Wednesday, April 30, 2008


While in Hawaii my mom bought Kalli this cute grass skirt complete with a coconut bra, shell necklace, and flower. I got it out yesterday to try it on Kalli and it was so cute. I guess Kaiden got a little jealous of all the attention Kalli was getting and he wanted to wear it too. He would be a very cute girl! Sorry Joe I just had too!

Stinging Catipallars

For those of you who weren't sure what stinging caterpillars were from my previous post here's a picture. I will try and find a picture from last year where Kaiden picked up one and you could the the whole outlining of it in the palm of his hand. They hurt so bad! I remember being terrified of them when I was little. We loved playing outside barefoot but there was always the risk of stepping on one. So feel lucky you don't have to worry about these guys crawling around in your back yard!

Bath Time & Kissing

Kaiden and Kalli have really been enjoying their baths together lately. For a while there I swore they wouldn't bathe together anymore! But now that they have their own cups they both just put them over their mouths and make funny noises. Then they stop for a mintue to laugh at each other and go right back to making noises again. It's really cute and it keep Kaiden from dumping cups full of water on Kalli's head!
This same day little Ryan from church came over to play and Kalli just loves when she's around anybody her size. She gets a little aggressive and usually scares everyone into tears. Well Ryan is no exception! After her initial excitement I asked Kalli to give Ryan a kiss and here she is going in for the kill!

He just wants to watch Nemo and she's ready for an open mouth kiss!Look at his poor face...pure terror!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nice Hair!

After playing outside the kids are so dirty I usually spend several minutes cleaning them up. After wiping Kalli's face off I also used the rag to wipe her head. She is such a sweater! I didn't bother laying her her flat again and Kaiden thought it was the funniest thing to have her hair sticking up all crazy and insisted I take a picture. So here it is!


While Kaiden was taking his nap me and Kal went outside to play. She found Joe's broken golf club and had the best time walking around with it. She was so cute and has been really photogenic lately. I'm not really fond of this particular outfit she is wearing but these pictures were too cute to pass up. Jeni was nice enough to give us a few outfits she didn't really use for Brooklyn, but they're not really the style either of us usually buy for our girls. But they're perfect for all the outdoor play we do. Joe is not a fan of this outfit and just laughed at her when he saw it. He asked her what in the world she was wearing. Kalli could care less and just gave him a big smile. I want to make not on how impressed I am with Kalli for keeping her hat on. Her skin is sooooo fair and she burns so quickly. Its really nice that she'll keep her hat on so I don't have to put sunscreen all in her hair every time we go out. That just makes for some greasy hair!

Muddy Feet

A few Saturdays ago we were outside with the kids playing. We were only going to be out for a minute so I let them keep their shoes off and they loved it. (We can't do this too ofter b/c of all the stinging caterpillars we get) The grass was still a big damp from some ran the day before and we had some muddy areas as well. Regardless if we told him to or not Kaiden was going to get in that mud. So why not just let him and save the 'timeouts' for another time. He loved having it squish between his toes but then shortly after he was ready for us to wash his feet off so he could walk around in the grass. What a weirdo! Well Kal can't have Kid do anything by himself so she had to have her pants rolled up as well but decided she'd rather walk to Gege's house than in the mud. I just thought it made some cute pictures and since this blog is all about the kiddies here they are!

Crawfish Season 2008

A few weeks ago Aaron was in Houma ,working, and found crawfish for $.60 a pound. In Denham they're still over $1.20 something. So needless to say Aaron bought like 3 sacks and started putting together a last minutes crawfish boil (which is usually how Aaron does things anyway!). We decided to have things at my parents and Dad was suppose to get everything ready for the boil. So my Dad does a little mowing (which wasn't necessary) and had the water hose out to fill up the pot to boil the crawfish in and then disaster happens. While the hose was out he had his wagon hooked up to the 3-wheeler and the hose got caught on the wagon wheels which ended up pulling the facet completely out of the pipes. So water was pouring out everywhere and he had to turn the main water off to the house. So now my dad is super ticked (which doesn't happen often) and we have no water in the house. Mom and Lisa got a long hose and hooked it up to the neighbor's house (with permission of course!) to use for the crawfish boil. By the time the first batch of crawfish came out it was probably well past the all kids' bed time but surprisingly they all were very well behaved...even my 2! We didn't get home until after 11 pm but had a good time and the crawfish tasted great! I just felt so bad for my dad b/c he was working on getting the water fixed the whole time. He had to make several trips to Home Depot and worked in the dark. He was finally able to eat the last few crawfish after everyone was stuffed. I can't wait until the next boil but hopefully it won't be so late and dad can join us!
I also wanted to add about my afternoon earlier that day. Kaiden had a yucky, congested cough for a few days that was getting better but still lingering so I made an appointment for him to see the doctor. Kalli had woken up that morning with a slight fever but seemed fine. Right before we were leaving I woke her up from her nap and she was really warm and just not herself. On my way to the doctor I called and set an apt for her too. Half way there she started to get really grouchy and didn't even want to finish her juice (that never happens) she didn't even want her cheerios. I was just about to get off the interstate when I thought to myself what if she throws up in the car. Well I kid you not but 15 seconds later I'm exiting off the interstate onto Bluebonnet when she starts throwing up! I pulled over as soon as I could and it was so gross! Poor thing it was her first ever real throw up and I couldn't even bath her or put her to bed. It was all over her cute outfit, her seat, and the floor. I quickly cleaned up what I could and thank goodness we were right across from the mall so I called the doctor's office and told them I would be a little late and ran in to get another outfit for Kal. I felt so bad taking her out of the car and putting her in the stroller. She looked so pathetic but I just couldn't bring her to the doctor covered in throw up. So I found some clothes and put them on her right there in the store. Kaiden is starting to run around like a wild child and the cashier is taking forever! I'm running out of time from what I told the nurse so as soon as I paid I was ready to run for the car. Well that's when I notice Kaiden grabbing himself which is a sure sign he needs to potty. So then we have to go upstairs across the store to the bathroom. And the kid who just a second ago was running around like crazy was casually walking along as I'm weaving past clothes racks and people. Bless his heart he was just taking his precious time. We finally made it to the doctor and by now both kids get an energy rush and are acting like there's not a thing wrong. They of course got super hyper being cramped up in the office that I was just embarrassed to even have them there especially since it was a sick visit! The doctor checked them out and said they were fine and it must of just been a little bug. So we all took a long nap once we got home to prepare ourselves for the late night of crawfish eating. So needless to say it was a little surprising how good they were for the long day we had.
Now for some fun pictures of our night.

Look at Lisa sucking the head like a pro!Joe was not too pleased with me taking his picture! Kaiden and Ryan playingCute Kailey posing for the camera

Kaiden and Brooklyn had a good time together. They he loved being her chauffeur!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Kaiden is growing so much and is really starting to be more like a big kid instead of my little boy. He said his first prayer by himself last Monday before FHE. I was very excited he wanted to try b/c lately he hasn't really wanted to say prayer at all, he just wants me or Joe too. His first prayer went like this, "Dear Heavenly Farder, thank you for our blessings. Thank you for mommy. Thank you for daddy. In the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!" We were really proud b/c we didn't help him out at all. He has tried to say the prayer, in his words, 'all by myself' before but has gotten stuck and we've ended up helping him. Since we bragged so much on him he wanted to say the closing/family prayer too. This time he was thankful for Kalli and the Holy Ghost (with a little help from mom and dad- which is what our lesson was on). While getting him ready for bed that night he jumped up on his bed while I was helping him put his pants on and head-butted me in the chin. It hurt so bad! So for his bedtime prayer he said he was sorry for hitting mommy in the chin. Since then he has added a few comical things in his prayers. He's been thankful for daddy's computer, he's asked for help for daddy to focus and has thanked Heavenly Father for preparing the food. I'm just so proud of this little guy but he too has been so stubborn lately I'm not sure what to do with him. If he's in a mood I have the hardest time trying to get him to do anything! Usually when he'd get in trouble and would go to time out it wasn't as big of an ordeal but now its like pulling teeth. I was spanking here and there but I've really have tried hard not too. Does anyone have any advice on what to do for the Terrible Three's b/c we're definitely there! I also need any help on how to get this kid to poop in the potty. He hardly ever has accidents with #1 but will NOT go #2 in the potty. He will hold it in all day until he takes his rest or goes to sleep that night. If by chance he is awake he will go and hide and before I realize what he's probably doing it's too late. He'll even go peepee before so he's completely dry when he has his accident! Joe and I are at a loss on what to do. He has done it before and gotten rewards but now he wont' have anything to do with it and could care less about any treats or surprises. We've had him in just in undies during nap so its really yucky but it doesn't seem to bother him at all. Joe has even sat him on the potty for over an hour before bed time b/c he said he needed to poop and nothing but once he got in bed behind closed guessed it! What's so funny (See I'm trying to see humor in all of this) is every time he has an accident he apologizes. And says at nighttime I'm going to poop in the potty but that NEVER happens! So any advice would be greatly appreciated!
One last thing to add is Kaiden's new reasoning for not liking or wanting to do something. He'll tell you he doesn't like something that he usually loves or he doesn't want to do something b/c 'it's daytime' or because 'it's not daytime anymore'. For example he's eating dinner and in the middle of eating his chicken he says, "Daddy, I don't like my chicken anymore." Joe of course asks why not and in reply "because it's not daytime anymore." How weird is that. It's his excuse for everything! He won't even play with some of his favorite toys at certain times b/c of this. He's so funny and I always love hearing his reason and explanation for things...okay so maybe not always...
I don't like such and such b/c its day time or its not daytime

Kalli Girl

Kalli has a fascination for little kid chairs. Anytime she sees one she tries her hardest to climb on and sit. When I put on a Baby Einstein I think she enjoys having Kaiden's Thomas chair pulled out for her to sit on than actually watching the show. We have another small , wooden chair in Kaiden's room that she has a hard time climbing onto but when she get on it, it's like she's on top of the world. She'll just sit and sit and sit..and sometimes stand and then usually fall. Which results in usually another bruise! I'm trying to find a chair similar to Kaiden's Thomas chair for Kalli but no luck. I saw one online at BabiesRUs with Dora on it but I really wanted a Disney Princess one. I just can't seem to find one anywhere. They're all couches but I'd rather just a chair. I'll just keep looking. This is how I found Kalli last Monday while playing in the den. She was just lounging around content as can be. She had her feet propped on the table but once she saw the camera she got all excited and moved out of position. But still cute nonetheless.
This is Kalli about to watch Baby Einstein. I had several pictures of her just posing for the camera.
Other news on Kalli she's finally getting more teeth! She's almost 14 months and just a couple of weeks ago she got her 3rd tooth. She's had her 2 bottom teeth for a few months now and her top left tooth pooped up on Friday March 28. Just yesterday another top broke through and a bottom one today. So she's starting to catch up. Now I think most kids get their top and bottom middle teeth but not Kal. She likes to be a little different. Her 2 teeth on top are the ones right next to her front teeth. So once they fully come in she'll probably look quite silly. A few other updates on Kal is she's really getting the hang of praying. But only if she's in a confined area like her highchair. Every time we give thanks she folds her little arms and talks softly like she's giving the prayer. It's really cute. But if we're having family prayer around the table she's walking all around and will randomly stop for a brief second to fold her arms and then she starts moving again. She is so much fun and a very determined little girl. She knows what she wants and if she doesn't get it you'll hear about it! I try not to complain b/c I know she get her stubbornness from her mom!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So our trip to Missouri has come and gone and there's not much to say about it. It was close to a 10 hour drive with lots of rain on and off and several missed turns (thanks to Shannon!) and driving through the middle of nowhere in Arkansas and Missouri. When we finally arrived to our hotel it was freezing! From some stupid reason I didn't look up the weather and took Cary's word that it was nice and warm. Boy was he wrong! So after we checked in we headed over to Wal Mart so I could buy a sweater for my dress the next day and a sweat shirt. I planned on bringing one but forgot on my way out the door. I just found the cheapest sweat shirt Wal Mart had and it just so happened to be a High School Musical zip up hoodie. I have to say I instantly thought of Amy's little girl Rylee (she LOVES HSM). I for one have never seen it but would like too one of these days.
So Thursday morning we got up early to head over to Fort Leornard Wood for Cary's graduation. I never thought I would go to an Army graduation and I was glad I had the chance. I've always been thankful for those Service men and women who risk their lives on my behalf, but to be there on the base my gratitude was overwhelming. While watching the little videos during the graduation really made me think about all that has been sacrificed for each of us. My dad, grandpa and father-in-law and many friends are veterans and I'm so thankful for all those who serve so faithfully for our country. So now on with the graduation. I really don't know Cary that well but it was exciting to see Shannon all wound up to see him and all the proud parents there to support their children. After the ceremony we met up with Cary outside his barracks and he had most of the day to hang out...with Shannon that is! We had brunch at Cracker Barrel and then they dropped me off at the hotel to go take care of a few things on the base. At brunch we had talked about maybe renting a movie at the hotel at going out to dinner but at 6 I was a bit annoyed that I still never heard from either of them! I had sat in that hotel room all day and was bored out of my mind! I didn't really want to call and bother them but I had had enough. I know our main reason for going was for Nana to see Cary but come on what do you expect me to do ALL day by myself with no car and freezing cold, wet weather?!?! There were several places I could of walked to but it was drizzling all day and I only had my HSM sweatshirt to keep me warm! When I finally called me and Shannon had a little argument and were just both annoyed at each other. A little while later she called back saying they were leaving to meet up with some of Cary's friend's for dinner and asked if I wanted to come. Well since I had no time what-so-ever to get ready and the fact that we were still annoyed with each other I didn't go. Which left me in the hotel room by myself for another 3 hours until Shannon got back from bringing Cary back to the base. By then I was so ready to go home and leave bright and early so I could see my kids before they went to bed but then Shannon informs me that we can see Cary at the bus stop and we didn't end up leaving until 11! I was annoyed but we talked it out and I just tried to remember that she probably won't see him for a whole year. But to make matters worse the next morning was so cold and windy while we were saying bye and then I got carsick as soon as we started driving home. Luckily I was able to fall asleep quickly or I would of really been sick. So in all the trip wasn't quite what I expected it to be but I am happy Nana got to see Cary and that I was able to cheer future soldiers on at their graduation. Now for a few pictures.

Me and Shannon waiting for graduation to start I don't think Cary is anywhere in this picture but these are the graduates marching to their barracks after the graduation ceremony. Me or Shannon couldn't find was like finding Where's Waldo Cary walking with his bag to line up with his platoon (he later said he was not trying to look for Shannon b/c he wanted to look tough and not smile when he saw her)Cary's smile when he sees Nana for the first time...cute I love this picture of the two of them-they're both so happyThe 3 of us checking Cary out for the daySaying goodbye at the bus stop (Cary trying to a tough guy again)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All caught up!

I'm all caught up on my blogging just in time b/c I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Missouri. I'm riding with my sister Shannon to see her boyfriend's graduation from the Army. I'm excited and nervous. I've never left my kids before so that's going to be weird but since Kaiden has really had a hard time listening I'm kind of excited for a break. Plus it will be fun to hang out with Nana for a few days just us. Even though we will be in the car the majority of the time. I'll be sure to post pictures when we get back but for now here's a really cute one I took of the kids today. Isn't Kalli's outfit sooooo cute! Katie got that for her birthday, I love it! They were about to have a race, Kalli's picked up on the 'Ready, Set, Go!' But she just runs to me instead of down the hall like Kaiden wants her too. And actually the ones of me and Kalli in her high chair Kaiden took all by himself. I was really surprised he did so well.

Funny Story

Monday night after Easter we were having our Family Home Evening. I was using the Friend and telling a short version of Jesus, life to Kaiden while showing him the pictures. One of the pictures was of the Last Supper and I explained to Kaiden that that's how we got the sacrament. I asked him if he remembered what the sacrament was and he said, "Yea, that's when we wait and after we get to have our juice and fruit snacks!" He was so proud of himself and me and Joe just laughed and laughed and then explained to him why we take it and why its important. I'm not sure how much he got or remembered but when I asked him about it again another day he did say to remember Jesus so we're getting somewhere! Another cute story the other morning I was having my morning prayer and Kaiden came in and wanted to sit on my bed and watch me. then once I was done he wanted to say his prayer without using words. So now that's his big thing is to pray without using words, even when its for family prayer. We're trying to explain if he doesn't use words he still needs to be thinking of what to say but I'm not sure how much he understands. The things kids say just crack me up!

Easter Sunday

We had a really nice Easter Sunday. The kids looked exceptionally cute and were actually pretty well behaved in church (from what I remember!) . After church we went to my parents to take pictures in all the clovers while the kids were still dressed up. I took a ton but only have a few pictures my dad sent me (we used his camera) so I'll have to add more later b/c they're so cute! After that we ate a quick lunch and then the kids were able to go and look for their Easter baskets in the back yard. Kaiden was so excited that the Easter Bunny hid an Easter basket for him. He was so hyped up while eating his lunch and once he was done he was opening the door ready to go! Once we got in the back yard we coaxed him a little on where to go and he was standing right in front of it but kept saying...I can't see my Easter basket, I don't think its over here. Me and Joe were just cracking up. I practically had to point it out to him and then he was just thrilled. But silly me didn't remember who's basket I hid where so we were actually helping him find Kalli's basket. But he was still excited to give her her basket and then go and search for his. After eating some candy and a short rest we headed over to Lisa and Aaron's for Easter dinner where Lisa made a delicious ham. We also enjoyed playing a few games on the Wii. And we all had a good laugh at Dad boxing Shannon. He was actually pretty good! And I was determined this Easter to dye Easter eggs. So me, Joe and Kaiden dyed a few until Kaiden got bored and tired of waiting so it was just me and Joe and then just me! But in all Easter was great. We missed Carmen in Utah, Autumn in New York, Mom in Hawaii, Mark, Sharon, Nate, Jake and Cameron in Colorado, and Mom and Dad in Argentina but it was still a wonderful Easter. An Easter where we were able to celebrate our Savior and reflect on the live He gave for us and remember that He Lives!

It's not as easy to see in this picture but the basket is on the right along side the fence. Kalli is just enjoying being outsideLook how excited that face is!