

My Cute Cook

In the last month or so Kal has reallyenjoyed playing with my pots an pans. It's sometimes the only thing that distracts her from me long enough for me to finish dinner or whatever else I need to get done. This was about 2 weeks ago (I know I'm behind!) she was just carring this particular pot and spoon everywhere with her. Maybe she'll enjoy cooking so muchone day that I won't have to!

A few more cute ones

Katie sent me these from our Uno night and I wanted to post them b/c I love the pic of all three kids on the couch with Kalli in the middle. Notice Tyler's face...he doesn't want anything to do with her! That boy better shape up b/c Katie adn I are already planning the wedding! :)