Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleeping Naked?

I'm guessing I got your attention with the title eh? Well someone in our family thinks sleeping in the nude is the best thing in the world. The only problem is that this someone isn't potty trained! Yup you guessed it, Kaiden. Every time I put him down for a nap he ends up naked. Let me just give you some background on Kaiden's nap time. He use to go right to sleep when it was nap time but we're not so lucky anymore. For a while he started playing with his toys and you could always tell what he was doing b/c he was so loud. Since it would take him forever to fall asleep we started putting most of his toys in the closet (we have a child proof door knob so he can't get in). This really seemed to help. He would occasionally kick the wall for a little while but then would fall asleep rather quickly. But now he's gotten where he doesn't really like to take his naps. He's tired and rubbing his eyes so I put him in his room and close the door (that's right he can't open this door either!) and then its very quiet for at least 30 minutes. For awhile he had me fooled that he was asleep but every now and again I would hear a little bang and he was moving his little chair onto his bed. We told him the chair needed to stay on the floor and not his bed but when he continued to move it we finally took it out of his room. So now he's found something else to do while bored in his room besides sleeping...undress himself and chew his books up. He's torn pages in his books before so he only has those cordboard books on his shelf but now he just sucks and chews on the pages then spits them in a pile on the floor all while hanging out in his birthday suite! We've now taken ALL of his books out of his room but I'm not sure what to do about his need to undress himself. He's taken his clothes off a few times before, when he had his cast on but he stopped after the second time we fussed at him. But now its much more serious. After every nap time he ends up naked! Yesterday I thought he was asleep but then I heard him talking to himself so I went in his room and there he was sitting in the buff, and he'd wet his blanket too. We got everything cleaned up and clothes put back on. He got a spankin' and we toke away his favorite toys for the rest of the night. I stress each day that if he takes his clothes off he won't be able to play with his cars or watch any TV but it hasn't seemed to help b/c he's still undressing. Today I really didn't think he would do it b/c after talking to him about it he seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly. I went to check on him later b/c he'd been sleeping a long time and there he was curled up with his blanket with nothing on! Once he woke up Joe put on his diaper and had him watch as he put all of his favorite toys on top of the TV where he couldn't reach them. Kaiden would really get sad that he couldn't play with them and understands its b/c he took his clothes off. I think we're going to keep his toys tomorrow until after his nap to see if he keeps his clothes on and then he can get them back, hopefully this will work. I'd be fine if he just wanted to take his clothes off but its the diaper that I have the problem with. We've been lucky a few times when he hasn't wet the bed but there are those times when I have to go and wash his sheets yet again. When is nap time a thing of the past? I know he doesn't want to take a nap but he's so grumpy if he doesn't. And WHEN and IF he does fall asleep he usually sleeps for a good two hours at least! So how can he take a two hour nap one day and then not blink an eye the next? Does anyone have suggestions on how we can convince him to keep his clothes on?

Say Cheese!

Here are a few cute pictures of the kiddies taken over the last couple of days. Kalli is smiling so much and just loves to have her picture taken. She's such a ham, I get the camera out and she just lights up. I'm going to have her 6 month pictures taken next Saturday. We're doing it at a great time where she should be in a really good mood. I'm so excited but I just can't decide what outfits for her to wear. Not only do I need to pick her clothes out I have to decide on her bows. Joe thinks I'm ridiculous about her bows but I just think they're so dang cute ( and I have to admit I love all the compliments she gets when she wears them!) Do you think I should only do dresses? She has some dang cute dresses and they are probably cuter than her everyday clothes but is that too dressy to only do dresses? Some dresses are more casual than others and I'm not sure how many outfit changes I want to do. Any ideas? I have a few cute things in mind, I just hope they turn out nicely. I also can't decide whether to take Kaiden along. I really don't want him there the whole time because it would be too much going on. But I kind of want an updated picture of the two kids together. Maybe I can convince Joe to be out of the house at 9 in the morning on a Saturday to bring Kaiden along for a few minutes. I guess I have a week to work on him!
Now I had to take these pictures of Kaiden b/c this is his first 'wife beater' shirt. I know that is a horrible name for it but that's the only thing I remember calling them growing up. So many guys wear them around here and it just cracks me up. Its one thing to wear it as an undershirt but for the only shirt...I'm not digging it. I think it's a little white trash and usually the guys have all these nasty tattoos, a beer gut with a cigarette and a farmer's tan make the ensemble complete. Kaiden didn't have any of those and he looked dang cute. And not to be a hypocrite, yes it was worn as an under shirt. Joe just laughed when Kaiden went to show dad his new shirt. Joe wasn't aware that Kaiden had one. So we thought it was a memorable moment and took a picture. I mean just look at those muscles! He's such a tough guy. Kaiden has been harder to photography lately. He usually gets upset when I get the camera out. But if I just act like I don't want to take a picture of him just Kalli he will start begging me to take one of him! Toddlers they'll do exactly the opposite of what they think you want. What a little stinker!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Skool for Kaiden

On our weekly trip to Wal-mart I decided to buy Kaiden his own booksack to carry all his stuff in. That's right I said booksack not backpack! My diaper bag is getting too full and heavy with both kids toys, diapers, and anything and everything! I had already asked Kaiden if he wanted a booksack and he was super excited to have his very own. The only problem was I couldn't find a small one that wasn't pink. Then I went to get a box of diapers and saw this spiderman one. Kaiden loved it and was wearing it all over the store. He was being really good too, just following me around talking about how cool he was with his new booksack. Tuesday morning as Joe was getting ready for school Kaiden found his booksack and I helped him put it on. As Joe was about to leave Kaiden started saying he was going to go to school too. He was very upset (as you can see in the pictures) that he couldn't go. He didn't understand why he couldn't go even though he had a booksack. Trying to get him happy we decided to take a few pictures of him and Dad with their booksacks. It didn't quite work as planned but he shortly got over it and was on to something else.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Funeral

Saturday was the funeral service MawMaw and Friday night was the viewing. We drove up to McComb, MS Friday night and stayed the night in MawMaw's apartment. The kids did pretty well at the viewing, Kaiden was a little creeped out and didn't really know what to think. Joe and I both walked up there together while I was holding Kaiden and he was really taken back. I explained to him again that MawMaw was now living in heaven w/ Heavenly Father, Jesus and PawPaw and I reassured him that we would see her again. I was surprised at myself for holding it together pretty well. It's just so hard to walk up to the casket b/c even though she looked great it wasn't her and they never look the same.

Later on Kaiden said he wanted to see MawMaw so I went to take him to the casket. He did not want me to hold him and would say, "Its not scary, It's not scary" which is code for "I'm really scared". I told him no its not scary and then he slowly walked up. He looked real quickly and then would walk away. I tried to pick him but he said no. Then he went up to my mom and told her, "MawMaw's dead". I wasn't sure what to say it just sounded so harsh. So we asked him where she was and he just repeated us (which he does a lot if he's not sure what to say). Then we asked him who is MawMaw living with now and he would answer "Jesus and PawPaw" which was really good to hear. I was able to see a lot of family I haven't seen in a long time and Joe was so nice to take care of the kids and keep Kaiden occupied and out of trouble. Kalli for the most part didn't want to be held by anyone but me. So many older women were there that kept trying to hold her and she'd start to cry/scream each time. There were too many unfamiliar faces and everyone was trying to give her kisses. I had to wipe lipstick (which wasn't mine) off her face so many times. Me, Joe, my sister Shannon and the kids left a little early to grab a bite to eat.

Afterwards we went to MawMaw's apartment a few minutes away and tried to get settled in. My parents were planning on staying in the old farm house (where my mom and PawPaw grew up, right next door to her brother) which is 30 minutes away. No one lives there and they weren't sure if they'd have to get things ready for bed so they decided to stay with us. So that made 5 adults and 2 kids in a small two bedroom apartment! I put Kalli to sleep in the spare room in a port-a-crib and then Kaiden in the other port-a-crib in the master bedroom. My dad worked on the eulogy and me and Shannon were going through some of MawMaw's jewelry. We stayed up visiting for a little while and then Joe and I went to bed. I had a hard time falling asleep b/c Kaiden was making a lot of noise in his crib. He's used to being sprawled out in a bed and now he's confined to a small space. He kept kicking the side of the port-a-crib netting and it was driving me crazy. He would kick his feet and then they would slide down the side over and over. I would doze off and then he would do it again. Plus the little box fan we had in the room was making weird noises so I finally got up to switch it out with the one in Kalli's room. During the process she woke up and was very alert. I decided to feed her again to help her go back to sleep. My mom was going to bed also so I sat in bed w/ her while I nursed Kalli and mom kept kissing her head and she got wild again. I tried calming her down but finally put her in the crib and let her talk and whine a little. Mom told me in the morning it didn't keep her up so that's a good thing b/c I went to bed even though Kalli was still up b/c I was exhausted. Poor Shannon didn't sleep at all b/c Dad was up late with the lights on and Nana was sleeping on this crappy fold out couch. And she ended up moving several clocks off the walls (MawMaw is a clutter freak!) and into the bathroom b/c the ticking was driving her crazy and my dad woke up super early and had lights on again! Poor thing but none of us really slept good. Joe and I wish we would of made the 1 1/2 hour drive back home and then drove back the next day. Kaiden woke up at 6 am!! Which is unheard of w/ our schedule...he saw me and Joe sleeping in the bed and kept whining, "I wanna go home." I finally got up and put him in the bed w/ us but he kept talking and wanting to play so I got the portable DVD player and put a movie on for him. It at least bought me an extra 1/2 hour of sleep.

The sleepless night just set us up for disaster the next day. We got to the service and were able to visit for a little while. Kaiden enjoyed seeing his Auntie Autumn and Carmen again. We walked up to the casket one last time and that was really hard. Kaiden was really upset that eh couldn't see MawMaw's feet. He kept asking where they were and telling me he wanted to see them. Once it was time to start we sat down and and they closed the casket. As we sang my grandmother's favorite hymn, "How Great Thou Art", Kaiden was very sad that he couldn't see MawMaw anymore and kept telling me he wanted to see her. I was already teary eyed from the song and he was making it worse! Poor kid he had a hard time accepting that he wouldn't be able to see her. Once my dad started the eulogy Kalli started to get real fussy. Joe stood in the back with her for a little while and then moved outside. He was outside for most of the service trying to get her to sleep all while she is screaming. When I went out there at the end to take her so he could be a Paul Bearer he was so hot and sweaty. I felt so bad but I'm so thankful that he allowed me to stay and listen. My dad did a great job and brought tears of sadness and happiness to our eyes. I'm just so glad I was able to grow up with her in my life and that Kaiden was able to get to know her a little too; and at least Kalli has a few pictures with her.

After the service we went to the grave site and then back to the church to eat. It was a long day but the kids handled it pretty well. After lunch my family went back to the grave site and took a few pictures and then we went to my uncle's house to visit with our cousins. It was a long day and I'm thankful its over and for the knowledge I have that my grandmother is in a better place. I know she is happy there and would probably not come back even if she had the choice, but I will be able to see her again and for that I am so thankful. And I thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers for me and my family at this time. Ya'll are truly great friends.

The 5 siblings (last time together for next year and a half)
Carmen, Me, Aaron, Shannon, and AutumnKaiden and Uncle Aaron

Kaiden and his cousin Kaylea

The 5 great grandchildren
Hana, CJ, Kaylea, Kaiden and Kalli

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mom's birthday and I wanted to dedicate a post just for her. I'm in the middle of cooking her brownies with nuts so its going to be short. I love my mom so much and I can't begin to explain how grateful I am for the relationship that we have. She is one of my best friends and I love talking with her each day. It's been so hard to see her go through this tough time with her mom but she has been so strong and a real strength to the rest of our family. I love that we live so close and we're able to see each other almost everyday and its great that the kids are able to be around her so often. Anytime we go outside Kaiden wants to walk to GeGe's. We all love her so much. Happy 50th Birthday GeGe! (Ha! she wishes she was 50!!)
Here are a few pics of Kaiden helping me make the brownies and enjoying the scratch!
Kaiden singing for GeGe...I told him he couldn't have any more cholocate unless he sang, you can see him eying the bowl as he sings!

Kaiden helping GeGe blow out her candles

MawMaw's Slideshow

These are just a few pics I had on our computer. We have more but most are burned on a CD. We'll miss you MawMaw!

Mary Estelle Wilson Wall

February 15, 1917- August 22, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

6 Month Check Up

Kalli turned 6 months last Tuesday and had her 6 month check up yesterday. I can't believe she is already 1/2 a year old! It feels like yesterday when we didn't even know what we were having and then the excitement and anticipation of Joe saying "Its a girl!". Then just a few days later we were bringing her home from the hospital. Its hard to believe she's been with us for 6 whole months but at the same time I can't imagine our life without her. She's been such a blessing to our family and touched all of our lives. Kalli makes me smile just thinking about her and I love that I have a girl that will hopefully be one of my best friends once she gets older. Me and my mom had our differences as I was growing up (as in I drove her crazy!) but now we are so close and I look forward to having that with Kalli. And I think she's already started to melt her Daddy's heart and she has definitely taught Kaiden what the word 'soft' means. I love her beautiful smiles and the way she squeals while watching Kaiden do anything...even if he's being mean. You can't talk about Kalli without mentioning those chubby cheeks and thighs! I just love those fat rolls, I could eat em up! Everything went well at her appointment and the doctor said she looked great...and cute of course! We were also told something that we already knew...that she's a BIG girl!Here's her measurements to prove it:
Length 27 1/4 inches (90th percentile) (She's tall now but I'm sure it won't last-look what she has to go off of!)
Weight 17.10 pounds (90th again)
Head circumference 17 1/2 (you guessed it, 90th)
I've been going a little camera crazy lately b/c Kalli is now fitting into her 6-9 month clothes so that means all new outfits! And they are just so freakin' cute I can't stand it. Plus every time I go to take a picture of her she starts working it and puts on a big smile, she just loves the camera. Since she's smiling so much I just end up taking more pictures-Enjoy!

Look how she's totally striking a pose!
A cute pic of Nana and the kiddies

In Memory of

As many of you know my grandmother has been really sick. I wrote a little about on a previous post but haven't said much since. She's been in the hospital since July 23 with a fractured vertebrae and then got pneumonia in both lungs. She's been in so much pain b/c of her back that we haven't taken her out of the hospital. Last Monday she was moved to a different hospital and early Tuesday morning the doctors called my uncle b/c they thought they were loosing her. Luckily she kept fighting and was stabilized. Which was a huge blessing b/c my mom had just decided to drive to Utah with my dad to bring my sister, Carmen, a car and see my other sister, Autumn, graduate. My parents were only in the car for a few hours when they got the call from my uncle. They pulled over on the side of the road and prayed and waited to see what they should do. My mom finally told my dad to keep driving and later got the call that she was okay and MawMaw even had the energy to talk to her on the phone later on that day. It would of been awful for her to have gone while my mom was out of town.
She was so torn on what to do b/c she wanted to be there for her mom but it was so emotionally and physically draining and she didn't think my dad should make the long drive all by himself plus she wanted to see Autumn graduate. Luckily she was able to make the drive safely with dad, visit with old friends, and they both got to see Autumn graduate from BYU.
Meanwhile the procedure that would have helped MawMaw with her pain was not able to be done. They found out that she didn't have a fractured vertebrae but a burst, which is more painful and a much more complicated surgery. The doctors did not feel that she was strong enough to be able to recover from the surgery so she was in a lot of pain and they were just trying to keep her comfortable.
My parents flew into Baton Rouge late Sunday night and mom drove to Mississippi on Monday. She spent all day with her Monday and Tuesday and she had a scare Tuesday night. She was outside on the phone and the nurses ran out to get her b/c MawMaw was very short of breath and they didn't know if she would make it. She pulled through the night and this morning was breathing much better but very slowly. After my mom had breakfast she held MawMaw's hand then turned to put her tray up and MawMaw just stopped breathing. Mom said it was quick and painless. Its so sad but I'm so glad to know she's in a better place now where she's not hurting anymore. Its been so hard on my mom to have to see her mother the way she was.
She was a wonderful woman and I will miss her dearly. I hate that Kalli will never know her. Kaiden loves MawMaw and it was so tough telling him today that we won't see her again. I waited until Joe got home and had Kaiden sit on my lap. We talked about how MawMaw had been sick and GeGe (my mom) had been staying with her. Then I told him that she had died and went to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus in Heaven. He just sat there so quiet and calm on my lap like he wasn't sure what I was trying to say. Then I said she's with PawPaw and we would see her again one day in heaven with Jesus and Heavenly Father. He asked where heaven was and I tried to explain that to him. I told him we would see MawMaw one more time but that she would be laying down and not moving. He was still just sitting so still on my lap and I proceeded to say that b/c she had died we wouldn't be able to play with her anymore. Well that did it! He looked up at me with the saddest face and puppy dog eyes then he put his head on my chest and just held it there. I could hardly contain myself. I instantly starting teary up and was having to fight back my tears! I asked Kaiden what was wrong, he didn't answer but when he looked up at me his eyes were filled with tears. I asked him again what was wrong and why he was crying but still no answer. So I asked if he was sad b/c he wouldn't be able to play with MawMaw again. He repeated me (which is usually an agreement). I explained again that we would see her again in heaven and that Jesus loves us so much that he died for us so we could all be together again. He really listened and a couple more time while talking he put his head on my chest. It was so sweet and heart wrenching at the same time.
I'm just not sure what will happen when he sees her Friday at the viewing. He has been to a funeral with me before a couple of months ago but he didn't know the person like he did MawMaw. It hopefully will help that all my family will be there. Even Autumn is flying back for the funeral and Carmen will be here too. It sucks though that we'll have to say good bye again to that just means more crying!
I'll try and do a slide show tomorrow.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sitiin' Pretty

Kalli has been sitting up on her own for almost 2 weeks now. I've been meaning to post some pictures but there has just been so much going better late than never. Even though she's sittingg on her own she's still very clumsy at times. I usually have pillows all around her (as you can see in the picture) but there have been a few times I have her sitting on the floor with out them. We have all hard wood floors so when she falls over there is a good bit of crying involved. She's a good sport though and loves to be able to play on her own. She could sit for hours I think if every toy in the house was in reach. It's usually when she's reaching for a not-so-close toy that has her fall over, or if she's arching her back to far. But she loves sitting all on her own and Kaiden thinks its pretty neat that she can sit too. He sometimes acts like he's cool stuff because he's sitting too. Funny kid he loves hogging all the attention! One of the reasons I took this picture is because I had just gotten Kalli's new headband in the mail. My friend Annie made it along with 5 other ones. I just love them! She's very creative and unfortunately I am not. Annie is also very clever and made these headbands where you could snap on different color flowers to match different outfits. So I have 6 ribbons and 4 different flowers that are all interchangeable and will match pretty much anything I put Kalli in. Annie is starting to sell these cute bows online so click here for her webpage. Sorry if it feels like I'm trying to sell you but I just think its such a great idea and wanted to share. If you have little girls you have to get these headbands! I've already tried most of them on Kalli and can't wait to go to church tomorrow to match one with her dress. She's a cutie pie without one but it helps having a bow on just to clear any doubt on whether she's a boy or a girl...and its cheaper than hair extensions! ;)