Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Tuesday, May 27
All of us girls wanted to have a night out with just us and NO kids! All of our hubby's were nice enough to put all the kids in bed without any help (shocking I know! j/k) We all love Pizza Factory and their bread sticks are to die for. And since non of the hubbies really like it there it was an easy pick. We had a great time visiting and goofing off. We were always laughing and I sometimes wonder if others thought we were a little on the tipsy side or something. Unfortunately in Happy Valley (Provo) restaurants close at 9 on weeknights! I would kill for Chili's to close at 9 but we're open until 11. With that being said we were kicked out and sat around in the parking lot deciding where we'd go to next. None of us were willing to go home that early! We decided on good ole' Burger Supreme. We just walked in and grabbed a booth and continued right where we left off-talking and laughing the night away. Well that is until that place closed too so we decided to be good responsible moms and go home. It was such a great time and I wish I were around to do it more often with these girls. I love ya'll!
Nicole, Amanda, Annie, & me

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