Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 Men in a Tub

More like 2 boys and a baby in the tub. My friend Katie came over after the LSU game on Saturday and the kids had a good time playing and learning how to share. Kaiden really stunk from playing outside so much and we decided to give the boys a bath. Kalli heard the bath water and quickly started crawling to join in on the fun. i felt bad for leaving her out so we dropped her in the tub and made a Kalli sandwich. The kiddies had fun splashing around and to our surprise there wasn't much water that made it to the floor. Tyler hates having water dumped on his head and he was very close to 'having an episode' (as his momma would put it) b/c Kaiden dumped a whole cup of water on his head! He quickly forgave Kaiden and they're still best buds. AS for Kalli the boys are constantly trying to run away from her b/c they didn't want her to steal their toys. Poor Kal!
Just the boys
The mommas and their babies


Holly said...

Kailey hates having water dumped on her head, too. Makes hair washing tons of fun.

Kelli Lafranca said...

There's nothing better than a bunch of kids in a tub! We put our kids in the tub with their cousins and they all start splashing, so I make Jage clean the floor =)

Ryan & Tiffany said...

Cute cute kids!!! Gotta love the tub pictures. They will appreciate that later. :)