Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma!!

Happy Birthday Grandma-sorry we're a day late!! I planned on doing this yesterday but didn't remember until the kids were napping. We took one video after nap time but then I rushed to work and didn't have time to post it. Plus I was singing and you could barely hear the kids so I decided it would be best for all to have the kids do it again. Any way we love you!!
A few things about Grandma-
Kaiden and Kalli love talking to her each week on the phone and they also enjoy looking at pictures since we don't get to see her (she's all the way in Argentina!!) We miss her and Grandpa so much and can't wait to see them again next year. It's hard to believe that Kaiden was younger than Kalli is right now the last time we saw them. We know she will instantly bond with her only grand-daughter when they finally meet and she'll be surprised how feisty Kalli really is! We're so proud and happy that ya'll are doing the Lord's work and serving in the temple even though for selfish reasons we would love to have you closer to home (even if home is Colorado-that's at least in the US!) We hope you had a great birthday and Grandpa spoiled you a little. WE LOVE YOU!!

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Ok, that was too cute!