Sunday, December 21, 2008

Louisiana Snow!

Since its been over a week I decided I better blog about our fun filled day of snow! I woke up early Thursday morning to our heater and small fan turning off b/c the power went out. I knew it was suppose to snow so I looked at the window and was surprised to see how much had fallen. I nudged Joe and he looked out and with a grunt nestled back underneath the covers. I wasn't sure how long the snow would stay and I was just too excited to go back to sleep so I bundled up to go out and take a few pictures. As I'm just about to walk out the door Kaiden comes out of his room a little confused. I had him look out the window and he was so excited to see the white blanket of snow. We quickly bundled him up and went outside to play. He had a great time just walking around, letting snow flakes fall in his mouth and eating handfuls of snow. But it didn't take long before his feet and hands started to get really cold so his little squeals of joy turned into screams of coldness. We went inside to warm up and luckily the power came back on shortly after. Once Kalli woke up we ate some breakfast watched Joe sweep the snow off his car and we were back outside again. Kalli was so cute int eh snow. Kaiden is old enough to understand the snow but Kalli didn't have a clue as to why it was all white outside. Once we got in the field behind our house she picked some up and the first place it went was to her mouth. After that she continued to stuff her face with snow almost the entire time! We had lots of fun running around throwing snowballs and making a snowman. No snow angels b/c it was pretty wet due to the constant rain for 2 days. After we built our snowman and Kalli gave him hugs and kisses both kids started to get fussy b/c of their cold hands and feet. I just wish I would have thought to put plastic bags over their shoes to keep some of the wetness out...there's always next time!So I have a ton of pictures and videos but we just had so much fun I couldn't not post ALL of them!

Catching snowflakes and ready to throw his first snowball.

Look at that smile!

A shout out to grandma and grandpa

Pretty scenery shots from the field behind our back yard.

Can you believe how hard it was snowing...the most in 20 years!

Kalli just woke up and is all excited about the white stuff outside.This girl likes to eat and the snow was no different!

More yummy snow!

Our little snowman (the kids only helped for 30 seconds or so, so I wasn't building a big one all by myself!) He still turned out cute but none of us were willing to give up our hats for him/her!

Kalli was so cute and kept saying "Hewo noman, hewo noman" and then she decided to give him a hug and a kiss. Of course I didn't have the camera on when she decided to do that so the video is more of a reactment but still cute none-the-less!

Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa...and everyone else of course!


Murray Family said...

Oh my word, that is A LOT of snow for the south! How exciting!

Lacey said...
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Lacey said...

I was shocked when my mom sent pictures of the snow! Looks like your kids loved the snow!

Merry Christmas!