Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hat & Hot Dog Day

Each week Kaiden's Preschool focuses on a new letter. Last week it was the letter H. On Thursday they had Hat and Hot Dog Day. Kaiden was pretty excited to wear his hat but I had prepare him early and let him know he wouldn't be wearing his BYU hat that Auntie Autumn gave him. I know that sounds mean but I bought this cute hat one day at Old Navy b/c Kaiden put it on and it looked so darn cute! He doesn't have much to match it so I had planned on returning it well my sweet little Kalli can't have a tag on anything without pulling it off! So that threw the return part out the window. Kaiden has only worn this hat once before and I was insistent that he wear it for Hat and Hot Dog Day. He was a little bummed for about 10 seconds and then running around again so I think he got over it! Plus as he was getting dropped off at school Mrs Liz (one of the teacher helpers) told him he was so handsome. I think that just made his day. I took a few pictures that morning before we left and Kaiden was so excited to go to school with his hat and eat hot dogs. That is until we were walking out the door. Right as we were leaving he wanted to go and get his hot dog that goes with his BBQ grill in his room. I told him no b/c it was time to go and he would eat hot dogs at school. Well that's when the question came up if the hot dogs were just pretend. I told him no and that would be his snack. Well apparently he likes pretend hot dogs but not real ones. What?! So as we were leaving Kaiden started to get a little whiny b/c he didn't want to eat real hot dogs. Again after a few moments he was over it and later told me he didn't like the middle (the wiener) and just ate the bread and juice. I remember months ago when hot dogs where almost the only thing Kaiden wanted to eat...and now he doesn't even like them. Silly boy!!

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Murray Family said...

He looks so cute! what a great hat :)