Monday, February 22, 2010

January 30, 2010
This was such a cold day! But I insisted we go to our local Mardi Gras parade and I'm glad we did. The kids had so much fun and its always fun to see them get so excited. Joe and I of course get in the moment and try to get as much 'cool' stuff as we can and then once we get home we wonder where in the world are we going to put all this crap? At the beginning Kaiden was getting so frustrated that every float wasn't throwing him something. He was yelling "Throw me something!!" which is totally fine but you could hear in his voice it was out of anger and not excitement. It was pretty funny and luckily he finally calmed down and just enjoyed himself.

Lil Gymnast

January 19, 2010
We signed Kalli up for gymnastics and boy does she love it! She has a hard time following directions (didn't see that one coming!) and listening to what her teachers say b/c she wants to do whatever she wants of course! But it is so much fun to see her each week.

This is my favorite picture. Look how much her teacher, Ms Jessica, is laughing!

And she's off!

Way to stay hydrated! She LOVES the trampoline! But instead of jumping she just runs all the way across and usually goes back to do it again (even though she's been told multiple times not too!) On the beam. (for some reason my flash hasn't been working too well.)

Still working on that balance! This was after class.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first born turns the BiG 5!!

January 15, 2010
Kaiden turned the BiG 5!! He was so very excited and was happy to share the day with his friends at school. I dropped a King Cake off at school for him to share with his friends and when I picked him up he had a cool birthday hat on that his teacher gave him. Needless to say he was all smiles! Joe was able to leave school early enough to beat work traffic on a Friday and we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese for some family fun and greasy pizza. The kids had so much fun running around to all the new rides and games in our newly renovated CEC. After being there for possibly hours we headed to my mom's for another King Cake and to open a few presents. In all it was a great day and Kaiden was still able to look forward to a joined b-day party with his little sis in a few weeks.

Kaiden loves playing air hockey on my phone and was even more excited to play against his dad.

Kalli loved riding on this horsie
Kaiden will use more than half of his tokens to play this racing game. As you can tell he barely reaches the pedal!
My two sweeties
My favorite 5 year old!
Blowing out his candles
I love Kalli's face in this picture. She is just so happy for her big brother

New leapster games!
Grandma and Grandpa mailed a package for Kaiden

Kalli checking out the rocket that Joe's parents sent

The rocket was a big hit. The kids loved shooting their dad!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Years 2010!

I actually had to work on New Year's Eve but was luckily able to get off early enough to celebrate before the strike of midnight. I picked up Joe and the kids and we headed to meet up with our friends Katie and Philip. The kids had fun running around and watching all the fireworks. Kaiden was a little freaked out about holding the sparklers due to an incident last year but finally warmed up to the idea. The camera batteries died before I was able to get a picture with Joe but I promise he was there! We had a great time and it was absolutely wonderful that the kids let us sleep in the next day!

Kaiden and Tyler (I had to sneak this picture b/c everytime Tyler sees a camera he runs the other direction) Me, Ryan (Katie's baby brother) and Katie Patron loving Philip and Me My kiddos ringing in the New Year Aunt Katie and Kaiden

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Year...A New Me....Hopefully!

Wow it's been awhile! As much as I've missed blogging I got so stressed trying to keep up with it and wanting to keep up with everyone elses' that I just quite cold turkey. I've wanted to come back but the thought of needing/wanting to read what everyone has been blogging about as well as wanting to back blog all the things and pictures from the past 9 months would have me in hot sweats! So, with much whining to Joe about my dilemma he just told me to get over it and blog but don't worry about trying to catch up and just start fresh. What better time than the beginning of a new year right? With new motivation I decided to start and give a brief history on what's been going on in our neck of the woods. Well this brief history ended up being multiple post and pictures. I just had too much to tell and had a hard time leaving out the little I did! It took me a little longer than originally planned but here are the last 9 months! Hopefully I can stay caught up! I look forward to reading all of my friends blogs too!