Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Funeral Pictures

My brother-in-law,Mark, did much better at taking pictures than me and Joe did. Sharon, my sister-in-law, was nice enough to burn me a CD of all the pictures from the funeral and our trip to Colorado. Mark is such a slacker and says that he will but in reality is way too lazy and never does it! (A little inside joke- love ya Mark!) So here are more pictures of the extended Deschamps' Family. Enjoy Mom and Dad!
All the grandson's were very curious about the big hole
Denise with her two boys Tyler and Mason along with Aunt Karen's cute mom
Mark, Uncle Rene, and Joe
Me and Sharon talking with Uncle Rene and his son
I've heard so many funny stories about Uncle Rene so it was great to finally meet himUncle Frank, Aunt Gail and JoshKaiden with his cousins, Jake and Cameron, made a friend at the cemeteryKalli had a long day! There were so many beautiful flowers

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Huffaker Family said...

I think Kalli looks just like you but with blonde hair. She is adorable.