Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Verdict, Daycare and Peeing in the Park

First and foremost Twilight. I liked the movie but I sometimes wonder if I liked the idea of seeing it early even more! :) I feel I'm very easy to please on movies but reading a book and then watching the movie it's just never going to be as's nearly impossible! I loved Twilight the book and my mind was full of how everything looked and played out but the movie just didn't quite play up to all of my expectations. But nonetheless I still loved watching it and Edward is way hotter than I thought he was when the characters were first picked. So my official verdict of the movie...GO SEE IT!
Wednesday I had a long day ahead of me. Robin's Daycare was officially open and in full swing! My day started off with Kaiden waking up at 7 (way too early for me!) and Ryan showing up shortly after. Ryan's mom, Marjorie, is a friend from church who just had a new baby girl. I was watching Ryan for the day until she was released from the hospital. I also have been watching my adorable little nephew, Greyson, on Wednesdays since Lisa had to go back to work. I was a little skeptic when Marjorie called (having 4 kids 3 and under is a little scary!) but I couldn't say no. Later on I also realized that I was scheduled to watch my friend Holly's little girl, Kailey. I was starting to get really worried but knew Holly would only be gone for a little while at her dr apt and Kaiden would be in school at that time. Well cute Holly calls me Wednesday morning to tells me she won't need me b/c she can't even get out of the house...just one of those days, we've all been there! I'll be honest, as much as I adore Kailey I was relieved! So I luckily survived having 4 kids for a full day Kaiden 3, Ryan 2, Kalli 1 and Greyson 2 months. Thank goodness Greyson was a wonderful baby and slept most of the day and Kalli was on good behavior and hardly bullied Ryan at all. Once we picked up Kaiden from school the big kids enjoyed playing outside while Greyson and I had fun watching them. I also got to fully utilize my minivan, I felt like a true soccer mom driving around with 4 carseats! In all I was pleasantly surprised at how well they all did, I think Heavenly Father helped me out b/c he knew with me working the night before there was no way I could handle crazy, whinny kids! One more cute thought, by the time Kalli woke up on Wednesday Ryan was already there so he greeted her with me and Kaiden. This morning when she woke up she told me and Kaiden hello and then started asking for Ryan. Too cute!
Kalli looks a little crazy in this picture but I couldn't help but post it b/c it shows how much fun she was having.
I couldn't help but post all 3 videos b/c I just think they were all so funny and cute. Feel free to bypass them if you'd like.

I just had to add Kalli's little fit when she couldn't climb up the side like Kaiden did and then bumped her chin. Notice how quickly she was over it once she was next to me and saw Greyson's paci.

Right as we were about to leave my mom's and go home Greyson started to get fussy. I opened the van doors and told the kids to get in while I gathered our stuff. When I went to put Greyson in his seat this is where I found Kalli. I think she felt a little left out having to sit in the front with Greyson who only wanted to sleep. The boys were back there giggling the whole time!

Now onto Peeing in the Park. It was yet another gorgeous day and after Kaiden's school and a quick trip to Walmart we headed to South Park. The kids were having fun and both running all over the place. At one point Kaiden walked over to this tall spider web looking thing that's made for the kids to climb on. Kalli of course is way too small for this but has to join Kaiden. After playing over there Kaiden runs off again while Kalli and I are just hanging out. I was looking down at my phone texting a friend and when I looked up to check on Kaiden he had his pants around his ankles peeing on a tree! He was maybe100 feet away and I instantly yelled at him to pull his pants up. He actually picked a good spot to not be seen by the group of ladies and their 2 kids but my yelling put all eyes on us! I thought it was so funny but I was also sooo embarrassed seeing my kid at a public park peeing on a tree!! I'm just glad there weren't more people there to witness it! Poor Kaiden he just knew he had to go and since it's really not a big deal if he pees in our backyard or my mom's why not the park??! Lisa was watching him last week too when he stooped in my mom's front yard to pee. I'm wondering if we should put an end to peeing outside for a while until he realizes when it's appropriate and when its not! Hopefully he won't think the school playground is appropriate...I might have that talk with him tomorrow just in case! :)


Lacey said...

I'm so glad you liked the movie. I know I want love it as much as the books but I'm so excited..and like you, it's the anticipation of seeing it more than anything. And Edward is hot!

P.S- Your backyard is amazingly huge! Be grateful for that because here in Arizona, yards are not so big. And you have to plant your own grass. Good thing every subdivision has atleast 2 parks within walking distance! That's the only good thing about not having a huge yard. But then again, it's enough for our family. It's definintely not 9 acres like my parents house.

Lori O said...

You seem to do pretty well with having lots of little ones. Maybe it's time to invest in another one...come on, everybody's doing it!!!

Jessica said...

You're brave for taking on four, but I always tell myself, "you can do anything for one day!"

Julia said...

I agree I liked the movie too! There were some cheesy things and such but it was fun!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Great post. I especially loved the pee story. Boys will be boys, right?!

Corinne said...

Seriously, peeing outside is one of my son's favorite pastimes. Both of them, really :)