Thursday, August 23, 2007

MawMaw's Slideshow

These are just a few pics I had on our computer. We have more but most are burned on a CD. We'll miss you MawMaw!

Mary Estelle Wilson Wall

February 15, 1917- August 22, 2007


Craig & Robyn said...

I am so sorry to hear about your MawMaw's passing...I hope you and your family are doing ok.
These pictures are fantastic, she looks like such a loving Grandma! It's so nice to have lots of photo's of her with your kids, a great way to remember her :-)
We are all sending you guys lots of hugs...XOXO

Kelli Lafranca said...

Well this is in response to yesterdays post and your slide show but how sad for your family, you even had me in tears talking about Kaiden's reaction, hopefully one day he understands more. Even with everything we understand, death is so rough to deal with! Good luck with everything.

annie nilsson said...

her and kaiden spent so much time together it seemed! i hope you guys are all doing ok and i hope the funeral goes as good as a funeral can go. love ya, you are in my prayers.