Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Imagination of a 3 year old

March 1, 2010
Many who know Kalli know she has one of the wildest imaginations out there. This particular morning she was being exceptionally funny. She sat at the door to the hallway with her back to the living room and made me sit all the way at the end of the hall as she 'read' her Book of Mormon. I wish I would have video taped more b/c she went on forever.

Next we moved to the bathroom to finish our scripture study
And later that day Kalli was able to pick out a 'toy' for her recent successes in the bathroom department (and no I don't mean reading scriptures!) The previous day she found an old dog collar at my mom's and being the wonderful Gege that she is, my mom let her wear it...Yuck! So I promised her if she didn't have any accidents she could pick out her very own, never-been-worn, dog collar. As we wandered aimlessly through the toy aisle she did in fact have her eye on a few things and I pointed out a handful of toys. But in the end she really wanted that pink and white polka dot collar. I made a promise and as weird as it was buying a dog collar for my baby girl she was very excited. Luckily she hasn't worn it much since and I'm just happy when she decides that she does want it at least I know it hasn't been worn by some dog!

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Jodi Bernard said...

I love the part when she talks about how Caiden wasn't being bad to her in that picture or something like that!! So funny!