Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had dinner at Aaron and Lisa's house, where Lisa baked a delicious ham. We were joined by Lisa's mom and aunt, these ladies are a hoot! We all had a great time and ate way too much. After we opened a few presents the kids surprised everyone with matching Christmas Jammies. Last year I saw so many of your families with this tradition and loved it so we added it to ours. Everyone thought they were so cute especially the grandma's! We loved being able to relax and visit and I love not having to cook dinner!

Kalli discovered Greyson's rocking horse and had to give it a test drive.Monkey see Monkey do!Ms Joanne (Lisa's mom) showing off her antlersMe and Joe after a delicious dinner!Kalli was obsessed with Greyson's new swing (forget that she has one just like this at my parents!) CC finally helped her get in and she loved it!Kaiden's turn to take pictures Another one from Kaiden (I think he had his finger over the flash)
Kalli wanted to be a reindeer too! She looks a little scary in the picture with her big chocolate teeth smile!Nana relaxing on the couch

The time Kaiden and Kalli had been waiting for-Opening Presents!

Papa loved his gift from Aaron and Lisa...I think he was the most excited out of everyone. He took his air compressor out of the box and even plugged it in to turn it on. He was so funny!
Ms Joanne got Kalli a 'Swiper' from "Dora the Explorer"She loves it and is always saying "wiper no wiping" (translation- Swiper no swiping) and "oh man!"
Opening more gifts with Ms Jeanie (Lisa's aunt)

Lisa and I got the kids matching Christmas Jammies and surprised all the adults...they loved it! This was our first attempt at taking a jammie picture

Kalli giving kisses to her favorite baby cousinOur 2nd attempt at pictures...the bumbo worked great and we could see little Greyson so much if only everyone would look at the camera and smile!

Joe entertaining everyone with some good old fashion hubby is so talented!

Kaiden loved his noisy light up gun from Joanne and Jeanie, he also tested out the bumbo chair.I remember when Kalli first used this chair and her thighs were so fat it took forever to get her out! What better way to end a great night than read a new book with her Papa!

Christmas Playdate

Jenny Caillouet and Kim Wesley hosted a Christmas play date last Monday and we had a great time! Kim made 2 delicious soups and had Christmas puzzles for the kids to color on and finger puppets to make. Jenny made some yummy sugar cookies that the kids decorated or just ate icing...either way it was fun. It was especially fun for us moms to get together and just chat. Thanks Jenny and Kim we had a great time!
I didn't take many pictures but here's the few I have. I think I got all of the older kids but no babies...sorry Eli, Sara, and Sophie!
My 2 Christmas cuties!
Not sure what Kalli's doing with her hands and I just love Kaiden's smile with a mouth full of cookie!
Kalli was loading her cookie up!The 2 Brooklyns
To get their attention I asked where my nose was and big Brooklyn knew just where to point. I guess little Brooklyn didn't want her picture taken...hence the stink face!
Allison and Kailey
Look at Allison shoving what I think is icing in her mouth! These girls are too cute!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Having Fun with CC

Saturday Dec 19

CC has been in town for a over a week now and its been so fun having her here! The kids absolutely love her and she's already been willing to babysit more than once (Thanks Carmen)! I think one reason the kids love her so much is because in a lot of ways she's still a kid at heart. She's full of love and has soooo much energy and will run and play with Kaiden and Kalli all day! Too bad lunch and nap time often gets in the way! On Saturday Carmen and Papa stopped by to play and enjoy the warm weather we've been having. It's crazy how Saturday we were in shorts and Sunday was so cold! We even had to wrap our pipes Sunday night. We saw on the news Sunday that the high for Sunday was 70 degrees and Joe and I were like 'what?!' But it was b/c the high was at midnight and then just dropped from there! Gotta love Louisiana weather! Anyway here are a few pictures from their play date.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaiden's Pre-KChristmas party

Thursday Dec 17
Kaiden had his first school party and I'm not sure who was more excited me or him! It was very simple but still fun seeing him with all of his buddies in class. The kids had their snacks and then they opened their '$5 and under presents' from home. Kaiden, as most boys his age, loves "Cars". He as almost every "Cars" car and unfortunately has lost some as well. One of those is Chick Hicks. He still asks about Chick all the time and how he's sad that he lost but never complained about wanting a new one. Joe had the good idea to make Chick his gift. I knew he would be excited but it was so cute to see exactly how excited he was. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get a picture or video and I'm glad I went with the video b/c it's too cute! We had a good time and enjoyed going to see Santa afterwards with Kalli, Greyson and Elizabeth's twin girls. I'll scan those pictures soon.

Kaiden w/ Mrs Liz (his recess teacher) and Mrs Shawn his Pre-K3 teacher he loves them both and was asking Mrs Shawn where her mom was at the party since all of the other kids had their moms there. Sweet huh?

Before -After

Kaiden and his buddy Lane

Kaiden, Adagio, and Jude

(It was Jude's last day b/c he's moving to Houston so he went around and told everyone bye and gave them hugs. When he got to Kaiden, Kaiden said I love you Jude. It was funny. Jude is one of his best friends at school and I don't think Kaiden realizes he won't see him anymore. Kaiden would tell me Jude is moving but then say, "It's okay though he'll be back and I'll see him again" Lucky for kids they usually get over stuff like that quickly or even forget!All of Kaiden's classmates

Sunday Dec 14
Lisa, Aaron, and Greyson stopped by after nap time Sunday and the kids always have a great time with them. They really enjoyed running around outside and playing on the see-saw (and just so you know Aaron and Kalli out weighed Lisa and if you couldn't have already guessed that with those two fattys! Little Grey also enjoyed a little ride on Papa's new tractor!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Parade

Saturday Dec 13
We took the kids to the Denham Springs Parade and had a wonderful time. It's so fun to reminisce about when I was a little girl going to this exact same parade! It also makes me feel a little old too. But we had a great time and Kaiden was so excited to go to another parade. He still talks about the one we went to for Mardi Gras (at the beginning of the year!) We did have plans to attend Kaiden and Kalli's little friend's, Kailey, birthday party but I swore last year (after missing the Christmas parade) I was not going to miss it this year. Holly thanks for being so understanding and we were glad we got to the party just as Kailey was unwrapping her last present. Kadien being so sweet gave Kailey our present for her and he was so excited he told her what it was! Kids are so funny!
Back to the parade the kids were able to get really pumped up as we were walking to get our spot b/c we passed by Santa Clause in the fire truck. We packed sandwiches for the kids to eat while we waited and the kids had a fun time just playing in the street waiting for the parade to start. Kalli had us laughing while she was making herself dizzy and Kaiden walking all weird with his hands in his pockets. We caught so much candy, beads, cups, stuffed animals, straws and even a stocking! The kids loved every minute of it and although we now have even more junk it's hard not to want to pick up every bead they throw...even if you have bags full of the same ones at home!

Kaiden and Kalli waiting for the parade to start

Kalli entertaining us with her 'spinning' skills.

Kaiden goofing off in the middle of the street.

Watching all the Police motorbikes driving by to start the parade off

Racing to get the 1st bit of candy

Kaiden pointing out candy in the middle of the road that we wouldn't let him go get b/c the band would trample over him!

Kalli just watching the float go by and then she decided it was time to get her grove on!

work it girl! (I know it's the wrong way but still cute!)

Santa Clause is coming to town!

Getting the last treats to stuff in our already overflowing bags!