Sunday, March 14, 2010

No Training Wheels!

February 28, 2010
On Sunday afternoon me and the kids were about to take a ride around the pond but Kaiden needed Papa to fix one of his training wheels. That's when we decided now is as good of time as any to go all out and just take them off. That's when Joe stepped in and did an awesome job filling his fatherly role teaching Kaiden to ride his bike without training wheels! Kaiden also did pretty great and didn't fall nearly as many times as I expected. We thought it would be best to start in the grass so it wouldn't hurt as much when he fell. But we didn't think of the fact that its pretty darn hard to ride in the grass. So after a few times we switched to the street and he did so much better! I was really amazed at how calm he was the majority of the time Joe was teaching him. When he did fall he didn't get extremely upset which I would have expected from him (he gets his temper from me). He did have some trouble taking off by himself but since then he's learned how and he's a real pro now! I'm just so proud of him!


Kal quickly realized she wasn't getting much attention so this is what she did to fix that little problem!

All smiles after a fun night!

Once he had it down the three of us rode around the pond, FAST, and he only fell once. He did awesome! Luckily Kalli didn't get her feelings hurt staying behind and was just happy taking a picture before we took off. It was a great day!
The biking wore my two out and they were sleeping all crazy like when I checked on them before going to bed.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gymnastic Videos

February 23, 2010
Here are a few video from Kalli's gymnastics class. As clumsy as she is she still loves going and I love watching her each week! She's learning more and more and her tumbles are also getting better and possibly her balance...or not. :)
Please excuse my voice I was apparently sick this week!

She always has the hardest time trying to figure out what they want her to do different with her feet. She's use to walking on the beam so when asked to put her feet to the side she's like "What?!".

I think she looks extra cute on this one. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Soccer Time Again!

February 19, 2010
Kaiden has started another season of soccer! This year we decided to try out PARDS league and so far we really like it. It seems to be much more organized and maybe a little more competitive than at the Y but Kaiden doesn't notice any difference. The coaches are required to have practices so that's nice and Kaiden has really enjoyed goofing off with a few other boys at these practices instead of following his coaches instructions. But he's a 5 year old boy what do you expect!
He is definitely no longer the big fish in the pond and is one of the smaller kids on his team. This 5-6 year old bracket is so different from the 3-4 team he was on at the Y. It also seems like he's not as focused as before but I think it has a lot to do with the kids on his team. By having practices he's been able to make instant friends with several boys and they just love to be boys and act silly instead of pay attention. By not having any practices last year he didn't get a good chance to know any of his teammates so there was less goofing off. We want him to do well and actually listen to his coach but what's most important is that he's having fun, and I assure you that he is! Luckily it hasn't bothered him that he hasn't scored a goal yet he's just excited that his team is winning! In all we're excited for another great season, Go Team Lighting! (and yea for getting a different color this year!)
Getting ready for his first game (with rocks in his hand :) )
I had to add this picture b/c Joe was tyring to get a shot of Kaiden and then Kalli started falling in front of him right as he snapped the picture. Love that face!
Always so happy! Maybe not always....
One of those 'not paying attention' moments...
Soccer Mom in all her glory!
All I needed was my minivan in the background.

Nice action shot
And another
Throwing the ball back into playFinal score 3-1! Go Red!

Happy Birthday/Valentine's Day

February 14, 2010
My sweetheart turned 3 on Valentine's Day! I can't believe my baby girl has gotten so big! We had church in the morning then played and had cake and ice cream at my mom and dad's later that afternoon with family. We couldn't have asked for a better day to spend with our little princess.
Kalli is the funniest little girl I know. And although she gets into lots of trouble she has us laughing all the time. She has such a creative imagination and its so funny to just see what she'll come up with next. We love hearing all of her crazy stories and she keeps us updated with everything her stuffed animals are doing whether they be good or bad. She adores her big brother and wants to do what he's doing all the time and has taken on the 'annoying little sister' role quite easily. We are so glad to have her as part of our family!
Kalli cut right to the chase and went straight for the presents!
She loves her new book from Grandma and Grandpa!
I love this little smile
Time for cake!

Greyson thought the cupcakes were delicious! (even though his mom didn't let him have any icing! :) )
Two Cheeseballs

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Throw Me Something Mister!!

My good friend Wendy invited us out to New Orleans to enjoy the Endymion Parade. She lives just 10 blocks away from the start of the parade which made it an ideal location! Joe wasn't so sure about packing up the kids and going to an actual Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans but I convinced him it would be fun so off we went! Things couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Wendy (probably annoying so many people) parked in the middle of two driveways in front of her house to save us a spot. It was so nice not having to drive around for hours looking for one on our own. In true Wendy fashion she had so many yummy foods that we were able to enjoy and snack on before heading out to the parade where her Dad and cousin where saving us a spot. The kids did great on the walk and we tried keeping them out of the wagon (which was a life saver-thank you Lisa!!) as much as possible since they would be in it most of the time once we got there. We made the walk and just enjoyed the beautiful day-man was it gorgeous! I brought extra jackets for me and the kids but didn't think we'd need them b/c it was just so pleasant outside. But once the sun set it got cold and fast! I wished I had brought beanies and gloves for the kiddos, and for me!
The kids really enjoyed the atmosphere and all the things going on. We couldn't have asked for a better spot. We parked the wagon right along the gate. There were so many people behind us I couldn't imagine having to stand back there and watch the parade b/c you really couldn't see anything! So big thanks to the Ragan Crewe for getting out early and saving seats! The kids, mainly Kalli, started getting antsy waiting for the parade and Wendy's Aunt Beth kept her very well entertained which was so nice for me and Joe. Once the parade started she was fine but then it started going so slllllooooowww! The floats kept having to stop and usually didn't throw anything while they were stopped. Kaiden would get so intense and yell (very angrily) "Throw me something mister! over and over. He finally chilled out a bit and realized he wasn't going to catch something every time. There were also a million bands or dance teams that kept having to stop in front of us which was lame b/c they didn't do anything while standing directly in front of us. After about an hour or longer only 5 floats had past (there is usually around 30 floats in this parade!), it was getting pretty cold and Kalli was having some constipation issues and kept whining about her bum hurting. If a float would go by she was fine but after it passed she would cry out again. And the parade was still just moving so slow! Of course there were no bathrooms or port-a-potties around so me, Kal, Wendy and her dad made the trek back to Wendy's apartment, Kalli being carried by Mr. Danny the entire way.
Once we each had a bathroom break, in which Kal just cried instead of relieving herself, we made some yummy hot chocolate to bring back and headed towards the parade. While we were gone the parade finally started moving and Joe and Kaiden caught so much stuff! Kaiden had 7 swords (two of which were light up swords), beads galore and lots of little stuffed animals. Kal was in a much better mood and was able to enjoy the tail end of the parade where Joe caught her a few things including her Mardi Gras Dragon which she loves. And that was it so we packed up and our Endymion Crewe started heading back towards Wendy's apartment. Kalli was very shy and scared around Mr. Danny at first(she does this every time we don't see them for a while) but now couldn't stop worrying about him on our walk back. She had so much fun having him carry her for the potty break I think she fell in love. Every few minutes she'd ask, "But where's Mr. Danny?" or "Is Wendy's Dad with us? I don't see him." It was really cute. I guess we need to go visit soon before she forgets how much she actually likes him!
Once at Wendy's we ate even more food including Mrs. Karin's crab and corn bisque-YumO and lots and lots of King Cake! We were able to visit with everyone while eating and the kids watched part of a movie and then it was time to head home. We were all so tired I'm not sure how Joe stayed awake on the drive home but he did (I didn't) and we made it home just after 11. We put the kids in bed and we went straight to bed as well. I wasn't so excited about 9 o'clock church the next morning. It's no fun when the kids sleep in and you can't enjoy it b/c you have to get up and get dressed! In all it was a great day and we had so much fun and even Joe said he was glad we went! :)
Aunt Beth (Wendy's Aunt) and Kalli. She was nice enough to share her seat with Kalli and they loved playing together.Love this picture! My boys are so handsome!
Kaiden taking pictures. Mr. Danny (Wendy's dad) is in the background and Mrs. Karin (Wendy's mom) is right behind me. Sadly this is the only picture we have of them.
The kids patiently waiting for the parade to start
Ancient firetruck/wagon. It was pretty cool.
Me and my girl
Budweiser truck pulled by the Budweiser Clydesdales-those things are massive!
Kal and Joe
Me and Wendy with our antennas
One of the maids. I couldn't imagine how awful this would be! Her headdress thing is so heavy it has to be hooked to a pole behind her making it impossible to move more than a few inches to each side. The gentleman in the tux is there to hand her beads since she can't bend down. Plus she had to befreezing by the end of the parade. Totally not worth it to me!
Kaiden (or Dad) caught an Endymion Football
WHO DAT?! We were able to see the Vince Lombardi Trophy!! Geaux Saints!

Kalli and Aunt Beth again, she was a life saver in entertaining Kalli!
The music was so loud at times we had to help Kalli cover her ears
One of the floats. I forget how creepy they look with their masks on
Me and my honey. I don't know what I'm doing in this picture but the other picture of me and Joe he has a lazy eye and it looks likes he's on drugs but I looked I decided to be selfless and post the not so cute picture of me but very cute one of him. I know I'm the best wife ever!
Wendy, Me and Erin (and some annoying drunk girl behind us)
Mrs. Sandra (Kevin's mom) and Aunt Beth (she is just hilarious!)
Erin (Wendy's cousin) caught an old school Saints football helmet and gave it to Kaiden (he looks so dorky here-I love it!)
Our first New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade as a family!
(The dragon has since been washed. :) )
Kevin was able to get off of work early and met us there along with two of their friends Alan and Lindsay
Aunt Wendy and Kalli O'Malley
Kalli taking the easy route home and riding in the wagon with all of our junk...I mean loot