Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Friday Afternoon

We didn't do anything special on Friday but we just happened to take a lot of pictures. I was hanging out with my mom most of the day and she gave Kalli her first chicken bone (yes you read right chicken bone!) It must be something to do with my mom's generation b/c I would never think to give my child a chicken bone to suck on. But it didn't have any little pieces for her to choke on and I have to say she did love the flavor! My mom also just recently got Kalli some new shoes and I think she looks so dang cute in them. Joe thinks they make her legs look even fatter b/c it covers her feet and ankles (or should I say cankles) and that's the only small thing she has! Kalli is also starting to pull up more and more but she's still a little unsteady. But she's trying, and she usually doesn't get too upset when she falls over.
Later on that day we were all on my parents' property b/c there was a huge tree that fell a couple months ago. Joe and my brother, Aaron, were helping dad pull the trunk off the stump and away from his now broken fence. So we were all outside hanging out and then walked back to my parents' house for a few hours to visit. The kids played and I took a dab at my creative side. I got this really cute craft project idea from my friend Rylee's blog on how to do glitter pumpkins. You can check out her post here and read how to do it . So Kaiden and I had a good time doing a little craft project. He did help me some but he most wanted to play some b-ball. For some reason he's really gotten into basketball. He's always trying to dribble by himself and he gets so excited when he sort of does it on his own. Anyways I haven't taken a picture of our finished project yet but I'll get around to it sometime...I hope!
Kalli also enjoyed being outside playing in her walker that my friend Holly is letting us borrow. Kaiden loves pushing her around and she thinks its pretty neat too. I got this cute video of him pushing her. That's the main reason my mom got her the shoes so her little toes wouldn't get scratched. Another thing about Kalli is she LOVES to ride the 3-wheeler. Kaiden has always loved riding too but not like this girl! She just squeals and kicks her little legs and waves her arms like crazy. Its so cute. My dad wants to ride her all the time just to see her reaction. After hearing all of us talk about Kalli and the 3-wheeler Aaron and Lisa decided to take the kids for a ride, and of course they loved it.
After hanging out at mom and dad's AJ and Lisa came over to watch a movie, Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer. If you haven't seen it don't waste your time b/c it totally blows! I wasn't really thrilled to watch it in the first place and it ended up being worse than I expected. Joe couldn't of said it any better with, "It was a polished piece of crap." And that was our uneventful but full of pictures Friday night, that only took me 1/2 week to post about!
Kaiden on the way to GeeGee's

Kalli and her chicken bone

Kaiden & Dad playing on the big tree

Future MBA star or the next male Martha Stewart?

Uncle Aaron, Kalli & Aunt Lisa

Kaiden didn't want to be left out!


Covington's said...

I love the Glitter Pumpkin. Definitely going to do one when we get home from our vacation, which by the way is next week and we aren't bringing Tyler. Please pray that I don't turn into a basket case b/c I won't see him for SIX days.

Kalli's shoes are way cute!! What's wrong with having cankles, this is the only time in her life that she can get away with packing around the extra pounds.

Kelli Lafranca said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun considering it wasn't a "special day". At least you got out of the house, visited family, and were all crafty. I love chunky babies, as soon as she starts walking around all that baby fat is going to melt off and you won't have that cute chunkiness anymore!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

I saw the same Martha Stewart pumpkin idea last year, but I only saw the preview and wasn't sure how to apply the glue. Now that I know, I can go glitter crazy! Your family is so CUTE! I need Kailey to come be Ian's personal trainer. He's not even sitting up yet. I'm not worried, though because Ayden was the same way.

AmyAllen said...

I love Kalli's new shoes--they are pink and you can't go wrong with pink. Love the pumpkins! I was telling Jen about them and saying we needed to have a craft day and make them. After seeing yours I really need to get started. I love that your mom gave her a chicken bone, that seems like such a southern thing to do :)

Ryan & Tiffany said...

Hi Deschamps! Good to see you're doing well! Your kids are SO cute! I remember when Kaiden was born, it doesn't seem that long ago. Ryan & I finally have a blog, if you want to see ugly pictures of Ryan, it's http://www.gradyvillekc.blogspot.com.

Amanda said...

You have the cutest kids! I would never think of giving a baby a chicken bone either, but it looks like it works.

My mom had a picture that she had found of us (the weekend I got engaged) out for me to look at when I was in AZ. I am so homesick for you. Any chances of you comming to Utah anytime soon?