Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday/Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving today. Joe started the day off running/walking/dying the March of Dimes 5K Turkey Trott. Me and the kids got things ready for our day out in the country. We decided it would be fun to have Thanksgiving in Mississippi where my mom (and also where my grandpa) grew up at the old farm house. Its in Gillsburg, MS out in the middle of nowhere on about 300 acres of land. This all use to be open farm land but has since grown over and once my PawPaw retired they planted pine trees throughout most of it. But there is still a lot of fun trails to ride the wheelers on. I just love being out there it's only an hour drive, so we made many trips out there while growing up. I have so many fond memories from our visits there that and it was nice to spend Thanksgiving out there again like we use to. Kaiden was so excited to spend the day on the farm but he didn't quite understand that there wasn't every farm animal out there. My Uncle Greg lives next door and he has quite a few horses but that's it. Last night during our family prayer Kaiden prayed that he would be nice to all the animals, and then started to name a few the cow, horse, pig etc. It was so cute and he also asked that Heavenly Father wouldn't let it to rain on Thanksgiving so we could go to the farm, and lucky for us it didn't!
Today is also Grandpa's ( Joe's dad) Birthday! We didn't think we would get a chance to talk with them today but they called right as we were walking in the door tonight. Too bad both kids were pretty tired and grouchy so they didn't wish him a Happy Birthday right then. But luckily we got them on film earlier in the day. Obviously Argentina doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving so I guess it was just his Birthday there so we made sure to celebrate both holidays for him and eat a lot...and it was good! We love you Grandpa and miss you lots. I know Kaiden and Kalli will both love playing with your train set with you when you come home!

Right when we got to the farm house we took our family pictures. (I'm determined to do Christmas cards this year!) They're all on my brother and dad's camera so I haven't even seen them yet...hopefully they turned out good! After picture taking it was time to eat and boy did we eat! The kids were starving and ate so good...well except for my green bean casserole-which is one of the best things! Then after eating way to much we went outside to play and ride. Me, Kaiden, Kalli and my dad rode by the horses and tried to get them to come close enough for us to pet. After a few moments of being shy a few started to walk over. And then one came really close and was all over us! The others got closer but never close enough to touch they just stared at us while we were petting the one horse. I really started to get a little freaked out b/c he was so in-our-face, but it was still fun. After the horses we rode around and Kalli was soooo tired by this point. She almost fell asleep on the drive to MS but our dvd player was messing up and Kaiden was quite the chatter box on the way there. So Kal fell asleep while riding the wheeler and I was able to snuggle with her for a good while. Right as dad was getting the camera out to take a picture she woke up and snuggle time was over! We visited with my Uncle Greg and Aunt Linda for a while as well as my Great-Aunt Rose. Then after a little more riding Kaiden had a chance to drive yet another tractor. Kalli was okay for a while but then it all started to go down hill. Kalli was just exhausted and started having little meltdowns. She would stop for a moment and then start up again for no reason. We headed inside while Kaiden ate some yummy leftovers and Kalli started off wanting some but quickly changed her mind. After a small snack Kalli really lost it and cried/screamed for the next 1/2 hour while we were trying to get all of our things together. Poor thing I felt so bad for her but there was nothing that would soothe her. Once we finally got in the van and started moving she was out in less than 2 minutes! Once we got home I notice she had a fever and was just completely out of it while we were on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa. So I guess my little sweet baby is sick. She was fast asleep around 7ish and will hopefully have a good night's rest. These are only pictures from my camera so more to come! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for.

Kaiden was amazed at how much poop there was. He kept yelling to my dad, "Papa look at all that poop!"

This was taken right before Kalli realized the horse was right behind her. She was a little startled but still enjoyed petting him.

Here's the cute little colt and some of our audience...a little intimidating don't ya think?!

This is a picture of all of the horses-quite a few.
The kids with their great-great Aunt Rose Kaiden getting a few tips from PapaHere he goes!

Right before I started to film Kaiden almost ran into a tree. He was steering all by himself but was looking at the sky or the trees or the horses anywhere but where he was going!

I joined the last few minutes right as Kalli was starting to get cranky
There wasn't quite enough room for Aunt Lisa and Baby Grey

Welcome Baby Kaleigh!!

One of my best friends welcomed a little girl into their family on Tues Nov 25. Katie had a c-section and everything went great. Philip (her cute hubby) said Kaleigh came out kicking and the doctors were surprised at her little legs just-a-going. Me and the kids were able to go and visit for a few minutes on Tuesday and she's just so cute! I can't believe how much she resembles her big brother! She's 8lbs ? oz and 21 inches long. So now our kids all have little playmates. Kaiden and Tyler and Kalli and Kaleigh. Poor Tyler is a little left out not having a 'K'.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Assault & Battery

Tonight we were able to go to dinner with an old mission companion and roommate of Joe's while the kids stayed at my moms. We had a great time catching up with Austin and missed seeing his cute wife, Rachel. Once we got back to pick up the kids we let them play for a little longer while Joe was checking the score of the Saints came and mom and I were chatting. Next thing you know Kaiden starts crying (not his usual whining that's seems to be an everyday part of our lives right now). Joe rushes in there to see Kaiden taking a beating from his little sister. She had one of those toy recorders in her hand and as Joe makes the corner she knocks Kaiden with it right on the forehead. We sent her straight to time out while Kaiden is full out screaming now. Once he started to settle down we asked him where else Kalli hit him and he showed us the back of his head. Poor thing there was a small amount of blood and already a knot, she knocked him hard! The thing with her hitting the back of us head is that he was obviously minding his own business not teasing her at all and she just did a sneak attack from behind. She has been really aggressive with Kaiden lately (sometimes for good reason but others just out of the blue) and I'm not sure what to do about it. I know a lot of it comes from getting pushed around at such an early age by Kaidne but I feel so bad for Kaiden b/c he's trying to be so good and not do anything back while she's all over him. Just the other day he's whining which happens a lot in the morning for no reason. He wasn't saying what was wrong so I figured he just spilt his milk or something silly when I finally walked in Kalli has one of his cheeks in b/t her fingers pinching and pulling it as hard as she can. And on a everyday basis she's pushing him with both hands-hard! and also laying on top of him where he can't get up. Well I say he can't get up but he probably could if he tried but he just lets it happen. How do I help him to understand that its okay to push her off if she's on top of him beating him up or pinching him but its not okay to push just because? A comment of Joe's comes to mind as I'm writing this, talking to me the other morning he asks, "What have you created?!". If you know me you know Kalli gets her feisty side from yours truly...what have I gotten myself into??
The cut on the back of his head actually looks worse but I couln't really get a good picture with his hair in the way.

Papa got a new toy

My dad bought himself an early Christmas present this year...a new tractor. My kids love to ride with Papa on the tractor and they were super excited to find out he has a new one. Kaiden has also gotten pretty good at steering it all by himself, we might have a real country boy on our hands!
My dad had to show off how high the front loader goes. At one point me Kalli and Kaiden all sat in the front while he lifted it up. The kids loved it, I thought it was very uncomfortable and's not made to sit it that's for sure!
After each of them had their turn riding with Papa he decided to let them ride in the front loader back to the barn. Kaiden was so excited but Kalli was a little nervous. I didn't want to ride b/c again its very uncomfortable, but I was going to be close by just in case and my dad was going in reverse to be extra safe (as safe as you can be on a tractor front loader I guess!) At first Kalli was like 'no way' but once I told her Kaiden was going to ride she was all for it, and hoped right on. But once Papa started to move she was done. I was actually pretty shocked b/c usually this girl will do anything her older brother does. I guess everyone has their limit!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Verdict, Daycare and Peeing in the Park

First and foremost Twilight. I liked the movie but I sometimes wonder if I liked the idea of seeing it early even more! :) I feel I'm very easy to please on movies but reading a book and then watching the movie it's just never going to be as's nearly impossible! I loved Twilight the book and my mind was full of how everything looked and played out but the movie just didn't quite play up to all of my expectations. But nonetheless I still loved watching it and Edward is way hotter than I thought he was when the characters were first picked. So my official verdict of the movie...GO SEE IT!
Wednesday I had a long day ahead of me. Robin's Daycare was officially open and in full swing! My day started off with Kaiden waking up at 7 (way too early for me!) and Ryan showing up shortly after. Ryan's mom, Marjorie, is a friend from church who just had a new baby girl. I was watching Ryan for the day until she was released from the hospital. I also have been watching my adorable little nephew, Greyson, on Wednesdays since Lisa had to go back to work. I was a little skeptic when Marjorie called (having 4 kids 3 and under is a little scary!) but I couldn't say no. Later on I also realized that I was scheduled to watch my friend Holly's little girl, Kailey. I was starting to get really worried but knew Holly would only be gone for a little while at her dr apt and Kaiden would be in school at that time. Well cute Holly calls me Wednesday morning to tells me she won't need me b/c she can't even get out of the house...just one of those days, we've all been there! I'll be honest, as much as I adore Kailey I was relieved! So I luckily survived having 4 kids for a full day Kaiden 3, Ryan 2, Kalli 1 and Greyson 2 months. Thank goodness Greyson was a wonderful baby and slept most of the day and Kalli was on good behavior and hardly bullied Ryan at all. Once we picked up Kaiden from school the big kids enjoyed playing outside while Greyson and I had fun watching them. I also got to fully utilize my minivan, I felt like a true soccer mom driving around with 4 carseats! In all I was pleasantly surprised at how well they all did, I think Heavenly Father helped me out b/c he knew with me working the night before there was no way I could handle crazy, whinny kids! One more cute thought, by the time Kalli woke up on Wednesday Ryan was already there so he greeted her with me and Kaiden. This morning when she woke up she told me and Kaiden hello and then started asking for Ryan. Too cute!
Kalli looks a little crazy in this picture but I couldn't help but post it b/c it shows how much fun she was having.
I couldn't help but post all 3 videos b/c I just think they were all so funny and cute. Feel free to bypass them if you'd like.

I just had to add Kalli's little fit when she couldn't climb up the side like Kaiden did and then bumped her chin. Notice how quickly she was over it once she was next to me and saw Greyson's paci.

Right as we were about to leave my mom's and go home Greyson started to get fussy. I opened the van doors and told the kids to get in while I gathered our stuff. When I went to put Greyson in his seat this is where I found Kalli. I think she felt a little left out having to sit in the front with Greyson who only wanted to sleep. The boys were back there giggling the whole time!

Now onto Peeing in the Park. It was yet another gorgeous day and after Kaiden's school and a quick trip to Walmart we headed to South Park. The kids were having fun and both running all over the place. At one point Kaiden walked over to this tall spider web looking thing that's made for the kids to climb on. Kalli of course is way too small for this but has to join Kaiden. After playing over there Kaiden runs off again while Kalli and I are just hanging out. I was looking down at my phone texting a friend and when I looked up to check on Kaiden he had his pants around his ankles peeing on a tree! He was maybe100 feet away and I instantly yelled at him to pull his pants up. He actually picked a good spot to not be seen by the group of ladies and their 2 kids but my yelling put all eyes on us! I thought it was so funny but I was also sooo embarrassed seeing my kid at a public park peeing on a tree!! I'm just glad there weren't more people there to witness it! Poor Kaiden he just knew he had to go and since it's really not a big deal if he pees in our backyard or my mom's why not the park??! Lisa was watching him last week too when he stooped in my mom's front yard to pee. I'm wondering if we should put an end to peeing outside for a while until he realizes when it's appropriate and when its not! Hopefully he won't think the school playground is appropriate...I might have that talk with him tomorrow just in case! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Quick Brag

So I'm on my way to go watch Twilight!!! Yes its a day early and I'm not being very humble about the idea that I get to see it before many of you!! HAHA! A friend of ours from church has a friend that owns a theater here and he's letting all of us Twilight lovers from church go see it a night early! I'm so excited!! Edward here I come! :)

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma!!

Happy Birthday Grandma-sorry we're a day late!! I planned on doing this yesterday but didn't remember until the kids were napping. We took one video after nap time but then I rushed to work and didn't have time to post it. Plus I was singing and you could barely hear the kids so I decided it would be best for all to have the kids do it again. Any way we love you!!
A few things about Grandma-
Kaiden and Kalli love talking to her each week on the phone and they also enjoy looking at pictures since we don't get to see her (she's all the way in Argentina!!) We miss her and Grandpa so much and can't wait to see them again next year. It's hard to believe that Kaiden was younger than Kalli is right now the last time we saw them. We know she will instantly bond with her only grand-daughter when they finally meet and she'll be surprised how feisty Kalli really is! We're so proud and happy that ya'll are doing the Lord's work and serving in the temple even though for selfish reasons we would love to have you closer to home (even if home is Colorado-that's at least in the US!) We hope you had a great birthday and Grandpa spoiled you a little. WE LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hat & Hot Dog Day

Each week Kaiden's Preschool focuses on a new letter. Last week it was the letter H. On Thursday they had Hat and Hot Dog Day. Kaiden was pretty excited to wear his hat but I had prepare him early and let him know he wouldn't be wearing his BYU hat that Auntie Autumn gave him. I know that sounds mean but I bought this cute hat one day at Old Navy b/c Kaiden put it on and it looked so darn cute! He doesn't have much to match it so I had planned on returning it well my sweet little Kalli can't have a tag on anything without pulling it off! So that threw the return part out the window. Kaiden has only worn this hat once before and I was insistent that he wear it for Hat and Hot Dog Day. He was a little bummed for about 10 seconds and then running around again so I think he got over it! Plus as he was getting dropped off at school Mrs Liz (one of the teacher helpers) told him he was so handsome. I think that just made his day. I took a few pictures that morning before we left and Kaiden was so excited to go to school with his hat and eat hot dogs. That is until we were walking out the door. Right as we were leaving he wanted to go and get his hot dog that goes with his BBQ grill in his room. I told him no b/c it was time to go and he would eat hot dogs at school. Well that's when the question came up if the hot dogs were just pretend. I told him no and that would be his snack. Well apparently he likes pretend hot dogs but not real ones. What?! So as we were leaving Kaiden started to get a little whiny b/c he didn't want to eat real hot dogs. Again after a few moments he was over it and later told me he didn't like the middle (the wiener) and just ate the bread and juice. I remember months ago when hot dogs where almost the only thing Kaiden wanted to eat...and now he doesn't even like them. Silly boy!!

Sacrament Program

Sunday Nov 9
Two Sundays ago was our Primary Program. For those non LDS friends its an opportunity for our Sunday School children to share with the whole congregation what they've learned throughout the year. Each child has a speaking part and they all sing songs they've been learning. This years theme was I am a Child of God. Being in the Primary Presidency has helped me to learn all the new songs and given me an opportunity to teach those to Kaiden. A few months ago I decided to invite our older Nursery children to Singing Time, which helped Kaiden learn the songs even better. After our family scripture reading we sing a church song before we say our prayer and Kaiden is usually the one to pick the song. He was always picking the songs we were learning that Sunday. And during his tuck-in he'd ask for extra help so he could learn and remember the whole song. Kaiden also insisted that we listen to 'primary songs' each time we were in the car. So as you can imagine he was well prepared for the program even though he wasn't old enough to be a part of it. Our primary has gotten pretty small over the last few months so Rachel (primary pres) and I decided to have next year's Sunbeams say a small speaking part for the program. And since I was going to be sitting on the stand anyways I decided to have Kaiden join me since he knew the songs well enough to sing along. I must say he did amazing! The first song we sang was I am a Child of God and he sang so loud he was on the verge of shouting! I was just so proud of him for doing so well and I felt the spirit so strong hearing him sing/shout those sweet words. I got teary eyed and I think the tears kept swelling b/c I was trying to keep my laughter in. You could definitely distinguish which voice was Kaiden's b/c he was the loudest of all the kids. It was funny to look out in the pews and see so many giggles and smiles, especially from Nathan! I was actually surprised at how reverent Kaiden was during the program too well as reverent as a 3 year old can be with no toys or snacks! He was so excited to say his part nice and clearly, "Jesus Christ is the Savior of all Mankind". I was such a proud momma that day and enjoyed all the comments I got throughout the day about what a great job Kaiden did, even from people I've never even met. I was also so proud of all the children b/c they sat so reverently the whole hour and did their parts perfectly! They all sang so beautifully and I think everyone there appreciated all of their hard work. We celebrated with some popcorn and a church video our last hour of Primary and they really enjoyed that. I just wish I would of taken a picture of Kaiden that day after church to show how handsome he looked. Too bad we're not allowed to video tape b/c I know his Grandparents and Aunts and Uncle would have loved to see him steal the show! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Halloween, Blessing & Birthday

I finally got these pictures from my dad's camera and even though I've already posted the occasion; they were so cute I couldn't not post them!

Kalli, Greyson and Kaiden (aka deer in head lights)

Uncle Aaron always has fun things for the kids to play with.Kalli was a little top heavy!She was being so cautious trying to walk aroundI think Abby wanted a kiss tooMy handsome big brotherLil GreyKaiden thought Greyson needed help on his smiling

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Swamp Nature Center minus the Swamp

As we all know Tuesday was election day. My mom watched the kids so Joe and I could vote together. (Thanks mom!) Once we picked the kids up Joe was going to head off to work. He works for the state and mention since it was a state holiday no on was really going to be there but he was going to get some extra hours. We decided that we could manage him having an extra day off and spend some family time together. Joe had a great idea to visit the Baton Rouge Swamp Nature Center off of Bluebonnet. We've tried going there before but for some reason it was closed. Well we didn't call before hand and just hoped it would be open when we got there and luckily they were! It was another beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors and the kids had a blast running on the wooden bridges that made your way through parts of the woods. At the visitor's center they had lots of snakes, turtles, alligators and lizards to look at. The kids had a lot of fun running around and looking into all the different cages and of course Kalli was still scared of the snakes. This one lizard was going crazy trying to get out of his cage. He kept trying to crawl up the glass anytime we were close by. Poor little guy he just wanted a friend! Kalli's cleft palate. She ran or was pushed into Lisa and Aaron's ottoman on Halloween night and got this lovely cut. I think its kind of funny that it does look like a scar from a cleft lip.The outside area was really pretty with some fun trails to go through. Lots of shade and like I said the kids had a blast running on the bridges. The only thing is it's been so dry here that the swamp dried up! Kind of unusual but it happens, I guess. So we plan on going again in the spring when there's actually water!

This was the extent of the water we saw. It was a little muddy puddle that had hundreds of tad poles! The kids like looking at them squirming around and they both got to 'pretend' they were being dropped in.

There were a lot of trees down in the forest due to the hurricane and this one had to be cut b/c it was in the middle of the path. We thought it made for some cute pictures.