Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Eggstravaganza

To start off our Easter Festivities a few girls in the ward put together an Easter Eggstravaganza. Everyone pitched in and brought eggs to hide and food to eat. The kids had a great time running around and playing on Jeni's new swing set (thanks for having us Jeni!). This was Kaiden's first egg hunt for the year and as pumped up as he was to look for eggs he could almost care less after he found the first one. He just wanted to stop and eat what was inside and then move on to look for another! But if I let him do that then there would be upset at the end b/c he only had one egg. So I had to keep nudging him along to find a few more. Kalli liked carrying her basket around and picked up really quick what she was suppose to do with it. She's such a copy cat and as soon as she saw Kaiden pick up an egg she wanted to do the same. The only problem is she couldn't figure out how to keep it in her basket. She'd walk around and tip the basket up side down and would pick up her same egg over and over, it was really cute. Jeni made some cookies for the kids to decorate. They loved adding their own icing and grabbing handfuls of sprinkles to top it off. Kalli just enjoyed eating all of their crumbs off the ground! That girl has a sweet tooth like her mama!
I'm done for the night but more Easter pics to follow.

Family Time

My poor mom had to miss Easter this year b/c she was in Hawaii (I know how sad huh?!) so we had a BBQ the Sunday before Easter to hang out and have some yummy food. Kaiden was excited as usual to see Uncle Aaron and Aunt Lisa but most of all Abby. Kalli seems to love animals more and more as long as she they don't come near her. She wants to be the one controlling the distance b/t the two of them. She will get so close to Abby but the second Abby starts to walk in her direction she starts to freak out a bit. It's pretty funny to watch her eyes start blinking a mile a minute and she's moving her feet just as fast but she's too stunned to actually go anywhere. This was just a cute picture of Aunt Lisa with Abby and Kaiden carpooling.

A Day of Summer

So I'm trying to play catch up but I'm so behind! During the middle of the month we had some really warm days and the kids got to play in the pool one Saturday. Kaiden had played the day before all by himself but I accidentally deleted those pictures. :( So that next day he knew he was going to get to swim again and he was so excited! He wouldn't stop talking about it all day. Finally the time came the kids got in their swimsuits and went out in the yard. Kaiden jumped right in and starting swinging the hose all around, but Kalli wasn't sure what to do. She loves the bath and I knew it wouldn't take long before she was loving it. That is until Kaiden would try and drown her with the water hose! They had a good time and enjoyed not being fussed out for splashing too much!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

1st Haircut

I brought both kids to get hair cuts on Thursday. Joe usually cuts Kaiden's hair but we've been so busy and I figured it would be good for him to experience a 'real' hair cut at the salon. I didn't feel like paying a lot of money to get it cut since it's so simple to do so we just went in town to Fantastic Sam's. I know what your thinking…Kalli doesn’t have any hair to cut. And yes you’re right but I’ve had several people tell me that if you just trim it a little it will help the hair to grow. Well I’m way to nervous to do that myself and since it was her first haircut its free, so why not? Well I’ll tell you why not b/c its Fantastic Sam’s and they can even screw up a baby’s no-hair hair cut! She didn’t do that great of a job on Kaiden either. So I won’t be going back there ever again! It’s not awful but she did a sloppy job on Kaiden’s sides and didn’t cut it nearly as short as I wanted her too. I kept telling her to cut more off over and over and I finally just said it was fine. She buzzed it too much around his ears, its not real noticeable but if you stare I think it looks kinda silly. Kaiden did a great job though but the poor kid has very sensitive skin. If even a smidgen of hair gets on his neck it gets really red and agitates his skin. But he was such a big boy and sat really still. Although he did keep asking her over and over if she was done yet. Kalli had a harder time sitting still and kept trying to see what this strange woman was doing behind her. I think she cut it too short for Kal in the back. I just wanted the ends snipped a bit but now its way shorter and kinda uneven. Again not very noticeable but for me it is! .So I hope this haircut works and it starts growing fast otherwise we’re back to square one. It took her 12 months to grow what she had, and I don't think I can wait another 12!
It was a little harder to get a picture of Kal since I had to help hold her in the seat


Here are the pictures from Tyler's Birthday Party at Chuck-E-Cheese last week. We had a lot of fun celebrating with Tyler. Kaiden and Kalli especially loved riding on the monster truck together. It really moved around from side to side and up and down. I was a little worried taking the picture b/c I didn't want Kalli to fall out! I knew Kaiden would like it but i wasn't so sure about Kal. The second the truck starting moving she was laughing and squealing. it was so funny to watch, I wish I would of taken a video but I didn't have much camera battery left. They also loved this white horse that trotted. I was surprised how well Kalli held on to ride. Every time I put her down she would walk over to the steps to climb up on the horse. Kaiden didn't even want to ride the horse until Kalli liked it and then he wanted her to get off so he could ride. Typical! But after that he loved it. So here's the drama that happened right as we were about to leave. When its time to go and you have your bag ready and kids in check it should really on take what a minute or two to leave the building...well not for me, it was at least another 15! We had been there for nearly 2 hours (yes 2!) and it's time to go, needless to say we’re all completely worn out. Right before leaving I notice that Kalli’s diaper had kind of leaked through so I went to change her and then of course someone beats me to the changing table. So after waiting Kaiden is now saying he has to potty so I rush and change Kalli and then help Kaiden potty while trying to keep Kalli from playing on the bathroom floor as much as possible. We’re finally done with the bathroom and I tell Kaiden he can slide ONE more time before we go. Well he climbs up in the tunnels and will not come out. I keep calling for him and all he says is “I’m right here mommy’ in his sweet voice like he’s not doing anything wrong (which he knows he totally was!). I remind him that he needs to slide down b/c its time to go. This goes on for about 5 minutes at least. I realize that Katie hadn’t already left like I thought and she helps me try and coax Kaiden down. I threaten to leave and I even used my ‘mean’ voice in public (which I hate doing by the way!) So Kaiden finally slides down only to run back to the tunnel to climb up again! I ran after him so quick and yanked on his leg to pull him down and used my ‘mean’ voice yet again! When I finally got him out its quite apparent that he was up in the tunnels hiding so he can do #2! I was so mad! Thank goodness Katie hadn’t left b/c she watched Kal while I went back to the bathroom to clean Mr. Poopie Pants up. I was so frustrated when we left. We were all so tired and I just wanted to get home for naps b/c I had to work that night. It's kind of funny to tell now but not so funny in the heat of the moment. But regardless of the last hectic 20 minutes we had a great time. Thanks Aunt Katie and Tyler!

Tyler opening all his presents

Kalli patiently waiting for cake

Old but Funny

This was taken back in February but I thought it was kind of funny. Kaiden always seems to play for at least 1/2 an hour before he takes his 'rest' and then he just crashes. This is how I found him sleeping, with his chair. He wasn't too amused at me taking pictures of him.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Weather

A couple of Sunday's ago I went to Katie and Phe's with the kids to enjoy the beautiful weather. Kaiden and Kal had the best time playing with Tyler's plethora of toys! Kaiden especially loved Tyler's battery operated 4-wheeler. Tyler could care less as long as he's riding his 'choo choo'. We had a great time playing outside and catching up. And Katie was nice enough to invite us over for more outside fun today! We always have fun talking and watching the kids enjoy each other besides the occasional push and shove. And a Happy Birthday to Tyler! He just turned two! More pictures to come of our fun time at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Kalli's latest bruise

Kalli got a birthday card about a week late from her Auntie Autumn, who's on a mission. She included a few pictures that Kalli loved to look at. It just so happened that the night before Kalli fell into the corner leg of our coffee table. So the poor girl has yet another bruise! It has since gone away but there's still a small sign of the scratch. And they yesterday we were at Katie and Phe's house and Kal was trying to crawl over the back of Tyler's Thomas' couch and fell head first on the floor. So now we have a bruise in the same exact spot on her forehead! The good thing is if I have her little headband on with the flower it's not quite as noticeable. This poor girl gets beat up by her brother so much and when he finally gives her a break she just takes over and does even more damage!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Leaking Roof

The day of Kaiden's birthday party (remember how it was pouring) I noticed a puddle of water in the back office. We were so busy trying to get things ready for the party I just cleaned it up and went about our way. I told my dad about the puddle and he did some patch work on the roof which seemed to worked. Not too long after that the back rooms started to reek of mildew! It was awful. **side note** (The back of our house was once a porch but is now closed in and consist of the laundry room, a small office and our closet. There is no heat or air condition back there besides the small window unit we put it. So you can imagine how much worse the smell of mildew is when there is no good air circulation). After we noticed the smell my dad and a friend from church, Odis Coleman, ripped out the panels on the wall and ceiling plus all of the insulation. It was a big mess! Everything that was crammed into that little office was now crammed into our closet...including the 6 foot Santa that my husband refuses to throw away! (Don't even get me started on that story) Once all of the panels were removed we could tell where the wood on the roof had just rotted. the previous owners kept putting more shingles on the roof but didn't bother to fix the rotting wood underneath. A few weeks after airing it out all the walls ti was time to rip up a small area of our roof. Odis, my dad, brother and Joe got up early last Saturday and starting tearing up the roof to get rid of the rotted wood. It was a lot of hard work and I'm so thankful for several guys from the Elder's Quorum stopping by to help too. It was greatly appreciated! After a full days work the roof still wasn't finished. Bro Coleman skipped church on Sunday and finished up the project. My dad did a few more small things this last week and we thought the outside part was finally done...that is until it started raining today. Joe was in the back studying and low and behold more leaks! Now they aren't in the same place they patched but what a mess! My dad was able to do a few patches during one of the rain breaks so hopefully he'll be able to fix it completely with out too much work. I just want the leaks to stop and move all of the office stuff/junk back into the office! I can barely move in our closet it's awful!
Well here are few pictures from last Saturday of the boys working on the house. I wasn't here when the Elder's Quorum showed up so I wasn't able to get any pictures of them but again Thank You!
Yup that's Joe in the red 'sleeping' on the job...go figure!

Kaiden was so excited to get on the roof with the guys.
These are 2 pictures that my dad took this weekend from off our roof looking into our backyard. All of the open field and the woods are my parent's property. The kids love to play out there and help cut the grass with Papa on his tractor. Notice the tree to the right its already blooming. Spring is in the air!

Kalli's Birthday

Well I"m finally getting around to posting Kalli's Birthday pics. I just can't seem to catch up on anything these days and I hate that it's taken me so long to post her cake eating pictures. As I said before on Valentine's Day Kalli had her first cupcake and loved it. Sunday we had a small birthday party with cake, ice cream and of course presents. It was really small b/c of the few people that were going to come were out of town or got sick. So it ended up being us, my parents, my sisters Nana and Lisa, and my good friend Elizabeth and her hubby Paul. We still had a good time and enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate outside.
Kalli wasn't wasting anytime on devouring her cake. I finally had to take it away b/c I didn't want her getting a tummy ache. As soon as I cleaned her off and put her down to play she was looking for scraps in her seat to eat! That little girl has a big sweet tooth! She takes after her momma and gege on that one. Kalli was so cute opening her presents too. She knew just what to do. I thought Kaiden would of been able to help out a little bit more but she tore that paper right off or pulled tissue right out of the bag. I was pretty impressed! In all we had a great afternoon and its still hard to believe that my baby is now 1 year old. She weighed in at 20 lbs and 14 ounces, and is 29 1/2 inches long. She's in the 75th for weight and 50th for height. She's growing so much and it amazes me how much she's learning. Some of her favorite things to do are follow brother around wherever he's going and play with whatever toy he has. She has also enjoyed playing with cars lately and even makes a car sound like me and Kaiden do! She loves to sit in little chairs. It's so cute! Kaiden has a little Thomas the Train chair that she loves to sit and lounge in. She also likes to be in the kitchen whenever I"m cooking (which is few and far between these days!) and gets all of my Tupperware, pots and pans, or Ziploc bags or all of the above! Kalli is getting much quicker on her feet and seems to be running a lot of the time. She loves to be outside just like her brother and doesn't seem to mind the taste of leaves or rocks. I lover haivng her as part of our family and especially enjoy her the sweet spirit she brings. It's also a lot of fun to go shopping for a little girl!