Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Night

I know I am so late on posting our Halloween pictures but I've enjoyed reading about all of your fun nights and cute costumes. We went to my friend Wendy's neighborhood in The Willows. Now this neighborhood is hard core on Halloween. We went here last year w/ Kaiden and had a great time, so why mess up a good thing right? We first made a stop at my friend Katie's in-law's to borrow a stroller (we forgot ours-crazy I know!) and took a few pics w/ all the kids. Then we headed down the street to Wendy's. Mrs Karin (Wendy's mom) was nice enough to make us dinner so after eating we headed for the door. Kaiden was so excited about riding in the wagon but Kalli was more excited about trying to climb out. Joe and i figured Kaiden would be fine walking and decided to put the wagon up get the stroller. But Kaiden wasn't having that! he wanted that wagon so Mr. Danny was his chauffeur. It took forever b/c each time we got to a house Mr. Danny opened the wagon door and then Kaiden had to close it all the way. Mr. Danny tried telling Kaiden he didn't need to close the door but Kaiden insisted. We had a great time walking around and I got to see a few friends too. After a few blocks we were brave enough to leave early to head over to Lisa and Aaron's house. People are even more stupid on Halloween. It took us forever to get through the neighborhoods b/c people would just stand in the middle of the road and not move! Joe wouldn't let me honk the horn otherwise we would of made it out of there way fast! We went to a few houses w/ Aaron and Lisa and then headed over to my parent's house so they could see the kids all dressed up (and mom could eat some candy!). It was a late night but we had a lot of fun. Kaiden loved being a monkey and we had so many people stop and comment on how cute our little elephant was. We even had a few people wanting to take pictures! But the cost was to pricey...what's wrong w/ making $ off your kids, they have to pay their way somehow right? :)
Kalli, Kaiden & Tyler
Tyler, Katie, Kalli, Me & Kaiden
Kalli, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Aaron

Joe picking out his favorite candy


Trisha said...

Those costumes are too cute!

Baldwin's in Utah said...

Oh my goodness! Your kids were soooo cute in those costumes!!! How fun- you look great to by the way- I like your black and purple outfit- cute!!!