Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Soccer Time Again!

February 19, 2010
Kaiden has started another season of soccer! This year we decided to try out PARDS league and so far we really like it. It seems to be much more organized and maybe a little more competitive than at the Y but Kaiden doesn't notice any difference. The coaches are required to have practices so that's nice and Kaiden has really enjoyed goofing off with a few other boys at these practices instead of following his coaches instructions. But he's a 5 year old boy what do you expect!
He is definitely no longer the big fish in the pond and is one of the smaller kids on his team. This 5-6 year old bracket is so different from the 3-4 team he was on at the Y. It also seems like he's not as focused as before but I think it has a lot to do with the kids on his team. By having practices he's been able to make instant friends with several boys and they just love to be boys and act silly instead of pay attention. By not having any practices last year he didn't get a good chance to know any of his teammates so there was less goofing off. We want him to do well and actually listen to his coach but what's most important is that he's having fun, and I assure you that he is! Luckily it hasn't bothered him that he hasn't scored a goal yet he's just excited that his team is winning! In all we're excited for another great season, Go Team Lighting! (and yea for getting a different color this year!)
Getting ready for his first game (with rocks in his hand :) )
I had to add this picture b/c Joe was tyring to get a shot of Kaiden and then Kalli started falling in front of him right as he snapped the picture. Love that face!
Always so happy! Maybe not always....
One of those 'not paying attention' moments...
Soccer Mom in all her glory!
All I needed was my minivan in the background.

Nice action shot
And another
Throwing the ball back into playFinal score 3-1! Go Red!


Jill Britt said...

I'm envious of your soccer mom status! I hope Drew will let me be a soccer mom! LOL! It is a nice way to spend a pretty day with the family.

Lacey said...

HOW FUN- Elodie loves soccer, I'm thinking she will play again in the fall too- that's weird that the Y didn't have the heck are they suppose to learn?!

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

that pic of kalli jumping in front of the camera is sooo funny!