Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Weekend as a Single Mom!

Joe was out of town this weekend for a Psychology Conference in San Antonio. He left after class on Thursday and came back on Saturday night. During those couple of days I was a busy bee and living life like I was single...a single mom that is! Thursday I went to hang out with my sis-in-law Lisa and then we headed back to my mom's for dinner. I really dreaded going home b/c then I'd have to rush to get both kids ready for bed to be even close to their normal bed time. We read scriptures and said prayer with Joe on the phone then both both kids got their bathe plus I feed Kalli and then read Kaiden his bedtime story. I was pretty impressed by how quick I was able to get everything done. It also made me realize how much easier it is having Joe around and how much he actually does do. The next morning me and the kids left for Mississippi with my mom to see my Great Aunt Arlevia (MawMaw's last living sibling) She is such a funny lady and so energetic. But since MawMaw's passing she's been really depressed and feeling alone. She doesn't have any immediate family left just nieces and nephews who are all spread out. So my mom and I decided to pay her a visit and hopefully cheer her up. Both kids did great on the drive but Kaiden was driving me crazy at the beginning. Kalli was sleeping and all Kaiden wanted to do was talk to me and my mom. We couldn't say anything to each other w/o Kaiden asking us what we were talking about or saying, "Talk to me, its my turn, talk to me!" We'd ask him what he wanted to talk about and he was usually wanting us to repeat nursery rhymes. Well for those of you who don't know that gets old really quick! I finally decided to let him watch a movie on the portable dvd player. Once we got to Aunt Rose's (*side note* her name is Arlevia but nick name is Rose b/c when she was younger her siblings thought her butt was big and looked like a rose bud hence the name Rose. I've just always thought that was so funny. For the longest time I thought it was her real name!) apartment we visited and then ran a few errands. Since the weather has absolutely been beautiful we picked up some fried chicken (Aunt Rose's favorite) and headed to the park. Kaiden ate quickly and took off to play. He had such a good time and I think Aunt Arlevia enjoyed getting out. Once she started to get tired my mom brought her home while the kids and I played. Kaiden made some friends and they insisted on getting in a picture I was taking of Kaiden. After the park we headed over to my Uncle Greg and Aunt Linda's house in the country. Linda just got some of her front yard landscaped and it looks beautiful! We loved visiting and Linda loved spoiling the kids. On the drive home both kids passed out, which is what I was suppose to be doing but my mom and I were talking to much. We were only home an hour and a half before leaving again to go the the Parish Fair (like a county fair but Louisiana has Parishes). I went with our good friends, Katie and Philip, and their little boy, Tyler. We had such a good time and Kaiden loved every minute of it. Him and Tyler had so much fun riding all the rides. All the kiddie rides just have a stationary car/truck/bike whatever that just goes in a circle except for one. This one was a motorbike that jumped up a ramp and came down over and over. I wasn't sure about letting Kaiden ride on it b/c most of the kids on it looked older than him. I decided to let him try it and it was the best thing to watch. He was very unsure at first, b/c it starts so fast and kind of jerks a little, but then he couldn't stop laughing. It was priceless watching him have such a good time, I couldn't stop laughing myself. Obviously that was the ride that he rode the most. Kalli enjoyed people watching and seeing all the lights. I even went on a ride and I was surprised that Katie actually rode w/ me. We took the plunge and rode the 'Ring of Fire'. It's a big circle and after building up enough momentum you completely go upside down. It was a little freaky and I didn't feel quite right at the end of it. But to top off my single mom night, the guy in charge of the ride hit on me. As Katie said, I guess I still have it! ;) After rides and running into some old friends the crew headed over to Chili's. I left a little later and wasn't sure to go or not. After all it was way past the kids bed time. Since my sister Shannon was working that night at Chili's we went to just say hi and then go home. Kalli didn't make it out of the fair grounds before falling asleep but Kaiden talked the whole way home. Did I mention Kaiden told me to 'chill out mom' on our way to the fair!! I don't even know what I was doing but I know I wasn't freakin' out. I think I just say that to him all the time and he's picked up on it. Too funny, and I wasn't sure how to react. Well we surprised Shannon to say the least showing up so late and I saw another old friend of mine, Lucas. He was so nice to let us sit w/ him for a little while and let Kaiden eat some of their Queso (and me too). It was a great day/night but very late. I'm too embarrassed to say how late I let my kids stay out but I was hoping they'd sleep in the next morning, I guess Kalli didn't get the memo. After getting up w/ Kalli at 7:45 she was ready to take a nap around 9 which is when Kaiden finally decided to wake up. Then we went to a birthday party for our friend Courtney's little girl Saddie who just turned one. Kaiden had a blast but poor Sadie didn't seem to enjoy herself. I wish I had my camera to take a picture of her when we all sang Happy Birthday and then clapped at the end. She was so scared and didn't know what to do. I just had to laugh b/c her facial expression was hilarious. Once it was time to go I had to drag Kaiden out by the arm while he was kicking and screaming b/c he refused to leave. It was a little humiliating but I managed to survive. Once we were at the car I had to try and put him in his seat, while holding Kalli, so he didn't try and run back. Well he got away once and I barely caught him by his shirt collar. I felt bad for yanking him but I couldn't take the chance of him getting back inside the house and having to face everyone again! We finally made it home and Kaiden slept for a good 3 hours or more. I wanted a nap so badly but was a true and faithful LSU fan and watched the game. Which by the end of it I just wish I would have gone to sleep! Joe got home right as our kicker missed the field goal in the last 2 seconds of the 4th quarter leading us to overtime. And after 3 overtimes we still couldn't pull it off and lost! Sad, sad. But now I at least have my husband back!

Kaiden's last ride. He loved ringing the bell the entire time!
Kalli still happy even though its way past bedtime!
These aren't the best pics but look at Kaiden's face. He was having the best time.


Julia said...

looks like they had a blast!

AmyAllen said...

Wow what a crazy funfilled weekend! Love all the cute pics of your kids! Sorry about LSU--good game but not how most thought it would end!

annie said...

holy cow it made me tired for you just reading all that you did! you have way more energy then i would have had. its so funny to me how your carnival has the same exact rides as it does here. sydnie rode all of those same ones.

Kelli Lafranca said...

I know that "single mom" feeling, makes you appreciate it when the guys are home (and then after awhile you wish they'd go away again!!!). For being single you were sure busy! And Jeremiah's been asking where Joe is on XBox, as if I'm supposed to know because I read your blog. I'll give him the 411.

AmyAllen said...

I just tagged you on my page. You will have to go to my page to see what it's all about. I apologize in advance but sometimes these can be fun :)

Amanda said...

WOW! I think that If I had to live the life of a single mom for a long weekend I would rent some movies and lock myself in the house. I'm with Annie... it made me tired just thinking of doing so much with no help! Anyway - way to be the SUPER MOM. I'm sad to hear that your Aunt Rose is sad.. that was really great of you to go see her. She was a funny lady when I met her! :)
Still missing you! :) :)