Sunday, January 17, 2010

December 2009

I couldn't not post this picture b/c it's just too funny. After being tucked in for bed Kalli has started moving her toy box across her room so she could reach to turn on her light. She'd play for as long as she could until we'd go in there turn off the light and put her back in bed. This one particular night we didn't hear her making any noises like usual so we figured she'd just went straight to bed. Well a little later we decided to check on her and this is how she was found, asleep on her toy box. Doesn't look very comfortable especially when you have a bed not even a foot away! Such a silly girl!

Every year we get together as a family and let the kids help decorate Gege and Papa's Christmas tree. The kids loved climbing up the ladder to help decorate. Sadly the cousin shot didn't turn out great but everyone had a goodnight together.

How lucky are Kaiden and Kalli to decorate two Christmas Trees in two days? It was a fun family night. And as a mom it was more fun just to see how much my babies were enjoying themselves. By chance we ended up with an American Tree. Red Silver and Blue ornaments and I didn't even realize it until we were more than half way through! Kids loved it though and thats what really counts right?!

Our Activities Committee at church really out did themselves this year for the Christmas party. The theme was A Cajun Christmas which included Papa Noel. The food was great and we all had a wonderful time. Kaiden figured out pretty quickly that Papa Noel was his Sunday School teacher and quickly let his other friends know. Regardless if you call him Santa or Papa Noel Greyson doesn't want anything to do with him unless mommy is keeping a good distance between the two! Also at the party we enjoyed a Christmas play which involved one handsome sheppard and an adorable little donkey.

Santa came to the library for Story time. Trust me Kalli was much more excited than what she's showing. I think I took all of her happy pictures on my phone. :)

Kaiden had a fun Christmas party at school that Kalli and i were able to attend. And who else but Santa showed up!

A few of my girl friends from high school had a fun Christmas get-together. It was great catching up with one another and not to mention gossiping!

Kalli and Kaiden were able to open one gift each the day before Christmas Sunday mainly b/c Kalli needed her shoes to wear with her Christmas dress! Kaiden got new school shoes that make him run super fast!

Our family Christmas picture on Christmas Sunday. Can I just say I love, Love, LOVE Kalli's dress! And yes Kaiden looks pretty darn handsome too!

Christmas Sunday was Christmas at my parents house due to the fact that we were headed to Denver the next day. The kids got more than enough and Joe and i were pretty spoiled too. It was sad knowing I wasn't going to be home for Christmas but there was a lot of excitement being with all of Joe's family for the first time in over 3 years!

Our flight to Denver was better than expected, thanks to my dear friend Katie for letting us use her portable DVD player. We had a straight flight from NOLA to Denver in the afternoon so no rushing early in the morning to finish up packing. We watched movies and ate, and ate, and ate. We were all very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa but not so excited for the cold!

I was slacking and hadn't got the kids' yearly Santa picture so we made a trip to the Aurora mall. Wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected and look how great it turned out! Can't wait to put this one in a frame next Christmas!

The kids looked so cute all bundled up and ready to play in some snow! We had a great time outside throwing snowballs and trying to make a snowman. The snow was so light and fluffy it was nearly impossible to make a snowball much less a snowman! The kids decided our little snowman needed antlers. And Kal was a great help to Grandma shoveling the street!

This was right before we went inside and right after Joe lightly shoved snow in both of their faces! They were whining b/c it was soooo cold!

I love this picture of Jake and Kalli and Kaiden and Cameron. It was so fun seeing all the cousins playing together. They all got along so well. Even Nate, who's 12, decided to be a kid and play with my little ones. Kalli kept calling them her friends and was always asking when they were coming over again. I think she surprised them how rough and tough she really is!

Christmas Morning! The kids were so excited and poor Kaiden had to wait forever to go upstairs and see what Santa brought. Kalli was up off and on all night and she even snuck upstairs and woke Grandma up at 5 in the morning! So needless to say all of us girls were pretty beat! We finally woke Kalli up and luckily she was in a good mood. The kids were very excited to open all their presents and Santa got both kids Leapsters which they love!

AFter opening gifts Christmas morning we had a delicious breakfast cooked by Grandma and Grandpa with the whole family. Then more presents!

Family Pictures

I love this picture of Kalli and Auntie Sharon looking at all the pictures we ahd taken earlier. Not too bad of my kiddos either!

Thw Wii was a big hit. Kaiden loved playing with his cousings. Here he is showing us how to run fast. Grandma even took a few turns!

Very cute of Uncle Mark and Kaiden

Probably one of the highlights of our trip was sledding. We had a blast! Thanks to Gma and Gpa for buying the sleds. It was so much fun! The kids absoutley loved it and so did all the adults!

Sadly but this is the only picture we took of our kids with Gma and Gpa on our trip. Luckily its a great one! In all we had a great trip and we loved every minute of it. Thanks for letting us stay!