Sunday, March 14, 2010

No Training Wheels!

February 28, 2010
On Sunday afternoon me and the kids were about to take a ride around the pond but Kaiden needed Papa to fix one of his training wheels. That's when we decided now is as good of time as any to go all out and just take them off. That's when Joe stepped in and did an awesome job filling his fatherly role teaching Kaiden to ride his bike without training wheels! Kaiden also did pretty great and didn't fall nearly as many times as I expected. We thought it would be best to start in the grass so it wouldn't hurt as much when he fell. But we didn't think of the fact that its pretty darn hard to ride in the grass. So after a few times we switched to the street and he did so much better! I was really amazed at how calm he was the majority of the time Joe was teaching him. When he did fall he didn't get extremely upset which I would have expected from him (he gets his temper from me). He did have some trouble taking off by himself but since then he's learned how and he's a real pro now! I'm just so proud of him!


Kal quickly realized she wasn't getting much attention so this is what she did to fix that little problem!

All smiles after a fun night!

Once he had it down the three of us rode around the pond, FAST, and he only fell once. He did awesome! Luckily Kalli didn't get her feelings hurt staying behind and was just happy taking a picture before we took off. It was a great day!
The biking wore my two out and they were sleeping all crazy like when I checked on them before going to bed.

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dezboi said...

Ah, the biking lessons. Excellent. Thanks for posting this; I love those little squirts and miss 'em dearly.