Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaiden's Pre-KChristmas party

Thursday Dec 17
Kaiden had his first school party and I'm not sure who was more excited me or him! It was very simple but still fun seeing him with all of his buddies in class. The kids had their snacks and then they opened their '$5 and under presents' from home. Kaiden, as most boys his age, loves "Cars". He as almost every "Cars" car and unfortunately has lost some as well. One of those is Chick Hicks. He still asks about Chick all the time and how he's sad that he lost but never complained about wanting a new one. Joe had the good idea to make Chick his gift. I knew he would be excited but it was so cute to see exactly how excited he was. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get a picture or video and I'm glad I went with the video b/c it's too cute! We had a good time and enjoyed going to see Santa afterwards with Kalli, Greyson and Elizabeth's twin girls. I'll scan those pictures soon.

Kaiden w/ Mrs Liz (his recess teacher) and Mrs Shawn his Pre-K3 teacher he loves them both and was asking Mrs Shawn where her mom was at the party since all of the other kids had their moms there. Sweet huh?

Before -After

Kaiden and his buddy Lane

Kaiden, Adagio, and Jude

(It was Jude's last day b/c he's moving to Houston so he went around and told everyone bye and gave them hugs. When he got to Kaiden, Kaiden said I love you Jude. It was funny. Jude is one of his best friends at school and I don't think Kaiden realizes he won't see him anymore. Kaiden would tell me Jude is moving but then say, "It's okay though he'll be back and I'll see him again" Lucky for kids they usually get over stuff like that quickly or even forget!All of Kaiden's classmates

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