Thursday, July 24, 2008

On to Denver

Friday June 6
(Happy Birthday Jeremy!)
Today we headed to Colorado to spend 5 days with Joe's brother and his wonderful family. It took some planning on me and Amanda's part to figure how we were going to get all of my luggage and both car seats to the ticket counter. Kaiden came with me and I loaded the 3 suitcases and Kaiden's car seat on an SmarteCarte while Amanda and Kalli parked the car. Amanda carried Kal's car seat while pushing the stroller (Elizabeth was with an aunt-thank goodness!). It all ended up working out nicely and the sweet lady at the counter didn't even charge me for my 50+ lb bag. Before going through security my sister Autumn's best friend, Lauren, was so sweet to come and meet us. I knew Autumn would love knowing we got to see Lauren and I wanted to surprise her with some pictures. Lauren is the cutest and sweetest girl ever. She's getting married next month and is so bummed that Autumn can't be there. Lauren told me her finance' said he thinks she loves Autumn more than him b/c she's always talking about her. Too funny. Those girls were so funny together, they cheered at BYU together and were roomies too. I know Autumn loved seeing the pictures and was totally surprised.
I was very nervous about the plane ride with both kids on my own and especially with the way they've been acting! I was very relieved with how wonderful they did. Going through security is never fun since you have to take jackets, shoes and belts off, but we survived. Even with Kaiden's 24 month jeans falling down as he walked through-I'm sure is was a site to see! The SLC airport had a little play area right by our gate so that worked out wonderfully. The flight was only an hour so it was a good test run to see how our flight would on our way back home. Thank goodness for modern technology and portable DVD players!! This is what the kids looked like the entire time with exception to take off and landing.

Once again I was really amazed how easy it turned out to be. We watched a few Baby Einsteins ate some snacks and then we landed. Sharon met us at baggage claim and luckily she was able to get a close parking spot so it didn't take much to load everything up. Kaiden was very excited to see all of his cousins again. Me and Kalli were pooped and Kaiden was too wound up for sleeping so Sharon took him and Cameron to run some errand while Kalli and I snoozed. I slept for 2 hours (which was nice since Kal kept me up the night before) and Kal slept until almost 6. We had a fun evening visiting and Kaiden even slept in Cameron's room like a big kid. He did cry out once but was fine once Sharon went in to check. Kalli and I slept in the basement and the long nap came to bite me in the butt. She was up all night. I was in tears b/c I was sooooo tired and she would not sleep. If I laid her in the crib she would scream but when I laid her in bed with me she became more awake and wanting to play. I remember calling Joe and 3am b/c I knew he was awake playing xbox (go figure!) but he wasn't much help-I guess he couldn't really do much. Finally she fell asleep laying on top of me and I once I was able wake up enough I moved her back to the crib. Unfortunately the boys woke up early and Kaiden wanted Momma right away. So Kalli got to sleep in while I was up and about.
Sat June 7
All of us except Nate (who had a book to read for a book report) went to The Plains Reservation. There they had a room filled live and stuffed animals that live on the plains as well as puzzles and books about different animals. We had fun in there and then it was time to head outside.

I think Kaiden had just flicked sand in his eyes!

Uncle Mark, Jake and Kaiden Cameron, Aunt Sharon and Kalli playing with the puzzles

Outside they had huge prairie field that also had prairie dogs. The kids liked seeing them go in and out of their holes. There were 3 huge Tee Pee's that they boys were able to play in and then a house and school. They were built with sod and clay just like they were back then and seemed to hold up pretty well. There was also a little chicken coop which included lots of chicken (go figure!) and 2 turkeys. Kaiden had a bag of pretzels so the chickens kept following him but he was too greedy and ate them all himself!

The boys in the Tee PeeKaiden and Cameron with the chickens

It was a lot of walking and it started to get really hot but Kal didn't want to sit in her stroller any more! The boys rested while waiting on us girls.

I have many more pictures to post from our trip to Colorado but it will be in the next couple of days.

1st Picked Strawberry

Thurs June 5
After our very eventful lunch the kids had a good nap while Amanda and I were able to find me a new swimsuit. Yea! And it's super cute too (you'll have to wait for my beach post to see it). We had a babysitter come and basically watch TV while the kids were sleeping instead of leaving them there by themselves. I'm sure they would have been fine but Amanda insisted we have someone stay-it had to be the easiest job that teenager has ever had!
After nap time I drove the kids down to Mapelton to see Joe's Uncle Khem and Aunt Jo one last time. They have the best yard and the weather was pretty nice so we enjoyed seeing the kids run around for a while. Jo has one heck of a green thumb with plants, flowers, fruits and veggies growing everywhere. She was showing Kaiden her garden and even let him pick her first strawberry. Kaiden was ecstatic! He held it very carefully the whole drive home and talked non stop how he picked the very first strawberry himself . He was also very excited to show Amanda, Jeremy and Elizabeth. Kaiden made sure I took a picture before he finally decided to enjoy the fruits of his labor. So thanks Aunt Jo for making Kaiden's day!

Costa Azul

Thurs June 5
This was our last full day in Utah before heading to Denver. A bunch of us met up at Costa Azul (which is similar to Cafe Rio) they have the best salads ever!! I wish I would have gotten a picture of our 3 tables pulled together b/c we were the best birth control for any girl there! In total there were 5 moms and 10 kids- it was pure mayhem! My friend Corinne from Draper came with her 2 kids and then the girls, Annie, Nicole, and Amanda. It was fun to see everyone for the last time but a little chaotic too. My kids had had too many outings in the last few weeks so there were lots of tears and yelling on my end of the table.
Corinne and I use to live right down the street from us in Draper. And there were several of us in the ward that all had boys a few months apart. Of course when we move my two closest friends, Corinne and Cory, were both pregnant too and we all end up having girls. It makes me miss living there so much. Corinne's little boy, Kyson and Kaiden were the best buds then. They played really good together on the trip too. I had lunch with Corinne and Cory one day but for some reason we didn't take nay pictures of the boys together all grown up. I'm still so mad about that! Any way here are a few pictures of us in the arcade/bowling area of Fat Cats which is connected to Costa Azul.
Kaiden and his buddy Kyson
Amanda and Elizabeth. I had 2 cute pictures of Elizabeth looking but I think Amanda would kill me if I posted them b/c her eyes are 1/2 closed and kinda creepy!

Kyson, Corinne, Camry, Kaiden, Me and Kalli

Monday, July 21, 2008

Amanda is a Saint!

While trying to catch up on blogging I found a few pictures that I didn't know about. Kaiden likes to take the camera when he can and goes a little crazy taking pictures. This is one he took of Amanda's basement where we were staying. Now it usually did not look like this but on the last few nights it was a mess b/c I was trying to get all of our stuff packed to go to Colorado. I just wanted to post this picture to document what a saint Amanda is for putting up with for more than 2 weeks! We loved staying there and I hope we didn't ware out our welcome.

Gabe & Kaiden

Wed June 3
After play time at Lilli's and then naps we headed over to my friend Ben's house. Ben helped me pass both of my classes in Accounting and in return I got him a job in Accounting at MyFamily. He has since moved on to better things but we still manage to keep in touch. Him and his wife, Cat, were kind enough to have us over for dinner with their 2 boys. Kaiden was in an awful mood and refused to eat his pasta so Ben was nice enough to make him a grill-cheese. Gabe and Kaiden didn't hit it off at first due to Kaiden screaming b/c he didn't want to eat and Gabe looking at the kid like he was crazy. But after they both ate they became best friends and Kalli just tried to be involved as much as she could. We had a great time it just started off a little rocky!

Last Visit with Lilli

Wed June 3
Kaiden and Lilli had so much fun together we couldn't not let them play one last time. We met up at Lilli's house for some lunch and then the kids enjoyed playing with all the toys downstairs. Since then Kaiden has mentioned Lilli several times and tells me he wants to go all the way back to Utah to see Lilli. From what Kathy has told me Lilli mentions Kaiden quite often too. What can I say they're meant for each other!

Lux Visit

Tues June 3
After temple square we met up with Austin and Rachel. Joe and Austin were mission companions and roommates up until Joe and I got married. Austin is from Mississippi and works with his dad every so often down here so we get to see him when he's in town. We don't get to hang out with Rachel as much so it was great seeing her again. We had lunch together while Joe was in town and me and the kids met up to see them one last time before we left. We meet up at their newly remodeled house in Provo that's close to the temple. Then we headed off to the park. I loved seeing how cute Austin was with the kids. I've never quite seen that side of him and the kids really enjoyed-even though they were kind of bullying some poor kid that was there. This trip really wore on the kids and I was so lucky to see enough melt downs to last a lifetime!

The boys playing some frisbee

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Temple Square

Tuesday June 3
Me and Janell went to Salt Lake and meet up with our friend Jennifer. We all grew up together and know each other from high school and YWs. We ate lunch in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building which was really yummy with an amazing view. Jennifer and her little man Kaleb had to leave after lunch but me, Janell and the kids walked around Temple Square for awhile. I was glad we made it to see the Temple b/c its just so beautiful and I really wanted Kaiden to see it. He loves the temple especially Angel Moroni on top. It was a great day and we finished our walk around the temple just before it starting pouring rain!
Kaiden took this picture of me and Janell-he didn't do half bad

Dinner at Annie's

Monday June 2
Annie invited me and the kids over for dinner one night and it was so yummy! The kids had a great time playing...that is until my kids turned into bullies! Kalli has always been a little rough and tough just b/c that's what she's use to-hello look at her brother! But our long trip was really starting to wear on them so they were both acting up a little more than usual. I was really hoping since Brynn is 10 months older than Kalli she'd give Kal a taste of her own medicine. So not the case. At the time Kalli was kissing a lot but there wasn't much kissing and lots of biting. Kal went to give Brynn a big hug (which consists of burying her face in the other person's chest or stomach) and bit Brynn. Brynn was obviously not happy and starting crying. After that anytime Kalli started to come near her she would scream for reinforcements! Then Kaiden was driving Sydnie crazy b/c he waned to put everything in his mouth. Which unfortunately is still a problem, especially when it's his shoes- YUCK! Regardless it was a good night and I loved spending more time with Annie. Even if it meant we had to break up squabbles every few minutes.
Annie will not appreciate me posting pictures of her kids b/c she said she never did their hair that day. But I still think they looked adorable!

The kids loved playing on the trampoline
Sydnie was so great with Kalli. She's such a good big sister!


Brynn will sometimes disappear upstairs and come down in fun dress up clothes. This particular outfit was perfect for entertaining!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I worked with Patrick at up until I had Kaiden. We instantly became great friends and he always had me laughing. As supervisors we sat right next to each other and I remember we were both so bummed when we had to move desks! But we probably played more than worked when we sat by each other anyway. We still keep in touch and it was great meeting up with him for lunch. We ate at Guru's which is where Joe and I had our 1st date almost 8 years ago! Thanks KaPatrick for a fun day! (Somewhere along the way I started calling him KaPatrick not sure why but as far as I'm concerned it's his name now!)

Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday June 1

This day was our last to see Carmen. We drove up to Draper ward for church so we could go to my old ward. The kids were not in the mood to sit still or quiet so I was in the hall most of the time. Which turned out nicely b/c then I was able to visit with some old friends. I really loved that ward and miss having so many fun kids Kaiden's age for him to play with. Amanda took these pictures in her yard. I love Kalli's dress, Carmen had just bought it for her at the outlet malls in Park City. And my friend Annie made her cute flower-it matched perfectly!

Amanda and Jeremy's good friends, Kenny and Katie, had a BBQ on Sunday for Memorial Day. Kenny smoked some beef brisket that was delicious and we had lots of extra sides. We played a game of kube and some catch in their beautiful backyard. It was actually one of the warm days we were there so no need for sweat shirts-the weather was perfect! It ended up being a lot of fun and then we headed down to the basement for a few games of Rock Band. I didn't get any pictures of that b/c I was either trying to not get kicked off or eating the delicious apple pie Amanda bought!

Jer goofing off on the swing while Amanda, Elizabeth and Spanky relaxed

Not great of me but I love Kaiden's goofy grin