Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here are the pictures from Tyler's Birthday Party at Chuck-E-Cheese last week. We had a lot of fun celebrating with Tyler. Kaiden and Kalli especially loved riding on the monster truck together. It really moved around from side to side and up and down. I was a little worried taking the picture b/c I didn't want Kalli to fall out! I knew Kaiden would like it but i wasn't so sure about Kal. The second the truck starting moving she was laughing and squealing. it was so funny to watch, I wish I would of taken a video but I didn't have much camera battery left. They also loved this white horse that trotted. I was surprised how well Kalli held on to ride. Every time I put her down she would walk over to the steps to climb up on the horse. Kaiden didn't even want to ride the horse until Kalli liked it and then he wanted her to get off so he could ride. Typical! But after that he loved it. So here's the drama that happened right as we were about to leave. When its time to go and you have your bag ready and kids in check it should really on take what a minute or two to leave the building...well not for me, it was at least another 15! We had been there for nearly 2 hours (yes 2!) and it's time to go, needless to say we’re all completely worn out. Right before leaving I notice that Kalli’s diaper had kind of leaked through so I went to change her and then of course someone beats me to the changing table. So after waiting Kaiden is now saying he has to potty so I rush and change Kalli and then help Kaiden potty while trying to keep Kalli from playing on the bathroom floor as much as possible. We’re finally done with the bathroom and I tell Kaiden he can slide ONE more time before we go. Well he climbs up in the tunnels and will not come out. I keep calling for him and all he says is “I’m right here mommy’ in his sweet voice like he’s not doing anything wrong (which he knows he totally was!). I remind him that he needs to slide down b/c its time to go. This goes on for about 5 minutes at least. I realize that Katie hadn’t already left like I thought and she helps me try and coax Kaiden down. I threaten to leave and I even used my ‘mean’ voice in public (which I hate doing by the way!) So Kaiden finally slides down only to run back to the tunnel to climb up again! I ran after him so quick and yanked on his leg to pull him down and used my ‘mean’ voice yet again! When I finally got him out its quite apparent that he was up in the tunnels hiding so he can do #2! I was so mad! Thank goodness Katie hadn’t left b/c she watched Kal while I went back to the bathroom to clean Mr. Poopie Pants up. I was so frustrated when we left. We were all so tired and I just wanted to get home for naps b/c I had to work that night. It's kind of funny to tell now but not so funny in the heat of the moment. But regardless of the last hectic 20 minutes we had a great time. Thanks Aunt Katie and Tyler!

Tyler opening all his presents

Kalli patiently waiting for cake

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