Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crawfish Season 2008

A few weeks ago Aaron was in Houma ,working, and found crawfish for $.60 a pound. In Denham they're still over $1.20 something. So needless to say Aaron bought like 3 sacks and started putting together a last minutes crawfish boil (which is usually how Aaron does things anyway!). We decided to have things at my parents and Dad was suppose to get everything ready for the boil. So my Dad does a little mowing (which wasn't necessary) and had the water hose out to fill up the pot to boil the crawfish in and then disaster happens. While the hose was out he had his wagon hooked up to the 3-wheeler and the hose got caught on the wagon wheels which ended up pulling the facet completely out of the pipes. So water was pouring out everywhere and he had to turn the main water off to the house. So now my dad is super ticked (which doesn't happen often) and we have no water in the house. Mom and Lisa got a long hose and hooked it up to the neighbor's house (with permission of course!) to use for the crawfish boil. By the time the first batch of crawfish came out it was probably well past the all kids' bed time but surprisingly they all were very well behaved...even my 2! We didn't get home until after 11 pm but had a good time and the crawfish tasted great! I just felt so bad for my dad b/c he was working on getting the water fixed the whole time. He had to make several trips to Home Depot and worked in the dark. He was finally able to eat the last few crawfish after everyone was stuffed. I can't wait until the next boil but hopefully it won't be so late and dad can join us!
I also wanted to add about my afternoon earlier that day. Kaiden had a yucky, congested cough for a few days that was getting better but still lingering so I made an appointment for him to see the doctor. Kalli had woken up that morning with a slight fever but seemed fine. Right before we were leaving I woke her up from her nap and she was really warm and just not herself. On my way to the doctor I called and set an apt for her too. Half way there she started to get really grouchy and didn't even want to finish her juice (that never happens) she didn't even want her cheerios. I was just about to get off the interstate when I thought to myself what if she throws up in the car. Well I kid you not but 15 seconds later I'm exiting off the interstate onto Bluebonnet when she starts throwing up! I pulled over as soon as I could and it was so gross! Poor thing it was her first ever real throw up and I couldn't even bath her or put her to bed. It was all over her cute outfit, her seat, and the floor. I quickly cleaned up what I could and thank goodness we were right across from the mall so I called the doctor's office and told them I would be a little late and ran in to get another outfit for Kal. I felt so bad taking her out of the car and putting her in the stroller. She looked so pathetic but I just couldn't bring her to the doctor covered in throw up. So I found some clothes and put them on her right there in the store. Kaiden is starting to run around like a wild child and the cashier is taking forever! I'm running out of time from what I told the nurse so as soon as I paid I was ready to run for the car. Well that's when I notice Kaiden grabbing himself which is a sure sign he needs to potty. So then we have to go upstairs across the store to the bathroom. And the kid who just a second ago was running around like crazy was casually walking along as I'm weaving past clothes racks and people. Bless his heart he was just taking his precious time. We finally made it to the doctor and by now both kids get an energy rush and are acting like there's not a thing wrong. They of course got super hyper being cramped up in the office that I was just embarrassed to even have them there especially since it was a sick visit! The doctor checked them out and said they were fine and it must of just been a little bug. So we all took a long nap once we got home to prepare ourselves for the late night of crawfish eating. So needless to say it was a little surprising how good they were for the long day we had.
Now for some fun pictures of our night.

Look at Lisa sucking the head like a pro!Joe was not too pleased with me taking his picture! Kaiden and Ryan playingCute Kailey posing for the camera

Kaiden and Brooklyn had a good time together. They he loved being her chauffeur!


Todd & Monica Knighton said...

That seamed like a prety crazy day, good thing it ended up with a fun crawfish boil

Lisa & Aaron said...

You had to post the pick of me sucking the head on the crawfish, didn't you? lol They were sooooo good, Im ready for some more!!!