Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Today is Joe's mom's birthday! I'm a little late with the Happy Birthday post. I forgot to do the video right after church and it wasn't until 6 pm that both kids were up at the same time again. Let me just tell you a little about Judy (aka:mom. She is the sweetest, most loving woman I probably know. She has such a sweet spirit to her and I think you can feel it the second you meet her. She loves her family so much and I know it's so hard to be out of the country on her mission but she also loves serving the Lord. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful mother-in-law...and no that's not because she lives out of the country! Kaiden and Kalli don't realize how good they have it, to have such an amazing grandma. Grandma and Grandpa are serving a Temple Mission in Argentina; where Grandpa is the Temple President. They just hit their 1 year mark at the end of last month so only 2 more years to go! I can't wait for them to come home and see how much Kaiden has grown and be able to finally meet Kalli!
We are fortunate to talk to them on the phone weekly and Kaiden was so excited to sing Happy Birthday to Grandma when they called. Kaiden likes to talk on the phone, depending on his mood, but tonight was the first time that he talked to Grandma for an extended period of time without much help. One of my favorite parts of their conversation were when Grandma was telling Kaiden how she made cinnamon roles today and Kaiden says, "Ahhhh, wow, that's cool!". Later Grandma told Kaiden they saw a horse on the rode tied to a car. Kaiden very curious said "Ohhhh, did it get in a wreck?". We had to translate a few times for Grandma to understand but I think they both enjoyed themselves. We miss you Grandma and hope you had a wonderful birthday! We LOVE you!

Here's Kaiden and Kalli (mainly Kaiden) singing Happy Birthday. Kaiden's voice cracks around 11 seconds, which is pretty funny. And get a glimpse into Kalli life as Kaiden won't let go of her through the entire song and then just pushes her over at the end. I'm telling ya that girl is tough with all she puts up with from him!

3 Men in a Tub

More like 2 boys and a baby in the tub. My friend Katie came over after the LSU game on Saturday and the kids had a good time playing and learning how to share. Kaiden really stunk from playing outside so much and we decided to give the boys a bath. Kalli heard the bath water and quickly started crawling to join in on the fun. i felt bad for leaving her out so we dropped her in the tub and made a Kalli sandwich. The kiddies had fun splashing around and to our surprise there wasn't much water that made it to the floor. Tyler hates having water dumped on his head and he was very close to 'having an episode' (as his momma would put it) b/c Kaiden dumped a whole cup of water on his head! He quickly forgave Kaiden and they're still best buds. AS for Kalli the boys are constantly trying to run away from her b/c they didn't want her to steal their toys. Poor Kal!
Just the boys
The mommas and their babies

Fun Friday

Friday we finally had some fall weather again (FYI: that fall weather is already gone and its back to summer!). Me and the kids bundled up and went to play at GeGe's house. A neighbor just bought a new dishwasher so the kids had the best time playing in the big box. I know every kid is the same way, they have more fun with the box more than they do with the actual toy but yet we still keep buying toys (me included) but why is that? After playing in the box Kalli enjoyed riding in Kaiden's car for the first time...until Kaiden decided he wanted to ride in it too and then proceeded to push her out. Good thing I got there before he could follow through with his plan! I swear I can't leave him a lone w/ her for a second!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Double the Fun

Saturday my Dad's brother (Uncle Rocky) came by to visit and help dad split some firewood. He brought his grandson, Kaden, along to play. Here's a brief history on the 2 Kaidens. My cousin, Shelly, named her son Kaden just a few months after my Kaiden was born. I have to admit I was pretty annoyed, after all she did take my name even if she left out the 'i'! It still bugs me a little but we're not close and I figure we'd probably rarely see each other. I was right b/c this was the first time that we've seen Kaden #2. The boys had a blast together and were running all over the place and even helped stack some firewood. It was really hard trying to talk or correct either Kaiden b/c you'd either get both of their attention or neither! Another funny point is that Kaden #2 calls my Uncle Rocky, Papa. So we had two Kaidens and two Papas. It was a little confusing but more fun than anything. For all you genealogy buffs here's a question, If Shelly is my 1st cousin and her son, Kaden, is my 2nd cousin (right?)- what does that make Kaiden and Kaden?
Both Kaidens meeting for the 1st time. I guess Kaiden is showing off his 6 pack!

2 Papas splitting firewood
Walking w/ Gege to get a snack
We can't leave Kalli out!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Man I'm Old!

For those of you who didn't know my 27th Birthday was on Friday. I had a pretty laid back day and enjoyed spending time w/ family and talking to everyone on the phone. Joe and Kaiden came in the room that morning singing 'Happy Birthday' to me which started my day off great! The kids were a little sick but did great for me the whole day. We celebrated my b-day a few days early and went to a haunted house on Tuesday night. Me, Joe, Shannon, and Lisa went to the 13th Gate for a nice scare and afterwards we went out to Coffee Call for some yummy hot chocolate and beignets. It was really fun and we all got a good laugh out of Shannon getting so scared. Which was nice b/c usually its people laughing at me for being a scaredy cat. On Friday I had lunch w/ my mom and Shannon and then the kids took a long nap which was great! I enjoyed relaxing on the couch, watching Oprah and answering my 'Happy Birthday' calls. Joe came home and the kids were still napping (I know nice huh?) so we visited outside and then made plans for later. We dropped the kids off at my mom's and then went out to a movie. Unfortunately there was nothing that I really cared about seeing so I agreed to see what Joe wanted, 30 Days of Night. Joe really liked it, me not so much. I just don't have the stomach for those gory movies anymore. While we were out my friend, Monica, dropped off a b-day cake at my mom's. Once we were done with the movie we all had some yummy Snickers cake at 10. Kaiden loved singing again and helped me blow out the candles. It was a great day and the kids even slept in for us on Saturday! Sunday evening we all had dinner at my parent's and then some homemade ice cream. It was great birthday weekend and now I need to work off those extra 10 lbs I gained!
The girls at Coffee Call
Kalli enjoying her lemon at lunch
Me & Kaiden w/ our messy table
This is an awful pic of all of us after lunch but we still had fun

Halloween Night

I know I am so late on posting our Halloween pictures but I've enjoyed reading about all of your fun nights and cute costumes. We went to my friend Wendy's neighborhood in The Willows. Now this neighborhood is hard core on Halloween. We went here last year w/ Kaiden and had a great time, so why mess up a good thing right? We first made a stop at my friend Katie's in-law's to borrow a stroller (we forgot ours-crazy I know!) and took a few pics w/ all the kids. Then we headed down the street to Wendy's. Mrs Karin (Wendy's mom) was nice enough to make us dinner so after eating we headed for the door. Kaiden was so excited about riding in the wagon but Kalli was more excited about trying to climb out. Joe and i figured Kaiden would be fine walking and decided to put the wagon up get the stroller. But Kaiden wasn't having that! he wanted that wagon so Mr. Danny was his chauffeur. It took forever b/c each time we got to a house Mr. Danny opened the wagon door and then Kaiden had to close it all the way. Mr. Danny tried telling Kaiden he didn't need to close the door but Kaiden insisted. We had a great time walking around and I got to see a few friends too. After a few blocks we were brave enough to leave early to head over to Lisa and Aaron's house. People are even more stupid on Halloween. It took us forever to get through the neighborhoods b/c people would just stand in the middle of the road and not move! Joe wouldn't let me honk the horn otherwise we would of made it out of there way fast! We went to a few houses w/ Aaron and Lisa and then headed over to my parent's house so they could see the kids all dressed up (and mom could eat some candy!). It was a late night but we had a lot of fun. Kaiden loved being a monkey and we had so many people stop and comment on how cute our little elephant was. We even had a few people wanting to take pictures! But the cost was to pricey...what's wrong w/ making $ off your kids, they have to pay their way somehow right? :)
Kalli, Kaiden & Tyler
Tyler, Katie, Kalli, Me & Kaiden
Kalli, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Aaron

Joe picking out his favorite candy

Best Buds

On Tuesday Kaiden's little nursery friend, Peyton, came over to play while his mom ran some errands. These 2 boys had the best time ever! The last play date all they did was fight over toys,which was very unusual for the 2 of them. But Tuesday they didn't bicker once and loved playing, running, laughing and yelling together. It was actually easier for me having Peyton there while they both played outside. I didn't have to entertain Kaiden at all and Kalli just enjoyed watching the boys play while she crawled in the grass. I couldn't believe all the energy they got out as well as the laughing! I told Tara we had to do this again soon b/c they both loved it. Peyton was so funny while walking around he'd pick up a leaf and want to give it to Kalli so he'd say, "baby leaf, baby leaf". He attempted to give her leaves several times. I guess he felt bad for her that she was in her stroller while he was getting to run and play. It's so weird that my kid is old enough to actually have friends that he ask for to come over and play.
I didn't want Kalli to feel left out. She enjoyed Peyton too!

Not Scared Anymore!

We have had such beautiful weather this whole week! Kaiden has taken full advantage of getting out side to play everyday and Kalli is already loving the outdoors. Last Sunday we were out on my parents property picking pecans and appreciating the nice breeze. My bro, Aaron, had just bought a new bike and wanted to take it for a spin. Kaiden hasn't been wanting to ride w/ Uncle Aaron for a while now and today was no different. We tried everything and even candy didn't do the trick! I finally told him I would ride too and he agreed to get on. I don't know what this boy was scared about b/c he loved it! I also enjoyed it and since Kaiden was riding Aaron didn't go too fast, therefore I didn't get scared either! The whole time we were riding Kaiden was either giggling or saying "Look at us! Look at us!" He also quickly corrected me when I moved my hands from the handlebar and told me that they needed to hold on to the blue part. While riding my bum was really getting sore so I said i was ready to get off and Kaiden complained that he still wanted to ride and he did all by himself! and again before Aaron and Lisa left he rode and still had a blast. Hopefully next time he won't be so hesitant to just jump on and have some fun.