Monday, March 3, 2008

Leaking Roof

The day of Kaiden's birthday party (remember how it was pouring) I noticed a puddle of water in the back office. We were so busy trying to get things ready for the party I just cleaned it up and went about our way. I told my dad about the puddle and he did some patch work on the roof which seemed to worked. Not too long after that the back rooms started to reek of mildew! It was awful. **side note** (The back of our house was once a porch but is now closed in and consist of the laundry room, a small office and our closet. There is no heat or air condition back there besides the small window unit we put it. So you can imagine how much worse the smell of mildew is when there is no good air circulation). After we noticed the smell my dad and a friend from church, Odis Coleman, ripped out the panels on the wall and ceiling plus all of the insulation. It was a big mess! Everything that was crammed into that little office was now crammed into our closet...including the 6 foot Santa that my husband refuses to throw away! (Don't even get me started on that story) Once all of the panels were removed we could tell where the wood on the roof had just rotted. the previous owners kept putting more shingles on the roof but didn't bother to fix the rotting wood underneath. A few weeks after airing it out all the walls ti was time to rip up a small area of our roof. Odis, my dad, brother and Joe got up early last Saturday and starting tearing up the roof to get rid of the rotted wood. It was a lot of hard work and I'm so thankful for several guys from the Elder's Quorum stopping by to help too. It was greatly appreciated! After a full days work the roof still wasn't finished. Bro Coleman skipped church on Sunday and finished up the project. My dad did a few more small things this last week and we thought the outside part was finally done...that is until it started raining today. Joe was in the back studying and low and behold more leaks! Now they aren't in the same place they patched but what a mess! My dad was able to do a few patches during one of the rain breaks so hopefully he'll be able to fix it completely with out too much work. I just want the leaks to stop and move all of the office stuff/junk back into the office! I can barely move in our closet it's awful!
Well here are few pictures from last Saturday of the boys working on the house. I wasn't here when the Elder's Quorum showed up so I wasn't able to get any pictures of them but again Thank You!
Yup that's Joe in the red 'sleeping' on the job...go figure!

Kaiden was so excited to get on the roof with the guys.
These are 2 pictures that my dad took this weekend from off our roof looking into our backyard. All of the open field and the woods are my parent's property. The kids love to play out there and help cut the grass with Papa on his tractor. Notice the tree to the right its already blooming. Spring is in the air!


Kelli Lafranca said...

You are quite brave to let Kaiden on the roof, I think Hayden would have tried to go near the edge just to see what was below. And I'm sure Joe was "sleeping" on the job after a night of XBox, those guys stay up late! Sorry about your roof, we've had problems with our house too, at least you have family and friends there to help you!

Murray Family said...

Oh yuck, that does not sound fun. You're backyard is gorgeous though! Happy Birthday Kalli!

Nell & Dan W said...

Yay!! A year after you told me your blog name- I figured the whole thing out! Your family is so cute!!! How's everyone? So Aaron is gonna have a baby- that's so exciting!

Nell & Dan W said...

Yes, I haven't quite figured it out, but I know how to write "blogs" and that's about it... I miss ya'll too! I'm not going to my 10 year, but we should have a little reunion with the girls from young women. That would be sooo fun!

Nuri Rossignol said...

Leaking roofs are one of the biggest problems during rainy and winter season. The best time to fix them is during summer or spring time. And I'm very grateful that you guys worked as a team in fixing your roof. =)