Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day & Kalli's Blessing

Kalli is now 3 months old and we have finally blessed her! It was hard picking a date with General Conference, Easter, family being out of town, etc. And since we were already so late doing it we decided to wait until Autumn came in sure seems like we make a lot plans just around her! But Kalli of course looked BEAUTIFUL! And she did so good too, no crying! It was a great Mother's Day gift. Along with sleeping in, breakfast from Autumn, lunch from Joe and then dinner at my parent's house I barely had to lift a finger!!The whole family.

All of us girls...aren't we hot!!I totally forgot Kalli's bow on the table next to her car seat when we left for church. I was so mad! But she still looked so pretty!Brother and sister. These were taken at home. I think Kalli's eyes look so blue in this picture.I know I went kinda crazy on all the pictures but what can I say...I'm a proud mommy!

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Baldwin's in Utah said...

What a studly family you have!!! We miss you guys!