Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gymnastic Videos

February 23, 2010
Here are a few video from Kalli's gymnastics class. As clumsy as she is she still loves going and I love watching her each week! She's learning more and more and her tumbles are also getting better and possibly her balance...or not. :)
Please excuse my voice I was apparently sick this week!

She always has the hardest time trying to figure out what they want her to do different with her feet. She's use to walking on the beam so when asked to put her feet to the side she's like "What?!".

I think she looks extra cute on this one. :)


Jamie said...

Love the videos! I've got to get some videos of Al at gymnastics! Looks like Kalli is doing great!

DLUX said...

Loved the videos!! She is just so cute. I promise, gymnastics will teach her some coordination...:) Of course, I'm still a clutz so???

Corinne said...

how cute are those videos! so wish you were here so our kids could be doing soccer and gymnastics together!

Kelli said...

She's about as graceful as Roman was in gymnastics! Probably won't ever make it to the Olympics (but if she does, we'll totally cheer her on!) but it's cute that she likes it all anyway. Roman loved the balance beam. Now he balances on every beam-like thing he sees.