Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We went to the orthopedic specialist today for Kaiden and he came home with a blue cast. We had to get up super early to beat traffic but ended up being at the appointment 35 minutes early! Then we still had to wait forever to get a room and see the doctor. Kaiden had more x-rays done and then had his cast put on. He decided on blue, like Gordon and Thomas the tank engines. Before the casting hardened the doctor had to straighten the bone another 15 degrees so there was a lot of crying involved especially since Kaiden doesn't like to be held down as it is. The cast starts halfway b/t his shoulder and elbow. The doctor put it as high as possible b/c during Kaiden's nap time yesterday he completely ripped apart his splint and was just sleeping on his broken arm! Yet another freak out. Joe had to do the best he could w/ gauze wrap, the splint and an ace bandage to duplicate what they did in the ER. Thankfully it was enough to hold up until the morning. He has to wear this cast for 4 weeks and then we go back to the doctor to have a smaller cast put on. The new cast will probably reach his elbow and he'll need to wear it for 2-4 weeks just depending. We're really hoping for 2 so we can swim the end of summer. I don't know what this kid is going to do for the next couple of months b/c he can't get wet or play in the dirt...poor little guy.
Kaiden flexing his muscles!

Cherry Cherry Quite Contrary

Kalli is starting to wear her 3-6 month clothes now. Its always bitter sweet when your kids grow out of their clothes. On one hand you love that they have new, fun outfits to wear b/c you start to get so sick of the other ones. But on the other hand its so sad that they're growing up so fast. Anyway I love this red and white cherry onsie and since it was Kalli's first time to wear it I had to take a few pictures.

Memorial Day

We had a BBQ at my parents on Memorial Day and it was delicious. After playing some croquet the missionaries came over for a bite to eat as well. We've gotten close to the last few Elders and one of them was being transferred today so we said our good byes on Monday. Elder Tallili thinks Kaiden is hilarious (but who doesn't?) and we wanted to get a picture of them together on the see saw. He's a big guy and swears he weighs over 400 pounds! I think he'll die once the humidity kicks in! Anyway I thought this picture was pretty amusing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update on Kaiden

Kaiden is adjusting rather well with his splint. Its just a matter of getting use to only using one hand more often. Sunday morning when he woke up was a little heart wrenching for me. It started off with Kaiden in a good mood as we sat down for breakfast, but as soon as it was time to pray that all changed. Kaiden was trying to fold his arms but couldn't and tears instantly filled his eyes as he whined,"I can't do it". It was so sad and cute at the same time. My heart just went out to him. Its always hard to see your baby hurting or upset, but I helped show him how to reposition his arms and all was good. But when he reached to grab his sippy cup it slipped out of his hands and fell to the floor. More tears started to come but quickly went away as I helped show him how to hold his cup w/ his 'bobo hand'. Now he is so proud of himself every time he does something using his 'bobo hand'. Its too funny. I'm so glad he is learning how to adapt with the change. Here are a few of Kaiden's firsts since his broken arm.

1st 3 wheeler rideThis picture is not so good of me but super cute of KaidenI don't know what Kaiden was doing in this picture, but I thought he had the funniest face.
Bath time was interesting, and a pain in the butt. We had to wrap a garbage bag around his arm and then tape it up real good so his splint wouldn't get wet. I'm guessing its not going to get any easier with a cast, and the poor kid usually loves to play in the tub. Now its all work and no play.

Another silly face.

1st time holding Kalli w/ the help of Dad.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our Eventful/Dramatic Day

Today started off as a normal Saturday. We ate breakfast and then I did a little cleaning, once Kalli woke up the kids and I went to my mom's to play. Kaiden decided swim in the small kiddie pool and he even helped GeGe pick off the dead flowers in her flower bed.
Me, Kalli and Papa just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather. After unsuccessfully trying to ride his bike in the pool Kaiden decided to go jump on the trampoline. A few minutes later his buddy next door came over to jump too. My dad was watching them and I ran to get my magazine on the porch. As I was walking back through the door way I heard my dad shout "KAIDEN WATCH OUT!"(or something to that affect) by this time I'm through the doorway and see Kaiden laying flat on his back on the ground screaming. My dad was over him checking him out, it didn't seem like anything was seriously wrong. I quickly picked him up and was asking what hurt. He kept saying "that hurt, that hurt" I look down and to my dismay this is what I saw...Do ya think its broken?? His left forearm was bent and mishapped. Thank goodness it didn't break the skin but you could tell it wasn't right! Of course I'm freaking out and instantly called Joe. But guess what...Joe doesn't answer his cell or the house phone! I was getting so frustrated and I'm just freaking out more and more and Kaiden is screaming louder and louder. (Joe decided to be nice and clean the bathroom today and had the fan on so he couldn't hear anything.) By this time my sister ran to our house and told Joe what happened. I put Kaiden in the car and picked up Joe just a few minutes later. Then off to the hospital. I think we hit every red light on the way there and Kaiden was begging me to hold him. They checked us in pretty quickly but then we had to wait to get x-rays, and then wait for some drugs, wait for the doctor ,and more waiting to have the doctor set the bone, and then wait for a splint and then to get discharged. A lot of waiting I know!

I was very surprised at how well Kaiden did. He cried non-stop in the car and in the room at first. He would start to get settled down but then just start screaming again. Joe had to leave and fill out paperwork which Kaiden was not very happy about. After changing rooms I luckily found a granola bar which calmed Kaiden down and then Daddy came back, so things were looking up. While in the car and once in the room Kaiden got very upset and would cry asking where Kalli was. How cute is that?? Amidst all of his pain he was still worried about Kalli. After eating he started to get super hyper. He was running all over the room and trying to climb on the bed and chairs. He would even start to push down on his hurt arm until he realized how painful it was and then he would start to cry just for a bit. We even had to put him in timeout a few times b/c he kept trying to pull all the medical equipment down!

We made it home safely and Kaiden thinks his big band-aid is pretty cool! He was a little cranky since he missed his nap and lunch, so after eating it was off to bed. I think that loratab will keep him knocked out for quite a while. He broke both bones in his forearm so the doctor set the bone and we'll be going to an orthopedic specialist on Tues. We are just so thankful that something worst didn't happen. We know Heavenly Father was truly watching out for our active little toddler! On the way home I was thinking how often during our kids' lives would we have to rush to the hospital for active as Kaiden is I'm sure it won't be our last!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Play Date

We had a swim play date Thursday and Kalli got to wear her new, cute swimsuit. Isn't it adorable?? I found it at Old Navy and couldn't pass it up. Kaiden had fun playing with his friend Alina and splashing on the steps. He doesn't like to get all the way in with or with out me yet. It'll just take time b/c last summer he was all about jumping off the side of the pool to me. We still had a good time and we're working on trying to get rid of Kaiden's farmer's tan!
Kalli's first time splashing in the water. It was cold but I think she enjoyed it.

Kaiden and Alina splashing in the pool. They both get so excited when they see each other at church.

New Orleans Zoo

Tuesday we went to the zoo in New Orleans and it wa so much fun! Joe was able to come b/c he hasn't started work since school let out. Kaiden was running all over the place and making monkey sounds. We didn't ride the train so everytime we'd see it we had to try and distract Kaiden but it usually didn't work. He would get a little upset but then we'd see a new animal and he was over it. Kalli just enjoyed the stroll and slept most of the time. Luckily the weather was pretty nice so a few of the animals were out moving around.

Kaiden was so freaked out by these gorillas. It was so funny. It took him a few minutes to even stand by them! But the giant lizard didn't phase him.

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Tummy Time

We took a few pictures of Kalli today after Kaiden came in from swimming. She's holding her head up so good and is starting to enjoy tummy time even more.

Summer Fun!

We got out Kaiden's little kiddie pool today and he had so much fun. Although the kicking and screaming he did once it was time to go inside wasn't so fun. He really enjoyed it and what easier way to keep a toddler out of trouble for the next few months!

Kaiden wasn't very happy when Joe was spraying him with the water hose!Kaiden loved jumping up in the air and then landing flat on his butt to make a big splash...something he gets fussed at for in the tub!

The Fair

Every year this Catholic Church in town does a fair. I've always loved going since I can remember. A few times while living in Utah I just happened to be home on the weekend of the fair and was always so excited! And now the day has finally come when I was able to bring my own kiddies! At first we weren't sure if Kaiden would be okay riding by himself so we somehow squeezed into those lil' kid rides! But he ended up having just as much fun by himself. We met up with some friends and their little boy, Tyler. Him and Kaidne had lots of fun riding all the rides and just all the excitement the fair has to bring. It was a great night!

I don't know how Joe fit into that train!

Tyler and Kaiden riding in the cars.Another train ride.The four of us. It ended up getting kinda cold by the end of the night.I love this picture of Joe and Kaiden. How cute! Kaiden, Joe, Tyler and Philip.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3 Months Old

Kalli was 3 months old on Monday and she is almost 14 lbs! She grew 2 1/2 inches just in the last month. So that puts her in the 90th percentile as apposed to the 50th just last month. She's holding her head up so well and seems to be very strong...which she needs to be since Kaiden isn't always so soft. I took these pictures after being encouraged by the doctor to do more tummy time. I just thought she looked so cute.

Mother's Day & Kalli's Blessing

Kalli is now 3 months old and we have finally blessed her! It was hard picking a date with General Conference, Easter, family being out of town, etc. And since we were already so late doing it we decided to wait until Autumn came in sure seems like we make a lot plans just around her! But Kalli of course looked BEAUTIFUL! And she did so good too, no crying! It was a great Mother's Day gift. Along with sleeping in, breakfast from Autumn, lunch from Joe and then dinner at my parent's house I barely had to lift a finger!!The whole family.

All of us girls...aren't we hot!!I totally forgot Kalli's bow on the table next to her car seat when we left for church. I was so mad! But she still looked so pretty!Brother and sister. These were taken at home. I think Kalli's eyes look so blue in this picture.I know I went kinda crazy on all the pictures but what can I say...I'm a proud mommy!