Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stinging Catipallars

For those of you who weren't sure what stinging caterpillars were from my previous post here's a picture. I will try and find a picture from last year where Kaiden picked up one and you could the the whole outlining of it in the palm of his hand. They hurt so bad! I remember being terrified of them when I was little. We loved playing outside barefoot but there was always the risk of stepping on one. So feel lucky you don't have to worry about these guys crawling around in your back yard!


Craig, Robyn, Noah and Kaiden... said...

I have never heard of stinging caterpillars...they look like nasty little critters!

The Awesome Rawsons said...

oooh...thanks. i didn't know those were the stinging kind. we have those at the park in San Ant. and i was pointing them out to Sadie and picking them up with sticks!

Jamie said...

I've been stung by one of those nasty little things before and it does hurt!