Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our long day continues...

After the funeral, luncheon and baby blessing we changed clothes and headed down to Mapleton to visit with Joe's mom's side of the family. Aunt Jo and Uncle Khem along with their boys Kaleb, Khemmer and Kalar were nice enough to let us crash their house and feed everyone. We were so excited to have Grandma Liz fly in from California and we enjoyed the rest of the evening just visiting and having fun.

Joe's cousin, KhemmerJake and NateI guess Nate's really enjoying his caffeine high!Little Miss Blue Eyes

Cameron on Kaiden shooting some hoops

Jake enjoying the swing and Kaleb enjoying his beverage of choice

Let me out!Aunt Jo with Cameron and Kaiden

All the cousins-Aunt Jo gave Kalli her hat and she loved it!The Deschamps Family- Mark, Sharon, Nate, Cameron, Jake, Kaiden, Robin, Kalli and JoeDaddy's GirlKalli and Great Grandma LizKaleb and his cute wife MarissaGrandma and Kalar with all of his crazy hairLike Father like Son :)Ginger and Cameron


thecaillouets said...

it looks like ya'll had a blast.

Kelli Lafranca said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! Looks like you had a lot of fun (and family!) during your visit, glad to hear you all had fun.

AmyAllen said...

I am so sad I missed you while you were here! I am horrible about listening to my messages so when I did it was a couple of days later, talked to Jen about all of us getting together and the spaced it. I am a horrible friend! I hope you had a great time out here and let's get together when you are out next time.