Tuesday, January 5, 2010

April 2009

First and most importantly Joe was accepted into LSU for their doctorate program!! We are so proud of all his hard work! He's studying Clinical Psychology and really enjoys it. What's even better is school is completely paid for and they actually pay us each month! Can't get much better than that! It's a long road but before we know it he'll be Dr Joe!

Kaiden started his first year of soccer and absolutely loved it. It was so exciting to see him play and I felt like I was fulfilling my role as a mom driving my kid to soccer practice in my minivan! He was also the first to score a goal for the Purple Team! It was so much fun going to see him play every Saturday as a family and we loved when our extended family was able to come too.

Kaiden's pre-school had a field trip to the zoo and he was lucky to not only have mom and Kalli but also 2 of his aunts and his baby cousin Greyson!

We had a great Easter coloring eggs and going to our friend's, the Covingtons, Annual Easter Party. The kids were lucky to at least look for their Easter baskets on Easter Sunday before all the rain came that afternoon and ruined our Easter Egg Hunt!

The Saxon family got together and we were all able to plant a garden. It was fun having the kids help dig and they enjoyed being able to pick the veggies they helped plant.

And what's spring without a Louisiana Crawfish Boil?! The kids were a big help and loved playing with the live ones but didn't enjoy eating them once they were all cooked...Kaiden especially! :)

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