Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our Eventful/Dramatic Day

Today started off as a normal Saturday. We ate breakfast and then I did a little cleaning, once Kalli woke up the kids and I went to my mom's to play. Kaiden decided swim in the small kiddie pool and he even helped GeGe pick off the dead flowers in her flower bed.
Me, Kalli and Papa just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather. After unsuccessfully trying to ride his bike in the pool Kaiden decided to go jump on the trampoline. A few minutes later his buddy next door came over to jump too. My dad was watching them and I ran to get my magazine on the porch. As I was walking back through the door way I heard my dad shout "KAIDEN WATCH OUT!"(or something to that affect) by this time I'm through the doorway and see Kaiden laying flat on his back on the ground screaming. My dad was over him checking him out, it didn't seem like anything was seriously wrong. I quickly picked him up and was asking what hurt. He kept saying "that hurt, that hurt" I look down and to my dismay this is what I saw...Do ya think its broken?? His left forearm was bent and mishapped. Thank goodness it didn't break the skin but you could tell it wasn't right! Of course I'm freaking out and instantly called Joe. But guess what...Joe doesn't answer his cell or the house phone! I was getting so frustrated and I'm just freaking out more and more and Kaiden is screaming louder and louder. (Joe decided to be nice and clean the bathroom today and had the fan on so he couldn't hear anything.) By this time my sister ran to our house and told Joe what happened. I put Kaiden in the car and picked up Joe just a few minutes later. Then off to the hospital. I think we hit every red light on the way there and Kaiden was begging me to hold him. They checked us in pretty quickly but then we had to wait to get x-rays, and then wait for some drugs, wait for the doctor ,and more waiting to have the doctor set the bone, and then wait for a splint and then to get discharged. A lot of waiting I know!

I was very surprised at how well Kaiden did. He cried non-stop in the car and in the room at first. He would start to get settled down but then just start screaming again. Joe had to leave and fill out paperwork which Kaiden was not very happy about. After changing rooms I luckily found a granola bar which calmed Kaiden down and then Daddy came back, so things were looking up. While in the car and once in the room Kaiden got very upset and would cry asking where Kalli was. How cute is that?? Amidst all of his pain he was still worried about Kalli. After eating he started to get super hyper. He was running all over the room and trying to climb on the bed and chairs. He would even start to push down on his hurt arm until he realized how painful it was and then he would start to cry just for a bit. We even had to put him in timeout a few times b/c he kept trying to pull all the medical equipment down!

We made it home safely and Kaiden thinks his big band-aid is pretty cool! He was a little cranky since he missed his nap and lunch, so after eating it was off to bed. I think that loratab will keep him knocked out for quite a while. He broke both bones in his forearm so the doctor set the bone and we'll be going to an orthopedic specialist on Tues. We are just so thankful that something worst didn't happen. We know Heavenly Father was truly watching out for our active little toddler! On the way home I was thinking how often during our kids' lives would we have to rush to the hospital for active as Kaiden is I'm sure it won't be our last!


annie nilsson said...

Poor Kaiden!!! He looks so happy in the last picture though. what a tramatic day. i think i would have been freaking out. i got a little sick to my stomach looking at the broken arm. its a good thing i have girls right now. i don't think i could handle active boys at this moment. well i'm glad all is well and kaiden is ok.

Baldwin's in Utah said...

Oh- poor kid!!! I'm glad it went so smoothly for you guys. I'm so scared of our first broken bone! What a good mom you are! I'm glad Kaiden's doing good though and that you've made it through your first "medical emergency".

Danica said...

Oh my gosh, how sad. I hope it heals quickly and sorry for what you guys have been through! He's so cute though.

Meg Porter said...

Ok- so this entire time I have been thinking you aren't writing on your blog because the link I had for some reason just stuck on the pictures of Kaiden and Kalli- So I have so much to catch up on. I have the right link now. But boy what a weekend for you, but such a cute mom you are. And Kaiden looked like he was trooper through the entire experience. Someday he will be the cool kid for already having a broken bone :-) You look adorable and love the short hair.