Monday, July 21, 2008

Lux Visit

Tues June 3
After temple square we met up with Austin and Rachel. Joe and Austin were mission companions and roommates up until Joe and I got married. Austin is from Mississippi and works with his dad every so often down here so we get to see him when he's in town. We don't get to hang out with Rachel as much so it was great seeing her again. We had lunch together while Joe was in town and me and the kids met up to see them one last time before we left. We meet up at their newly remodeled house in Provo that's close to the temple. Then we headed off to the park. I loved seeing how cute Austin was with the kids. I've never quite seen that side of him and the kids really enjoyed-even though they were kind of bullying some poor kid that was there. This trip really wore on the kids and I was so lucky to see enough melt downs to last a lifetime!

The boys playing some frisbee

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