Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentine's Day Video Overload

After our Valentine's Day Primary activity we went to mom's house to play for a bit. Mom gave the kids some new cute jammies for V-day then we went out to play. Auntie Autumn tried to see if she had any of her BYU cheerleader left in her after 18months of no flips. She did a few back tucks and got the kids all excited wanting to do flips and rolls too. She helped them both do back flips which was quite funny (I really should of gotten the camera out sooner) and then they started doing front rolls on their own. Kalli was hilarious b/c after Autumn would spot her for a back flip she'd try and do it by herself. Of course being 2 and her first time she CAN'T do a back flip so she'd practically just fall backwards. It was so amusing to watch and she didn't seem to hurt herself b/c she kept doing it. I finally got off my lazy bum and went to grab the camera. And of course right as I'm turning it own she does her backwards fall but lands hard on her head and starts to cry. I felt really bad for her but a part of me wanted to encourage her to try again just so I could get it on video, how awful is that?! But I didn't so I just got some cute videos of their much safer front rolls. Sorry for all the videos but they were just being so cute and silly.

Opening up their jammies

Kaiden had to get a running start

Auntie Autumn helping Kal do her back flip (once it was time to flip she turns into dead weight)

She needs a little more practice...

And she's got it!

I love Kaiden's idea of a backwards rolls, notice how he's clenching on anything for leverage.

For My Kalli Girl

Here's the first 2 years of my little Kalli's life. I can't believe my baby is so big! I love her and couldn't imagine life without her. She's so energetic and has lots to say ALL of the time. She is quite the entertainer and keeps us laughing. I'm so glad to have her as part of our family.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday/ Valentine's Day!

So my little Valentine Sweet heart turned 2 yesterday! I can't believe how fast time flies. I remember spending my favorite Valentine's Day to date in the hospital 2 years ago finding out "It's a girl!". Kalli is so prissy but rough and tough all at the same time. She is constantly making us laugh but also leaving me wanting to pull my hair out at times too! I have a little slide show of pictures to upload but not tonight. For now I just have a few pictures of her new kitchen she got for her birthday. It's so cute and I LOVE it...oh and she does too! :) We only gave her the kitchen yesterday b/c I had to work so we had cake ice cream and presents tonight for her and Kaiden with Auntie Autumn to join in. Again I'll post pictures of that tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Is that not the most adorable kitchen ever!Busting through the door to see her presentOne happy little girlNo need to waste time she went straight to work and 'cooked' everybody some grapes!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Autumn is Home!!

My little sister Autumn came home from her mission on Wednesday! We were all so excited to finally have her back home. Her flight came in at noon and most of my family made it except Joe (who had an important meeting at work), Carmen (who lives in Utah), and Shannon (who is in training for the National Guard in in Alabama). Mrs Bernie as well as Shonna and baby Lilly came too. It was a little surreal when we first saw her. It's been a long year and a half! Kalli was only 6 months old when she left and she's turning 2 tomorrow so she's changed quite a bit! It was also Autumn's first time meeting Greyson. We have had a lot of fun being with her these last 2 days and look forward to the next few months with her until she's moves back to Utah for school. Kaiden was so sweet when I picked him up yesterday from school, I asked him if he wanted to go see Auntie Autumn he needed to hurry and buckle. He said "Oh Yea I'll hurry!" and then with a more serious kind of sad tone said, "I don't want Auntie Autumn to go back to New York." Isn't that so sweet! I assured him she wasn't but after a few months she would go to Utah and apparently that's not as bad b/c he didn't seem to mind that. Especially since she will be going to see CC. Anyway here are a few pictures from the airport. My battery was dieing so I didn't get many.

Kaiden and Kalli holding the sign we made for FHE

The babies liked the balloons and so did the big kids

Meeting Greyson for the first time

Everyone at the airport

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monkey Bizz Birthday Playdate

I couldn't make up my mind whether or not to do a birthday party for the kids this year. I finally decided to have a joint one but then decided against it. With them being so close in age they have most of the same friends and it would be so many kids to invite. And then I worried what if the weather ended up being bad like last year for Kaiden's what would I do with so many kids at my poor mom's house?? So instead of a birthday party we had a fun play date at Monkey Bizz. We invited their closest friends and they all had so much fun. Thanks to everyone that came Kaiden and Kalli had a blast and I enjoyed having some adult time too!

The Whole Gang
(B) Allison, Kailey, Kaiden, Kalli, and Tyler (F) Brooklyn and Eli

The pretty girlies
Kailey and Allison are having a blast, Eli looks scared for his life!

Everyone but Katie and Tyler couldn't stay long so the 5 of us played and ended up having the whole place to ourselves. Katie and I enjoyed going through all of the tunnels with the kids and even playing in the ball pit. Later on Philip showed up with baby Kaleigh (who I didn't even get pictures of! ) we ordered pizza and Phe had a fun time playing with the kids. I wondered who was having more fun!

Me and Katie (notice Kalli face down in front of Katie)

Down the Roller SlideYou can't really see their faces but this picture cracks me up!Kalli could never leave her horses for long!

More Playing in the Balls, I love Tyler's face in this one

Here they are rough housing with Philip.

This was by far the most fun. Me and Katie both told Phe how fast the rollerslide is for those of us who weigh over 30 lbs but he was still a little startled. Kaiden quickly realized how fast he would go if he went behind me or Philip and he LOVED it! It was fun but it kinda hurt!

Katie did a great job taking this picture of me and Kaiden it looks posed but we were really rolling...fast! And you gotta love Kalli's face plant!

This video cracks me up! I especially love watching Kalli try and jump onto the slide.