Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Full Day

Sunday June 22
We took it pretty easy on Sunday and had a spiritual family discussion before heading down to the beach. This was Joe, Aaron and Lisa's last day. They all had to be back at work for Monday so me and the kids stayed behind and enjoyed the beach one more day with my mom and dad. Of course on our last day is when Kaiden is the most excited about going out in the deep with Joe to jump the waves. Plus there were no jelly fish, why did they have to be there at all?? At least we were able to enjoy our last day to the fullest. I was also so excited to go lay out on the beach all by myself. Joe had just left and the kids were sleeping so I was looking forward to some R&R. But whataya know right when I walk out of the building it just starts pouring! So I ended up zoning out in front of the TV instead watching some good ole HGTV.

Me and Dad spent that morning riding a few waves, thank goodness no one got any pictures of me!

That night the kids had a free "get out of jail" card and were able to stay up late. We all went crabbing and they both loved it. Kaiden was excited to go again but I had no idea how much fun Kalli would have. She loved holding the net or flashlight and seeing all the crabs crawling around and out of the bucket. Once we were ready to go back to our room we let all of the crabs out in one spot. The kids thought that was so cool to see so many of them scurrying around and trying to hide. Kalli even caught one with her bare hands! She made kind of a scared face and threw it down so we're guessing it pinched her but she never cried. Mom picked it up after that and she got pinched too. Kaiden was trying to catch another one before it ran into the ocean and it crawled over his foot and pinched his toe...and of course Kaiden cried! But what's even better is I actually got a picture of the crab on his foot! I was pretty impressed with myself! :)

The next day we walked the beach shortly and finished packing. The kids wore their matching skull Gulf Shores shirts and we headed home. It was a great trip and it didn't take long before Kalli was fast asleep. Kaiden just watched movies most of the way home and we even got to see a raccoon at the rest stop on the way home. Apparently he was a regular b/c he wasn't scared of people at all and had his own little spot under a picnic table with plenty of snacks from the workers. Kaiden thought he was pretty cool but it was hard to keep Kalli from getting to close. We had a great trip and loved the beach...Thanks mom and dad!

Day 3

Saturday June 21
Shannon left early in the morning for drill (she's joined the National Guard). We headed out for the beach but short after arriving the winds started to pick up and it was about to storm hard. Mom and Lisa took the kids upstairs while I watched/taped the boys playing in the big waves. I couldn't believe how hard the wind was blowing. Everyone's tarps were flying away! Dad took full advantage of the big waves, trying to ride as many as he could in on the little boogie board. After a few minutes of thunder (yes the boys were still playing in the water!) the wind really picked up and it started pouring! And this wasn't any light rain it was coming down so hard and it stung! I grabbed the few things we had on the beach and started running for the condo. The boys ran out of that water so fast it was hilarious! Dad and Aaron both had boogie boards to protect them but Joe wasn't so lucky. He said it hurt so bad running while the rain was just pelting him. Plus it was freezing once we walked into the lobby. So we lounged in the hot tub for a few minutes before going up to the room.

Look how cute they are!

Someone just got slammed by a wave here! I can't even tell who it was!

We headed over to Lambert's Cafe, Home of the Throwing Rolls for an earlier lunch but after the wait it was almost a late lunch! Let me just say I love this place! Every year in high school a group of my friends went to the beach during spring break and we always ate at Lambert's one night. This place is a landmark and its always busy but it has such a fun atmosphere. The kids behaved pretty good and Kaiden enjoyed trying to catch a few rolls they throw at you. The wait to get in was pretty long but the kids enjoyed playing on the wooden tractor and train they had out front. After the storm it cleared up rather quick and this is when Kalli got her only sunburn the whole trip. I didn't even think to put on sunscreen while we were waiting outside to eat! After we were all stuffed we went back to the condo for a much needed nap. For anyone who knows my dad knows he can fall asleep anywhere in any position. He's even fallen asleep on the phone with me while he was in mid-sentence! And most of my friends have seen him asleep in his chair while flossing! Well once we got back he went to sit outside and was out within seconds. I couldn't resist taking this funny picture of him! Here are some pictures at Lambert's

Kaiden showing off his roll

After naps we headed back out to the beach and of course the pool. Different day same routine!

Kal and Lisa in their matching polka dots I LOVE this action shot! Kaiden loved doing this in the sand for some reason, it kept him entertained forever!The kiddie pool is ALWAYS first!Coaxing Kaiden into the water-*WARNING* lots of patience required!
After the beach and pool our little family of 4 headed down to the strip for some souvenirs and to let Kaiden see the big shark store. If you can't tell the mouth of the shark is the entrance to the store. Made for a nice family picture...I guess!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Vacation Day 2

Friday June 20
The kids slept okay that first night. Not as good as I hoped especially knowing how exhausted they were. They both seemed to be having little night terrors. Maybe they were dreaming about the 'Attack of the Giant Jellyfish!'
That morning the water was great and no jelly fish but they did come out later in the afternoon. Which seemed to be the trend each day. But it was nice to know you had some part of the day where you didn't have to worry. We played at the beach and then the pool in the morning and went in for the kids to get lunch and a much needed nap. Mom and Dad were nice enough to stay behind while us 'kids' went out to get some sushi. It was very yummy and I was stuffed!After nap time we went back out for more beach and pool time. Kaiden was always excited to go to the beach until we got down and walked by the pool. Once he saw the pool he just wanted to play there! But we convinced him to play at the beach first each time and then go to the pool. We didn't drive 5 hours to play in a pool all day! This was also Kaiden's first time this season playing in a big pool. He gets very skiddish about some things and the pool is one of them. All he wanted to do was run and play in the kiddie pool which maybe came up to his knees. Joe is so much more patient than I am and really worked with Kaiden and finally had him swimming with his "Dorrie" swim ring all by himself. Once he finally did and realized how fun it was he didn't want to play in the baby pool at all. It's just a matter of nicely forcing him to try it. As for Kal she's just ready for anything and was jumping off the side in a matter of seconds. I wonder if fearlessness will ever run out?
Kaiden loves playing the "bubble game" on Aaron's phone. So this is what he did while most of us were still sleeping.

Papa and Kaiden were the first ones on the beach. They enjoyed running around.GeGe and Kalli arrive for the dayI think this was the only time Kaiden would jump to me or anyone. He'd rather play it safe and just watch Kal jump in. After nap time Jellyfish Hunting I don't think Kaiden liked being left out Mom had a great idea and brought bubbles out to the beach. The kids loved chasing them around!BFFs

Kalli 'helped' me make a sand turtle

I wonder what the melt down was for this time??

We all helped bury Aaron...man that took a lot of sand!