Saturday, April 10, 2010

Phone Pics for February

Here are my updated phone pictures and videos for the month of February...enjoy!

Kalli and her newest cousin Buddy (Auntie Autumn and Uncle Matt's pup)

I love this picture of Kalli and Matt swinging in our backyard
Kalli at the library after they sang Happy Birthday
Joe and Kaiden both had a day off of school and since it was so cold we decided to enjoy a day at the movies. And guess what we saw...the Chipmunks!
After leaving the theater Kalli kept screaming, "Alllllllviiiiiiiin" Kaiden accidentally fell in the ditch by our driveway and it was hilarious! Of course he didn't think so and was very upset as well as a little embarrassed. I tried taking a picture but I guess he didn't like that either. Oops
Me, Greyson, and Kalli had a play date at Rachel London's and I didn't want Greyson to feel left out while us girls played dress up. You can imagine how much his daddy loved these pictures! But doesn't he make a beautiful little princess fairy?
Me and Kal took a walk in the back with our boots and she got a little stuck in the mud and then preceded to fall you can tell by her face she wasn't thrilled. I think she was more worried about getting in trouble. As for me I knew what I was getting into when we went out in the first place.Kalli and my adorable little nephew, Greyson, playing outside at Gege'sKatie finally let me take care of her kids for once! I was able to pick up Kaleigh and Tyler from their daycare to come play at our house until Katie got off of work. Tyler was so excited to come play and I loved having Kaleigh love on me.
I don't remember what the deal was or why Kalli was so extremely tired but if you know my kids they DO NOT normally do this! Poor thing she was exhausted during lunch at Chili's and as you can see with Uncle Aaron sitting next to her she didn't get much rest!


Covington's said...

FINALLY !!! And I'm so thankful that you watched them for me !!

Poor KALLI !! She was so tired and that Uncle Aaron was just being downright mean to that baby.. She just wanted to rest her eyes for just a second... lol !

Covington's said...

AND SHAME ON YOU FOR DRESSING GREYSON UP LIKE A DIVA !!! I can only imagine what Aaron was saying about you when you sent him those images... Philip would have been stroking out !!

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

those pictures are so funny! i loved the videos too!