Monday, October 29, 2007


Saturday night we had our ward Trunk-or-Treat and it was a blast! Kaiden loved playing with all the other kids and actually sat down to eat his food without complaints. Shortly after dinner it was time to get some candy! Kaiden loved seeing all the decorated trunks and said 'trick-or-treat' to everyone who was handing out candy. After getting his candy he always remember to say 'thank you' with out me evening telling him to do so, it was so cute. We couldn't walk 3 feet without Kaiden pulling something out of his bucket saying 'I want that, I want that'. It started to get annoying but we still had fun. He would be in the middle of chewing one piece of candy and still be begging me to open another piece while someone is putting more candy in his bucket. It was a mess but we (as in me and Joe) got lots of good candy and Kaiden will be happy with whatever we give him. Hey we gotta enjoy it while we can before Kaiden knows better! One of the things Kaiden asked for was a little box of Nerds, so while walking I would pour some in his mouth. When Joe saw what Kaiden was eating he told me not to give him any b/c that was the good stuff and we needed to save it for mom and dad. Candy is the last thing I need but I've been munching on it since we got home. I wish I had some type of self control! Kalli also really enjoyed herself being strolled around with lots of things and people to look at. We got some pictures with a few of their church friends that I think turned out really cute. It was a great night and now we're all pumped and ready to go for the real deal on Wednesday!
Kalli and Kaiden and Kailey (the cute lil' butterfly)
Kaiden, Kalli & the Knighton girls (Diana & Alina)
Kaiden & Alina (she was a cute little lady bug)
My friend Jodi w/ her favorite animal
Isn't she cute she looks like a real elephant!

Enjoying the Fall Weather

These pictures were taken last week on our walk to Gege and Papa's house. My dad's in the middle of cutting this tree for firewood. Me and the kids had a good time being outside and enjoying our fall weather. Joe's already sick of the cold but I love the crisp clean air and I'm glad its finally cooling off. It's also nice to know we won't have to worry about snow all winter like all my Utard friends. :)
Kalli and Papa snuggling up

Friday, October 26, 2007


I wanted to try something fun for just Kaiden and I to do while Kalli was napping. So I had the fun idea to make some sugar Halloween cookies. I wanted to hand them out to friends so I wouldn't be the one eating them all (I ate way too much cookie dough as it was). Kaiden was all excited about making cookies and even more pumped about eating the dough. I'm surprised he didn't get a stomach ache b/c he ate a lot! We had a pretty good time but I just can't relax enough to let him do whatever he wants. I know its a flaw of mine which I"m trying to work on but I'm just not there yet. Anyway it took forever to use up all the dough we had and by the time they were ready to decorate Kalli was up and it was lunch time. After which I put both kids down for a nap and I did most of the decorating myself. I left a few for Kaiden and he poured on the sprinkles! I just sat back and let him have his fun...see I'm already getting better. :) These were the only pictures I got but they turned out pretty cute. We had pumpkins, ghosts, moons and cats. And for the most part I think we enjoyed ourselves.

Kaiden loved rolling out the dough and then sticking his fingers in it

It's not Scary it's Merry

Why am I the only one looking at the camera??
Last Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo in Baton Rouge. (All the kids dress up in costume and then they have different stations throughout the zoo where they hand out candy.) It was a lot of fun but way too crowded. I could believe the line of people waiting to get in. Luckily the line moved quickly and the weather was great. We enjoyed the nice weather but unfortunately it was too warm for the kids to wear their costumes. Back in Sept I reminded Kaiden that he was Tigger last year for Halloween and asked him what he wanted to be this year. I don't know where he got the idea to be a monkey but that's what he said and he's stuck to that ever since. (Except for tonight when he was looking at Katie's blog with me and saw Tyler in his Superman costume. Then he was all upset b/c he couldn't be superman. Thanks Katie!) I didn't know where I'd find a monkey costume but I was surprised to find one online at OneStepAhead. But then later Rylee had posted a picture of her little guy in his monkey costume, that she got from Old Navy, and I loved it. I really wanted Kalli to be a lady bug and saw a few cute ones but didn't buy them right away and since I waited too long they sold out of her size. Typical...for me! So when I went to pick up Kaiden's monkey suit I saw the elephant and thought it was super cute. I was lucky to have found both their sizes and since I was buying them so late I got them 1/2 off. Yea for me being a procrastinator and getting a great deal! They both looked so cute at the zoo even if they were only wearing 1/2 of their costumes the majority of the time. But it's finally getting pretty cool down here so the kids shouldn't have any problem wearing their costumes tomorrow for the church's Truck-or-Treat and Halloween night. I'm so excited b/c they look so stinkin' cute!
My 2 monkeys just 'monkeying' around with the other monkeys
Me and Kalli by the -not as cute as Kalli-elephants
My own little zoo animals (I should dress up as a zoo keeper!)
Kaiden by the big bat. He was more excited about seeing the bat again than he was about any of the animals or candy! I know weird!

The Hungry Lamb

This is Kalli in her cute Halloween Witch pj's. I got them from my cousin once her daughter grew out of them. I think Kalli looks so adorable in them, and they're in great condition. Shortly after taking this picture I put Kalli to bed and Kaiden was still up playing. He was throwing Kalli's lamb up in the air and trying to catch when he decided he wanted to feed the lamb. He carried it over to the couch, got the boppy ,and then sat down. Joe and I were watching very curious to see what was going to happen next. After taking his seat Kaiden put the boppy around his waste (just like I do) and then laid the lamb down. We weren't sure if he was going to lift up his shirt or what but that was it. Regardless it was very funny. When asking him what he was doing he would say, "Feeding the lamb." I also asked what the lamb was eating and the answer ranged from oatmeal, to cereal, to milk and many other random things. I told him the lamb was going to get a tummy ache and he'd just laugh. Later on the lamb had some crackers at which point Kaiden decided he wanted some crackers, so he ditched the lamb to find himself some crackers. Me and Joe got a kick out of it and I even got a short video. I've been nursing Kalli for almost 9 months now and this is the first time he's done anything like this. Since then he's feed the lamb again and wanted to feed other random stuffed animals. I think its funny and I'm kinda glad he's not lifting up his shirt or anything to do it. The animal just hangs out on his lap laying on the boppy and Kaiden never has any trouble with it not wanting to eat. I might be able to learn a thing or two from this kid!

The lamb is from when Kaiden was a baby and its getting pretty old so the noise it makes is starting to sound kind of creepy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boys in Blue

Here are my two favorite boys after church on Sunday. I thought it was so cute that they matched (not on purpose) in their blue dress shirts and brown pants. Kaiden was all excited that him and his dad were dressed the same. I thought it called for a picture and it turned out really cute. Now I just need to find Kaiden a couple of cute ties and then he'll really be the nursery stud! But regardless of the tie I think he'll still be the trouble maker too, sorry Holly and Jenny! Every Sunday driving home from church Kaiden tells us all the things he did to get in trouble that day. Whether it was breaking the vacuum, running, pushing, or putting the airplane on Cody's head. Unfortunately the list goes on and on. Its so funny how kids this age are so honest. I feel like I should call Holly each Sunday and apologize for Kaiden's behavior and all the effort she puts into putting him in time out over and over. Especially since she's pregnant and she has to babysit him in Jazzercise once a week too! But Kaiden loves the Nursery and always asks to go to nursery shortly after sacrament starts. So thanks girls you're doing a great job!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Weekend as a Single Mom!

Joe was out of town this weekend for a Psychology Conference in San Antonio. He left after class on Thursday and came back on Saturday night. During those couple of days I was a busy bee and living life like I was single...a single mom that is! Thursday I went to hang out with my sis-in-law Lisa and then we headed back to my mom's for dinner. I really dreaded going home b/c then I'd have to rush to get both kids ready for bed to be even close to their normal bed time. We read scriptures and said prayer with Joe on the phone then both both kids got their bathe plus I feed Kalli and then read Kaiden his bedtime story. I was pretty impressed by how quick I was able to get everything done. It also made me realize how much easier it is having Joe around and how much he actually does do. The next morning me and the kids left for Mississippi with my mom to see my Great Aunt Arlevia (MawMaw's last living sibling) She is such a funny lady and so energetic. But since MawMaw's passing she's been really depressed and feeling alone. She doesn't have any immediate family left just nieces and nephews who are all spread out. So my mom and I decided to pay her a visit and hopefully cheer her up. Both kids did great on the drive but Kaiden was driving me crazy at the beginning. Kalli was sleeping and all Kaiden wanted to do was talk to me and my mom. We couldn't say anything to each other w/o Kaiden asking us what we were talking about or saying, "Talk to me, its my turn, talk to me!" We'd ask him what he wanted to talk about and he was usually wanting us to repeat nursery rhymes. Well for those of you who don't know that gets old really quick! I finally decided to let him watch a movie on the portable dvd player. Once we got to Aunt Rose's (*side note* her name is Arlevia but nick name is Rose b/c when she was younger her siblings thought her butt was big and looked like a rose bud hence the name Rose. I've just always thought that was so funny. For the longest time I thought it was her real name!) apartment we visited and then ran a few errands. Since the weather has absolutely been beautiful we picked up some fried chicken (Aunt Rose's favorite) and headed to the park. Kaiden ate quickly and took off to play. He had such a good time and I think Aunt Arlevia enjoyed getting out. Once she started to get tired my mom brought her home while the kids and I played. Kaiden made some friends and they insisted on getting in a picture I was taking of Kaiden. After the park we headed over to my Uncle Greg and Aunt Linda's house in the country. Linda just got some of her front yard landscaped and it looks beautiful! We loved visiting and Linda loved spoiling the kids. On the drive home both kids passed out, which is what I was suppose to be doing but my mom and I were talking to much. We were only home an hour and a half before leaving again to go the the Parish Fair (like a county fair but Louisiana has Parishes). I went with our good friends, Katie and Philip, and their little boy, Tyler. We had such a good time and Kaiden loved every minute of it. Him and Tyler had so much fun riding all the rides. All the kiddie rides just have a stationary car/truck/bike whatever that just goes in a circle except for one. This one was a motorbike that jumped up a ramp and came down over and over. I wasn't sure about letting Kaiden ride on it b/c most of the kids on it looked older than him. I decided to let him try it and it was the best thing to watch. He was very unsure at first, b/c it starts so fast and kind of jerks a little, but then he couldn't stop laughing. It was priceless watching him have such a good time, I couldn't stop laughing myself. Obviously that was the ride that he rode the most. Kalli enjoyed people watching and seeing all the lights. I even went on a ride and I was surprised that Katie actually rode w/ me. We took the plunge and rode the 'Ring of Fire'. It's a big circle and after building up enough momentum you completely go upside down. It was a little freaky and I didn't feel quite right at the end of it. But to top off my single mom night, the guy in charge of the ride hit on me. As Katie said, I guess I still have it! ;) After rides and running into some old friends the crew headed over to Chili's. I left a little later and wasn't sure to go or not. After all it was way past the kids bed time. Since my sister Shannon was working that night at Chili's we went to just say hi and then go home. Kalli didn't make it out of the fair grounds before falling asleep but Kaiden talked the whole way home. Did I mention Kaiden told me to 'chill out mom' on our way to the fair!! I don't even know what I was doing but I know I wasn't freakin' out. I think I just say that to him all the time and he's picked up on it. Too funny, and I wasn't sure how to react. Well we surprised Shannon to say the least showing up so late and I saw another old friend of mine, Lucas. He was so nice to let us sit w/ him for a little while and let Kaiden eat some of their Queso (and me too). It was a great day/night but very late. I'm too embarrassed to say how late I let my kids stay out but I was hoping they'd sleep in the next morning, I guess Kalli didn't get the memo. After getting up w/ Kalli at 7:45 she was ready to take a nap around 9 which is when Kaiden finally decided to wake up. Then we went to a birthday party for our friend Courtney's little girl Saddie who just turned one. Kaiden had a blast but poor Sadie didn't seem to enjoy herself. I wish I had my camera to take a picture of her when we all sang Happy Birthday and then clapped at the end. She was so scared and didn't know what to do. I just had to laugh b/c her facial expression was hilarious. Once it was time to go I had to drag Kaiden out by the arm while he was kicking and screaming b/c he refused to leave. It was a little humiliating but I managed to survive. Once we were at the car I had to try and put him in his seat, while holding Kalli, so he didn't try and run back. Well he got away once and I barely caught him by his shirt collar. I felt bad for yanking him but I couldn't take the chance of him getting back inside the house and having to face everyone again! We finally made it home and Kaiden slept for a good 3 hours or more. I wanted a nap so badly but was a true and faithful LSU fan and watched the game. Which by the end of it I just wish I would have gone to sleep! Joe got home right as our kicker missed the field goal in the last 2 seconds of the 4th quarter leading us to overtime. And after 3 overtimes we still couldn't pull it off and lost! Sad, sad. But now I at least have my husband back!

Kaiden's last ride. He loved ringing the bell the entire time!
Kalli still happy even though its way past bedtime!
These aren't the best pics but look at Kaiden's face. He was having the best time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Friday Afternoon

We didn't do anything special on Friday but we just happened to take a lot of pictures. I was hanging out with my mom most of the day and she gave Kalli her first chicken bone (yes you read right chicken bone!) It must be something to do with my mom's generation b/c I would never think to give my child a chicken bone to suck on. But it didn't have any little pieces for her to choke on and I have to say she did love the flavor! My mom also just recently got Kalli some new shoes and I think she looks so dang cute in them. Joe thinks they make her legs look even fatter b/c it covers her feet and ankles (or should I say cankles) and that's the only small thing she has! Kalli is also starting to pull up more and more but she's still a little unsteady. But she's trying, and she usually doesn't get too upset when she falls over.
Later on that day we were all on my parents' property b/c there was a huge tree that fell a couple months ago. Joe and my brother, Aaron, were helping dad pull the trunk off the stump and away from his now broken fence. So we were all outside hanging out and then walked back to my parents' house for a few hours to visit. The kids played and I took a dab at my creative side. I got this really cute craft project idea from my friend Rylee's blog on how to do glitter pumpkins. You can check out her post here and read how to do it . So Kaiden and I had a good time doing a little craft project. He did help me some but he most wanted to play some b-ball. For some reason he's really gotten into basketball. He's always trying to dribble by himself and he gets so excited when he sort of does it on his own. Anyways I haven't taken a picture of our finished project yet but I'll get around to it sometime...I hope!
Kalli also enjoyed being outside playing in her walker that my friend Holly is letting us borrow. Kaiden loves pushing her around and she thinks its pretty neat too. I got this cute video of him pushing her. That's the main reason my mom got her the shoes so her little toes wouldn't get scratched. Another thing about Kalli is she LOVES to ride the 3-wheeler. Kaiden has always loved riding too but not like this girl! She just squeals and kicks her little legs and waves her arms like crazy. Its so cute. My dad wants to ride her all the time just to see her reaction. After hearing all of us talk about Kalli and the 3-wheeler Aaron and Lisa decided to take the kids for a ride, and of course they loved it.
After hanging out at mom and dad's AJ and Lisa came over to watch a movie, Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer. If you haven't seen it don't waste your time b/c it totally blows! I wasn't really thrilled to watch it in the first place and it ended up being worse than I expected. Joe couldn't of said it any better with, "It was a polished piece of crap." And that was our uneventful but full of pictures Friday night, that only took me 1/2 week to post about!
Kaiden on the way to GeeGee's

Kalli and her chicken bone

Kaiden & Dad playing on the big tree

Future MBA star or the next male Martha Stewart?

Uncle Aaron, Kalli & Aunt Lisa

Kaiden didn't want to be left out!