Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cell Phone Pics

Since getting my IPhone, as a surprise from my sweet hubby on my birthday, I take millions of pictures. So I decided I'll post a few at the end of every month since I might not always have my camera but I always, ALWAYS have my phone! :)

These are all from January.
Kal loves putting on her rubber boots and going for a walk in the mud. She almost always gets a foot or two stuck and then falls down which then defeats the purpose of even wearing the boots.

Me and the kids rode out to LSU so Joe could get a few books before the semester started up. Mike was out and about on this cold day.
The was Kalli after seeing Mike the Tiger. She had had a very busy afternoon!

We spent the afternoon at our great friends Katie and Philip's houe and my kids loved playing their wii. I think they were racing bikes here.

Kids playing out in the leaves

Kal's first day of gymnastics. We were trying on leotards and she wanted me to take a picture so she could send it to her dad and she decided to stick out her tounge. I think she looks so funny here.

Trying the bars out for the first time.

Kaiden at his first soccer practice. He wore his Argentina soccer shirt Grandma and Grandpa got for him all the way guessed it Argentina!

Another day at gym

We've had a really cold winter this year with several days cancelled from school b/c of snow. School wasn't cancelled on this day but it did get below freezing the night before. Even after we picked up Kaiden several puddles where still frozen and the water from a neighbor's boat still had large chunks of ice in it. We let the kids slip and slide on the ice puddles for a while then starting thwoing the ice from the boat on the street. The kids had so much fun..until Kaiden threw a pick chunk of ice and it went straight up therefore coming straight down, right onto his back. He didn't think to move out the way just curl in a ball and cover his head! Too bad I didn't get that on video!

Aaron and baby Grey
Kalli looking through the ice


I think the reason why Kaiden was screaming or whining "Nooooo" at the beginning was b/c he was worried Joe was going to hit Greyson with the ice and he knew just how bad it hurt! Lol I love how excited Kaiden is at the end

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Lacey said...

Fun pictures! To answer your questions about the kindergarten paperwork. I don't keep any of it. I go through it weekly, pick my top 5 or so papers, scan or take pictures of them, post them to my blog, and then throw the papers away. I can't stan the clutter and as much as I'd like to think she will want this stuff when she is older, the truth is, she won't. My mom kept all of my things and gave them to me once I married. Honestly, I threw a ton of it out! I plan to do this every year but not so much after kindergarten. Kindergarten is such a milestone and they learn so much!