Monday, July 21, 2008

Gabe & Kaiden

Wed June 3
After play time at Lilli's and then naps we headed over to my friend Ben's house. Ben helped me pass both of my classes in Accounting and in return I got him a job in Accounting at MyFamily. He has since moved on to better things but we still manage to keep in touch. Him and his wife, Cat, were kind enough to have us over for dinner with their 2 boys. Kaiden was in an awful mood and refused to eat his pasta so Ben was nice enough to make him a grill-cheese. Gabe and Kaiden didn't hit it off at first due to Kaiden screaming b/c he didn't want to eat and Gabe looking at the kid like he was crazy. But after they both ate they became best friends and Kalli just tried to be involved as much as she could. We had a great time it just started off a little rocky!

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