Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cherry Cherry Quite Contrary

Kalli is starting to wear her 3-6 month clothes now. Its always bitter sweet when your kids grow out of their clothes. On one hand you love that they have new, fun outfits to wear b/c you start to get so sick of the other ones. But on the other hand its so sad that they're growing up so fast. Anyway I love this red and white cherry onsie and since it was Kalli's first time to wear it I had to take a few pictures.


annie nilsson said...

you are just like me. i have so many pictures of sydnie that are just her sitting in a different outfit b/c she had so many cute ones!

Baldwin's in Utah said...

How cute!!! You've got a little diva in the making! I'm secretly praying for a little girl I can doll up in cute clothes!