Friday, October 31, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo..but No Boo

Lisa and I planned a trip to the BR Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Unfortunately they had it the last 2 weekends but not on Halloween day. It was a beautiful day so we decided to venture out anyway. It actually worked out nicely b/c it wasn't crowded and I didn't have to worry about the kids messing up their Halloween costumes. Greyson did really well and slept most of the time and Kid and Kal had a great time. The morning started off so cool and crisp that a lot of the animals were really active and walking around. Even the Rhinos were roaming. One almost went in the cement ditch separator thingy but decided against but I got a really good closeup shot before he walked off. The kids ran around all over the place like crazy little monkeys and not to mention the actual monkeys were so loud that you could hear them throughout the whole zoo! The sad part is when we were finally getting close to the monkey area Kaiden had to potty 'realllly bad!' so we had to run past and find the closest bathroom. It was close to lunch time and the weather was warming up so we didn't bother going back. Luckily we didn't b/c then we might not of made it to the giraffe's in perfect timing for one of them to be extra friendly that he was even eating out of our hands! It started off with a few other people just petting him and ended up with him eating leaves and apples out of our hands. Another (very annoying) lady tried giving him potato chips and luckily he didn't like it b/c I don't' think that would have been good for him to eat. We tried grapes but he wasn't interested in that either. He was just fine with leaves off the ground but really liked our sliced apples. It was funny that the kids and Lisa wanted to take a bite out of their apple before sharing with the giraffe! It was the neatest zoo experience I've had in a really long time if not ever! Kaiden and Kalli thought it was so fun feeding the giraffe but they would sometimes totally freak out. I got a few cute videos-they still make me laugh watching them! I know there are a lot of pictures but make sure you at least scroll down to the bottom and at least watch the videos!

Even though there was no candy they still enjoyed all of the Halloween decorations
I think Kalli was waving at the Bears
This Elk was really mean and bullying another Elk and chased her clear to the other side of the fence.

This was the creepy path to the otters. I think Kalli had just seen a ghost hanging in the tree. Unfortunately the otters were sunbathing and didn't bother to swim while we were there.

Kaiden was brave and touching the snakes through the glass. After I hissssed at her, Kalli didn't want to get near the snakes and kept saying, "No dey bite me!" She just cracks me up!

Snacking on some grapes and chilin' with the flamingos

Hoping Mr Giraffe will come close to us...

Kaiden is offering him one of his grapes He didn't like it, notice how his nose is turned up at us!He's enjoying the leaves

Check out that tongue! The long black tongue kinda freaked the kids out a bit

We couldn't leave Greyson out of all the Giraffe fun!

He really likes those apples! Me and Lisa were able to have our turns too!

Kalli brave enough to do it all by herself! (It doesn't count that she ran away right after that!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch- Round 2

Tonight we made an attempt to go to a different Pumpkin Patch about 1/2 an hour away. A few of our friends had gone and said there was a lot more things for the kids to do. Well me and the kids were a little late leaving and then we got stuck in traffic on the way there. Some wreck on the interstate caused a lane on both sides to be closed down. With all that said we got there and they were pretty much shutting down for the night. The people were very nice and still let us walk around and the pet the animals. The kids didn't' seem to care at all and loved running up and down all the hills and playing in the pumpkin field. It started getting dark pretty quick so the pictures didn't come out as great as I was hoping for. But the kids really like seeing the animals and Kalli enjoyed petting them more than Kaiden. There was a turkey there that gobbled so loud and Kaiden kept saying it was barking. Speaking of turkey I can't wait for Thanksgiving! :)

These little bunnies were so soft and cute

Right as Kalli was leaning down to pet the chicks the turkey gobbled and it scared her so bad she didn't' want to pet them anymore.

We were able to catch up with the goat and pet him while he snacked on some pumpkins before dinner timeThe kids tried to pet the sheep but they were a little more shy
I told you Kalli had fun at the petting zoo!

Pumpkin Patch- Round 1

Monday night we went to the little Pumpkin Patch in town. It wasn't as fancy or cute as I've seen on everyone elses blogs but the kids loved it and had a blast. Kalli ran around saying 'punkin' over and over and Kaiden had to point out every white or weird looking pumpkin they had. He also loved the T-pee. Of course they both tried picking up pumpkins that we were way too big and luckily we didn't' have to buy all the ones that were dropped on the ground! Kalli was so cute, every time she saw Kaiden try and pick up a pumpkin she had to do the same. She would really strain trying to pick it up and then grunt, "Urgh, tu heaveee". It was really cute. We had a really good time, even though it was freezing, and enjoyed meeting up with some friends at Chick-fil-a afterwards. What an eventful day!
Gotta love those cheesy 'chEEEse' smiles!

Creepy, Creepy Peter Pumpkin Eater

'Tu heaveee'