Thursday, October 23, 2008

Field Trip Day

Today was Kaiden's first field trip. It was more like a free play day for all the kids and a chance for the parents to meet each other and visit. All of the classes were invited to North Park as well as parents and any children at home. We had a great time and I loved seeing Kaiden running around with all of his little school buddies. To bad the weather wasn't beautiful like yesterday but it was still nice to be outside. I underestimated the wind and put my kiddos in shorts and I was freezing in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. They did at least have sweaters on plus they were running around like crazy so I think they were fine. And once the wind stopped blowing it was nice and pleasant. Kalli had a lot of fun just being around all the other kids even though she didn't play with them too much. She's so big and can climb up to all the slides by herself and is just fine being on her own.
Here she is telling me she wants to take off her shoes. I told her it was too cold and she wasn't too happy with my decision. Luckily its pretty easy to distract her!

Playing on the bridge.
Kaiden and his friend Kylie. He has never mentioned anything about Kylie before but I remember seeing her when I helped out last week. Well today they were best friends. Kaiden even told me she was his 'best friend ever!' He also said that she was so nice to everyone and she's nice ALL the time. I said that's great and maybe he should try and be nice ALL the time, and he agreed that he would. Unfortunately I haven't' seen it happen yet. What are the chances that he's waiting until tomorrow to start?
Here's Kaiden, Lane, and Agnio. Kaiden always comes home from school and talks about how fast Lane is and how Agnio was a monster that day at recess. Those boys had a lot of fun running around together.
Kaiden and Jude. They sit at the same table in class and usually get each other in trouble. They talk and giggle all the time...poor Mrs Shawn, she has her hands full!


Kelli Lafranca said...

His preschool does field trips!? Lucky, Hayden's doesn't. I love meeting their little friends though, aren't they the cutest? By the way, I think I'll try thay book you recommended, I've been looking for a good read.

amy said...

Your kids are getting so big! I can't believe that Kaiden is in preschool.

I bought Wednesdays Letters and for some reason haven't started reading it, but will get around to it. Not sure that I am up for depressed!