Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bath Time & Kissing

Kaiden and Kalli have really been enjoying their baths together lately. For a while there I swore they wouldn't bathe together anymore! But now that they have their own cups they both just put them over their mouths and make funny noises. Then they stop for a mintue to laugh at each other and go right back to making noises again. It's really cute and it keep Kaiden from dumping cups full of water on Kalli's head!
This same day little Ryan from church came over to play and Kalli just loves when she's around anybody her size. She gets a little aggressive and usually scares everyone into tears. Well Ryan is no exception! After her initial excitement I asked Kalli to give Ryan a kiss and here she is going in for the kill!

He just wants to watch Nemo and she's ready for an open mouth kiss!Look at his poor face...pure terror!


thecaillouets said...

brooklyn used to give ryan kisses too. so much so that she always knocked them over. we're going to have to watch these girls when they are older

Todd & Monica Knighton said...

Wow... is that PG-13?! :)Cute

Craig, Robyn, Noah and Kaiden... said...

Hahahahaha.....that last picture is so cute!!! Look at his eyes!
Oh its so sweet when they start to kiss people Kaiden has just started doing it too and 90% of the time he comes at you with an open mouth and his tongue sticking out!!