Monday, May 21, 2007

The Fair

Every year this Catholic Church in town does a fair. I've always loved going since I can remember. A few times while living in Utah I just happened to be home on the weekend of the fair and was always so excited! And now the day has finally come when I was able to bring my own kiddies! At first we weren't sure if Kaiden would be okay riding by himself so we somehow squeezed into those lil' kid rides! But he ended up having just as much fun by himself. We met up with some friends and their little boy, Tyler. Him and Kaidne had lots of fun riding all the rides and just all the excitement the fair has to bring. It was a great night!

I don't know how Joe fit into that train!

Tyler and Kaiden riding in the cars.Another train ride.The four of us. It ended up getting kinda cold by the end of the night.I love this picture of Joe and Kaiden. How cute! Kaiden, Joe, Tyler and Philip.


The Dan Baldwin Family said...

That looks like so much fun! Cute pics!

Amanda said...

I love the family picture of you 4. Tyler is so big from the last time I saw a picture of him!

annie nilsson said...

i think the picture of joe in the train is my fav!! i want to go to the fair. i love summer time activities