Friday, August 31, 2007

Say Cheese!

Here are a few cute pictures of the kiddies taken over the last couple of days. Kalli is smiling so much and just loves to have her picture taken. She's such a ham, I get the camera out and she just lights up. I'm going to have her 6 month pictures taken next Saturday. We're doing it at a great time where she should be in a really good mood. I'm so excited but I just can't decide what outfits for her to wear. Not only do I need to pick her clothes out I have to decide on her bows. Joe thinks I'm ridiculous about her bows but I just think they're so dang cute ( and I have to admit I love all the compliments she gets when she wears them!) Do you think I should only do dresses? She has some dang cute dresses and they are probably cuter than her everyday clothes but is that too dressy to only do dresses? Some dresses are more casual than others and I'm not sure how many outfit changes I want to do. Any ideas? I have a few cute things in mind, I just hope they turn out nicely. I also can't decide whether to take Kaiden along. I really don't want him there the whole time because it would be too much going on. But I kind of want an updated picture of the two kids together. Maybe I can convince Joe to be out of the house at 9 in the morning on a Saturday to bring Kaiden along for a few minutes. I guess I have a week to work on him!
Now I had to take these pictures of Kaiden b/c this is his first 'wife beater' shirt. I know that is a horrible name for it but that's the only thing I remember calling them growing up. So many guys wear them around here and it just cracks me up. Its one thing to wear it as an undershirt but for the only shirt...I'm not digging it. I think it's a little white trash and usually the guys have all these nasty tattoos, a beer gut with a cigarette and a farmer's tan make the ensemble complete. Kaiden didn't have any of those and he looked dang cute. And not to be a hypocrite, yes it was worn as an under shirt. Joe just laughed when Kaiden went to show dad his new shirt. Joe wasn't aware that Kaiden had one. So we thought it was a memorable moment and took a picture. I mean just look at those muscles! He's such a tough guy. Kaiden has been harder to photography lately. He usually gets upset when I get the camera out. But if I just act like I don't want to take a picture of him just Kalli he will start begging me to take one of him! Toddlers they'll do exactly the opposite of what they think you want. What a little stinker!

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annie said...

she is so cute! just do a couple outfits. you might make her mad if you change her too many times. and i think dresses are cute so go for it. oh and about the wifebeater shirt. i totally used to think guys looked hot in them. now when i say that i'm thinking of the guys i new in high school with the nice boddies, nice tans and they were good looking. kaiden looks cute in it too though