Monday, December 3, 2007

Belated Birthday Post

Happy Belated Birthday to my father-in-law. His birthday was on Tuesday, and although we were able to talk to him on the phone I never got around to doing a happy birthday post. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD/GRANDPA! We love and miss you tons! These are a few pics of him and Kaiden before they left for their mission in Argentina. If you can't tell he loves trains! He has built the coolest train set in his basement with several working tracks and switches. Grandpa also did lots of secerny with his tracks such as a waterfall, a mountain which includes a forest fire, a big tunnel and a working tram for the small town and its stores. Kaiden always loved watching Grandpa's train set with him. I bet he'd love it even more now that he knows what trains are and is a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. I know one of Grandpa's wishes is to have one of his grandkids stay interested in trains and not outgrow them like his boys did. Kaiden is pretty big on trains so there might be hope! I'm sure Grandpa also misses his train set and can't wait to get back home to start playing with it again! I can't believe how small Kaiden is in these pictures. They were taken in August of 2006, the last time Grandpa and Grandma saw him. He's grown so much since then but I'm so glad he still knows who they are. We can't wait for them to come home so they can meet little Kalli because I know she's going to melt their heart...she's their first granddaughter out of 4 boys!

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